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Cigna Rehab Coverage

Cigna is a health insurance company that provides products to employers and organizations around the world. Cigna has a presence in 30 countries, and the company also offers health insurance products and services through a variety of subsidiaries. Often people who have health insurance coverage through Cigna wonder if the company provides benefits related to rehab for substance abuse.

Cigna does provide mental health and substance abuse services to customers, and the goal of these services is to find the most appropriate level of care for the individual, to help them improve their level of functionality.

Does Cigna Have Rehab Coverage?

Cigna does offer rehab coverage in many cases. There is a network of mental health and substance abuse providers available to help customers of this health insurance company. Rehab coverage can include residential treatment, with varying stay lengths.

Cigna will often cover rehabs and residential treatment programs that include a combination of group therapy, counseling, and medical care.

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Cigna Mental Health

Cigna is an insurance company that does provide comprehensive mental health services to many policyholders. They have a network of mental health service providers, and the goal is to create integration between a customer’s mental and physical healthcare for the best outcomes.

Cigna also offers something for high-risk customers, which is a case management program involving comprehensive education, coordination of care, and support.

Is Cigna Mental Health Covered By Insurance?

In general, mental health is covered by Cigna, although precise benefits may vary depending on your state as well as your policy. You can find what is included, as well as copay and coinsurance requirements by looking at a summary of your benefits.

You can also visit the Cigna Behavioral website and enter your policy information to find information about your specific benefits.

For some members of Cigna Employee Assistance Programs, counseling sessions may be available at no cost.

Cigna Behavioral Health

Behavioral health services offered by Cigna are designed with early detection, prevention, treatment and maintenance in mind. Customers of this insurance provider may need one type of behavioral health treatment or service, or they may require several, in which components of care would be integrated with one another.

Is Cigna Behavioral Health Covered by Insurance?

Behavioral health services available from Cigna include:

  • Cigna-HealthSpring’s Customer Service access offers information and guidance to customers.
  • Outpatient services that are typically covered by Cigna include psychiatric visits, as well as visits to psychologists, LCSWs, and psychiatric nurse practitioners.
  • Coverage may include initial evaluation and assessment.

Behavioral health included with Cigna coverage may include both individual and group therapy.

  • Psychological testing
  • Inpatient hospitalization
  • Medication management

Cigna Behavioral health providers are expected to provide treatment in the least restrictive way possible, that’s in accordance with modern standards. Care providers are also expected to regularly communicate with other medical and behavioral practitioners who are treating the patient and to provide information about community resources to the patient that could help improve their functionality.

What To Expect From Cigna for Rehab

Cigna insurance may cover a variety of aspects of rehab. This can include not just the residential rehab stay, but also things like detox and continuing care.

Behavioral health services including rehab can be accessed through self-referral to in-network behavioral health providers during the initial assessment phase. Cigna does not require referrals for many mental health and substance abuse services that are in-network.

Customers can call the Behavioral Health Customer Service department from Cigna to learn more about pre-authorizations and accessing rehab and other behavioral health care.

When pre-authorization is required, care providers are required to utilize and submit a diagnosis based on the DSM multiaxial classification system.
For those behavioral health services requiring pre-authorization, Cigna will either approve it or if they find that it’s not medically necessary, issue a denial.

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