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The use of opioids has increased across the U.S. across Washington State and in the city of Tacoma. In spite of government’s efforts to more strictly control the over prescription of opioids by doctors, the situation has grown into an epidemic. For those who have gotten hooked on prescription opioids, while their doctors no longer fill their prescriptions, these patients will often turn to dealers on the street.

According to the Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute (ADAI) at the University of Washington, law enforcement agencies across the state indicate a 134 percent increase in cases which test positive for opioids from 2004 to 2016. For the same period of time, publicly funded drug treatment admissions for opioids has increased 257 percent. This caused an increase in deaths involving opioids across the state to 33 percent, exceeding the population growth rate in the state of Washington.

Even with these sobering statistics, help is available. There are many rehab facilities in various cities throughout the state that offer alcohol and drug treatment. Tacoma is one of them. Are you looking for a drug or alcohol rehab center in Tacoma, WA, or in another city in the state? Within this guide can be found a number of Tacoma alcohol rehab facilities in Washington for those who are seeking help for their addiction. There are also Tacoma drug rehab centers available that can help.

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million people with alcohol dependence

Just because a substance is legal does not mean that it isn’t dangerous. 17.3 million people in America claimed to have alcohol dependence in 2013. Are you one of these people? It isn’t too late for you to ask for help. If you’re seeking an alcohol or drug rehab center in Tacoma, WA, or a neighboring city, have the courage to give us a call at The Recovery Village and start your recovery today.

Finding Alcohol Rehab & Drug Rehab in Tacoma, WA

Tacoma Alcohol Rehab Centers and Drug Rehab Centers

Tacoma residents are well aware of the nationwide opioid epidemic that has taken far too many of its citizens. For those seeking drug addiction treatment in the city of Tacoma, Washington, there are over 100 facilities to choose from. This can make it difficult to select the treatment option that is best. When considering the Tacoma, WA, drug rehab and alcohol rehab centers, it’s important to consider the available treatment programs. Facilities that assist patients in overcoming their chemical dependency usually be categorized under one of the following:

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    Residential Treatment Programs

    This type of program is also known as inpatient treatment. Inpatient drug rehab in Tacoma, WA, and other states offer patient monitoring by doctors, medical staff and counselors round the clock. For patients needing to undergo detox or who are struggling with chemical dependency, this can be the best choice. Staff is on hand while the patient faces their drug and/or alcohol addiction. Stays at such a facility are between 30 to 90 days.

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    Partial Hospitalization Programs

    Also known as PHPs, these have on-site housing and access to medical care. PHPs are very structured and offer patients both medical treatment for addiction or substance misuse and counseling. Patients being treated at a PHP have completed detox or been treated through residential treatment program. A PHP is one step down from a residential treatment program. Most PHPs will allow patients to live in their own homes and then return for treatment between 7 to 8 hours each day.

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    Outpatient Treatment Programs

    These programs can be very effective for patients who have been through detox or been in residence at an inpatient or outpatient facility. Patients often will stay in their own home while seeking treatment. This allows the most in terms of flexibility and discretion. Patients are able to go to work or school and then go to a facility in the evening or on weekends. If you’re seeking outpatient drug rehab, Tacoma, WA, and other cities offer options that can help.

Patients may also choose to seek treatment in another community outside of their area. A national treatment facility like Recovery Village gives patients what they need. If you’re looking for Tacoma, WA, alcohol rehab or drug treatment, The Recovery Village can meet your needs, as it offers a full spectrum of treatment options and resources around the country to ensure success in recovery.

Tacoma Drug Detox Centers

The first step toward recovery from addiction to drugs and/or alcohol is detox. Medical detox offers a safe and effective option for patients to rid themselves of the chemicals and toxins in their body from these substances. Detox can be dangerous. By checking into an inpatient program, they are carefully monitored by trained staff. Both body and brain are affected by chemical dependency so withdrawal can be difficult. In detox, patients receive compassionate care when they need it most. In addiction recovery, the mind, body and even the spirit need to be addressed in order to make a lasting recovery.

There are currently four Tacoma alcohol detox and drug detox centers. It is, however, smarter to take advantage of a treatment facility like The Recovery Village that offers treatment programs as well as detox programs.

