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Nevada boasts a rich cultural and historic background, complete with Native American, Spanish, Mexican and European influences. While it is most widely known as America’s grown-up playground with the shimmering lights of Las Vegas, the Silver State also shines with natural wonders like gold mines and breathtaking state parks. Between Lake Tahoe and Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada offers a variety of outdoor activities and landscapes to suit any adventurer’s tastes.

But apart from Nevada’s booming tourism and mining industries lies an insidious business: drugs and alcohol. These substances may seem like staples of the fun-loving Nevada lifestyle, but they can lead to addiction, emotional and behavioral trauma, and a loss of control in both personal and professional situations. Addiction doesn’t have to be the main attraction, though. There are many alcohol drug rehab centers in Nevada and beyond that can help treat the negative impacts of addiction for long-term recovery.  

Nevada’s Opioid Crisis

For all its splendor and culture, Nevada is not immune to the nationwide opioid crisis. In 2016 alone, 80 out of every 100 residents held prescriptions for narcotic opioid medications. These highly addictive painkillers usually end up causing more harm than good, and this is sadly true for Nevadans. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), more than 700 people died by opioid overdose in 2016 in Nevada, the highest death rate the state has ever seen for opioid-related deaths. If you or a loved one are addicted to opioids, browse the resources below to find the best fit for you or call The Recovery Village to speak with someone who can help.

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Choosing a Nevada Rehab Facility

When searching for a Nevada drug treatment center, it’s important to understand your options and needs. Some locations may also provide Nevada alcohol treatment, which is ideal for someone struggling with both drugs and alcohol simultaneously. For those who have already been through a more involved program or who have moderate addictions, outpatient care may be ideal. Those struggling with severe addictions or who are at the beginning of a recovery process may benefit more from inpatient drug rehab. Nevada offers several different options, so it’s best to consider your history and needs when choosing a treatment program. Key factors to consider when choosing a Nevada drug detox or rehab program include:

  • Levels of care offered
  • Staff-to-patient ratio, reputation and training
  • Patient-centered care and program design
  • Location
  • Insurance coverage
  • Taper medications (if used or necessary)
  • Confidentiality arrangements

The Recovery Village: Your Destination for Wellness

While there are many drug and alcohol rehab centers in Nevada, many find traveling away from the people, places and things that originally fueled their addiction can be helpful. Instead of seeking alcohol or drug treatment in Nevada, consider The Recovery Village — a network of care facilities throughout the United States dedicated to helping people overcome addiction. The Recovery Village’s unique program help you understand and work through the root causes of addiction my treating any co-occurring disorders like PTSD or other mental health problems.

At The Recovery Village, finding your strength and reaching your potential are at the forefront of treatment. With compassionate staff, innovative and research-based therapy, and a wealth of amenities, The Recovery Village can help you find the path to long-term healing. 

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