Support groups are an essential factor in rehab and recovery. They are safe havens and wellsprings of hope to allow healing and recovery to take place. Groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) have helped and continue to help countless people who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. A group leader or licensed counselor facilitates the group and members can give and receive guidance, support, and encouragement to achieve and maintain sobriety. Gig Harbor AA meetings and NA meetings are open to anyone, and if you are looking for recovery, you can find support here.

You can find meetings in rehab centers and substance abuse treatment programs in Gig Harbor, but also in standalone locations throughout the area. AA and NA meetings can provide the tools you need to be successful with long-term healing from alcoholism or narcotics addiction. It just takes that first, brave step of walking into a meeting.

AA Meetings in Gig Harbor, Washington

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings are places where anyone dealing with a drinking problem can come for fellowship, support, and recovery. Wherever you are in recovery, from just beginning the journey to already leading a sober life, you can attend. Just because you have reached recovery does not mean that you do not still need the camaraderie found here from time to time.

The only requirement to attend a meeting is to be ready to stop drinking and leave your addiction behind. Here, members focus on the 12-step program to expel the obsession to drink and find empowerment to lead alcohol-free, fulfilling lives. Though these meetings do have a spiritual component, they are not religious. Anyone can attend, regardless of religious, economic, or educational background. AA meetings are prevalent throughout Gig Harbor and the surrounding area, and these safe spaces are ideal to unpack the weight of addiction surrounded by those who understand what you are facing.

AA meetings in Gig Harbor can encourage people to seek further treatment and continue to support those who have already completed a treatment program. Sometimes the meetings themselves can be enough. This peer support group will become a network of healing. The key is to find a meeting where you are comfortable to open up and share your story so you can receive the support waiting for you. Sometimes finding the right group can take time, so try to be patient with this.

Finding AA Meeting Near Me

AA meetings are held in different places like churches, synagogues, community buildings, public libraries, and other easily accessible places. They are held throughout the day, including early morning and night. Many group leaders recommend trying a group two or three times before trying another one. It can take time to find just the right fit.

Groups can vary in mood and dynamics depending on a number of factors including:
  • Who is leading the group
  • Who attends the group
  • Where and when it is held
  • How the group is formatted
  • The average size of the group

Some people like to find out the answers to these questions beforehand to know a little bit more of what to expect. The best way to know if it is the right meeting for you, though, is to attend. If you have tried a meeting a few times and it still does not feel right, try another. There are many in the area and you can use the Alcoholics Anonymous website for help in locating Gig Harbor AA meetings and the surrounding area.

Here are a few AA meeting locations nearby to get you started:

Harbor Methodist Church
7400 Pioneer Way
Gig Harbor, WA 98335

St Johns Episcopal Church
7701 Skansie Ave.
Gig Harbor, WA 98335

Eagles Hall
4425 Burnham Dr. Eagles Hall #280
Gig Harbor, WA 98332

NA Meetings in Gig Harbor, Washington

Founded in 1953, Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is the second largest 12-step group after AA. Like AA, this group is open to anyone who has or has had a struggle with any type of drug, including heroin, cocaine, prescription opioids, or any other substance and wants to live a drug-free life. These meetings are free and meet in community centers, religious buildings, and even private homes at different times throughout the week and day.

Narcotics Anonymous adheres to the 12-steps of AA and focuses on honesty, open-mindedness, and the willingness to change. Practicing these principles with a strong support group is essential to finding and maintaining recovery.

Finding NA Meetings Near Me

Finding the right NA meeting in Gig Harbor for you is important to your success in recovery. Gig Harbor NA meetings are found throughout the area. Though it may take a few tries to feel comfortable or find the right NA meeting, once you have found it, it will be your judgment-free, safe place where you will have consistent support and encouragement to win the battle over addiction.

You will find people with all different stories, all different backgrounds, and all different lives. However, what you share is valuable to your recovery. Regardless of the differences, you will be surrounded by a community to help you reach sobriety. No matter where you or anyone else is in the journey, you will become valued in the group.

If you are having trouble finding meetings, you can always use the Narcotics Anonymous website for help. Please know that the right meeting is out there for you.

Here are some NA meeting locations to get you started:

Harbor Covenant Church
5601 Gustafson Dr. NW
Gig Harbor, WA 98335

Narcotics Anonymous Gig Harbor
2609 Jahn Ave. NW
Gig Harbor, WA 98335

First United Methodist Church
621 Tacoma Ave. S.
Tacoma, WA 98402

At The Recovery Village, we know that NA meetings, AA meetings, and 12-step programs are key components to recovery success. This peer network is a lifeline at any level of recovery. If you would like more information on this or any other aspect of treatment, please reach out to us. This is hard to do alone, but we are here to help.