Recovery Meetings Near You in Tacoma WA

One of the most important steps when facing addiction to drugs and/or alcohol is seeking help through a support group. Most of these groups hold meetings for either patients or their families by offering a safe space to discuss and interact with others who are facing similar circumstances. Below is more information about these meetings.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

Alcohol consumption has long been integrated into the social lives of many adults in this country. As a result, alcohol misuse and addiction continues to be an issue in society. Support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) offer both moral and group support for those struggling with alcohol misuse disorders. Many Tacoma alcohol treatment facilities include information about AA, including why these groups are so successful. Attending AA meetings regularly has been of great benefit for patients who truly want to overcome an addiction to alcohol. AA offers a 12-step program along with group discussion to provide support for those who need it. These meetings are a vital component of alcohol treatment. Tacoma offers several AA locations, including:
  • The Cornerstone Crew
    Urban Grace Church
    902 Market St.
    Tacoma, WA 98402

  • Men at Work
    Leos Church
    710 S. 13th St.
    Tacoma, WA 98405

  • Monday Miracles
    Shakabra Java
    2618 6th Ave.
    Tacoma, WA 98405

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is a group which gives support those who are attempting to overcome addiction to drugs. Like AA, NA uses a 12-step program. NA, when used after detox and treatment and alongside counseling, is credited with much success for patients. NA provides patients with ongoing group meetings that are free of charge. Chapters for NA have been established throughout the country and around the world. Many Tacoma drug rehab centers offer information regarding NA meetings to help men and women down the road to recovery. Here are a few of the NA meetings that are available to patients in Tacoma:

  • A Chair With Your Name On It
    Our Savior Lutheran Church
    E. Campus 3
    11101 Birmingham Ave. E.
    Tacoma, WA 98446

  • We Are Family
    Christ Episcopal Church
    310 North K St.
    Tacoma, WA 98403

  • Noon Fly
    813 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way.
    Tacoma, WA 98446

SMART Recovery Meetings

For patients who are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, help can be received through the non-profit organization, SMART Recovery. SMART, which stands for Smart Management for Addiction Recovery Training, provides support for alcohol and drug misuse. SMART uses a four-point recovery program which includes keeping motivated, coping with urges, problem solving and leading a balanced life. SMART meetings are peer support groups that are hosted across the United States. If you opt for drug or alcohol rehab in Tacoma, WA, many facilities provide information about these meetings. Patients attending SMART meetings receive feedback and support in order to overcome substance misuse. Below are a few of the SMART Recovery meetings being held within a 50-mile radius of Tacoma.

  • Hot Yoga at the Edge
    5605 112th St. E.
    Puyallup, WA 98373
  • Gig Harbor Thursday
    5500 Olympic Dr. N.W.
    Gig Harbor, WA 98335

  • Forrey’s Forza
    130 Marvin Rd. S.E.
    Marvin Road SE Suite
    Lacey, WA 98503

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

Anyone who has ever lived with someone with a drug or alcohol misuse problem knows that each day can be filled with difficulties. Chemical dependency has left families devastated. For people who are not addicted themselves but love someone who is, finding others who will be there to listen or offer moral support can mean the world. Groups like Al-Anon and Nar-Anon offer support to loved ones by hosting regular meetings. Families, friends and coworkers can discuss their concerns in a safe environment with others facing similar challenges. Here are just some of the listings for both Al-Anon and Nar-Anon meetings held in and around Tacoma.

  • Al-Anon
    Serenity Seekers
    East Side Christian Church
    5816 McKinley Ave.
    Tacoma, WA 98404

  • Al-Anon
    Hope Love & Compassion
    Life Center Church
    Buntain Learning Center
    1717 S. Union Ave.
    Tacoma, WA 98405
  • Nar-Anon
    Just For Today
    Manitou Presbyterian Church
    6613 S. Cheyenne St.
    Tacoma, WA 98409

Whether you’re seeking a Tacoma alcohol rehab center or drug treatment facility, there are many available resources for patients seeking treatment for drugs or alcohol addiction in Tacoma, Washington. A vast number of treatment facilities, physicians, counselors and other support groups and services can be found for patients in their loved ones in the nearby cities. Many of these services, along with Tacoma drug treatment facilities and alcohol treatment centers, are equipped to handle any level of addiction. If you want to consider Washington drug rehab options outside of Tacoma, consider the list below:

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