Find Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Pennsylvania That Works

Abundant in colonial landmarks and natural wonders, Pennsylvania offers something for history buffs and adventure seekers alike. From the bustling city of Philadelphia to the bucolic shores of Lake Erie, the state’s appeal goes far beyond any single historic or scenic sight. Unfortunately, this original colony is becoming known for a different type of American trend — drug addiction.

In 2015, the state had the sixth highest overdose death rate in the nation. Just one year later, more than 4,600 Pennsylvanians lost their lives to drugs and alcohol. But substance use and alcohol addiction don’t have to cause any more casualties. With countless options available for drug and alcohol treatment in Pennsylvania and across the United States, there is always an opportunity for healing and recovery. Whether you’re interested in beginning formal treatment or learning more about local resources and support, help is available to set you on the path to wellness and recovery.

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Pennsylvania’s Opioid Crisis

Pennsylvania is not immune to the effects of the nationwide opioid epidemic. In fact, the state is crippled by opioid misuse — both illicit and prescription. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 69 out of every 100 Pennsylvania residents held prescriptions for opioid medications in 2016. And sadly, these highly addictive drugs have caused more harm than healing for the state of Pennsylvania. Every year since 2011, the opioid overdose death toll in the state has been in the thousands, but 2016 saw more deaths than ever before: 4,650 Pennsylvanians died by opioid overdose in 2016. This number was surpassed only by California and Florida, making the state one of the hardest hit by the epidemic.

Choosing a Pennsylvania Rehab Facility

When deciding where to get alcohol or drug treatment in Pennsylvania, it’s important to consider several things: the type and length of your addiction, your living situation, and most importantly, your goals for treatment. If you’ve only been struggling with substance abuse for a short while, a Pennsylvania drug detox center can provide you with sufficient short-term care. But if your alcohol or drug problem has been ongoing for years, inpatient drug rehab in Pennsylvania will help you break free from the affliction of addiction with intensive levels of care.  

You’ll also want to evaluate your living situation before receiving treatment to know whether it’s worthwhile to attend out-of-state rehab. For many, a familiar home and work environment can be enabling or triggering, so leaving town to pursue treatment can be beneficial in itself. The Recovery Village operates facilities across the country from the East Coast to the West, and always welcomes out-of-state guests. At this full-service treatment facility, you can pursue all your rehab goals by:

  • Enrolling in levels of care from medical detox through outpatient
  • Attending several types of therapy, including recreational and individual
  • Talking one-on-one with a licensed mental health counselor
  • Getting comprehensive treatment with a team of trained addiction specialists
  • Enjoying indoor and outdoor amenities
  • Receiving treatment that is always confidential

The Recovery Village: Your Destination for Wellness

While there are drug treatment facilities in Pennsylvania, many people find comfort in a program that is removed from the people, places and things that first contributed to addiction at home. The Recovery Village has several treatment centers across the country, offering medical detox, inpatient care, partial hospitalization and outpatient drug rehab. Pennsylvania can be an idyllic place to call home and continue healing after an out-of-state treatment program.