Levels of Care

Medical Detox

Medical detox programming is the first step toward healing from addiction and cleanses the body of all traces of alcohol or drugs.

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Partial Hospitalization Programming

Partial hospitalization is a step down from intensive rehab like detox and inpatient care.

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Outpatient Programming

In outpatient programming, clients live at home or in a sober living home and commute to rehab during the week.

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Paying for Rehab

There are several ways to pay for treatment at The Recovery Village Drug and Alcohol Rehab, including:

With private health insurance

Through private payments without insurance

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What to Expect

It’s our goal to provide each client with a safUnderstanding the expectations for treatment, including items that are and aren’t allowed, can help clients prepare for a positive rehab experience at The Recovery Village Ridgefield Detox Center. 

We recommend that clients bring:

  • A form of identification, along with insurance and pharmacy cards
  • One to two weeks worth of seasonally appropriate clothing
  • Comfortable, closed-toed shoes
  • Sleepwear
  • Sealed (unopened) alcohol-free toiletries, including shampoo and conditioner, sunscreen, face wash, feminine products, tooth brush and toothpaste.
  • Any unopened tobacco products you wish to use if for the duration of your stay if you’re under the age of 21.

Items that are not permitted at our center include:

  • Drugs or alcohol, drug-related paraphernalia and clothing depicting drugs
  • Products that contain alcohol as an ingredient, including hand sanitizer and mouthwash
  • Computers, tablets, cameras and electronic devices with internet access
  • Opened vitamin bottles or toiletries

What Our Clients Say

The Recovery Village Ridgefield Detox Center
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Rachel M.
One of the best and most meaningful experiences of my life. I understand I got the perfect set of circumstances; my room location, my roomate, the people I went thru detox with ect. The people who work there are mostly very loving and caring if you need them to be. They will try to make you as comfortable as possible. Beds are not bad, TV with cable in room, allowed to eat in rooms. I came in on my knees and left stronger person with lifelong friendships. Extremely thankful for my time there. PS. The provider Micheal is FINE FINE FINE! So thats a nice distraction.
Wendy S.
It was everything I needed. The right place and the right time. This program has already started changing my life. I have so many new tools and an awareness of who I am.
I am very grateful for this place. My dad drank my whole life but a couple of years ago it became incredibly scary. The amount he was drinking, the blackouts, the injuries. My sisters and I found this place and he willingly checked in. I truly believe it saved his life. He hasn't had a drop of alcohol since the day he checked in and as of today it's been over 6 months since Ridgefield helped him get sober. 5 stars. Thank you to Ridgefield for saving my dad's life when he knew he couldn't get sober on his own.Also, he says this place was incredibly comfortable, the food was good and they definitely kept him comfy during the withdrawal process. He was incredibly nervous about checking in somewhere but he didn't check himself out early and is glad he went. If you're thinking of recommending this facility to a family member, do it!!
Sherlene C.
This place has some of the most amazing people you’ll ever meet and everyone from the BHTS to the Clinical Director are super in tune with your recovery and even though they’re short staffed right now, they try so hard to work with who and what they have. Thank you guys so much for my time here. Libby, Thank you so much for being there for me when I was going through the worst time. I remember now your concern and your soft voice and I appreciate you for making me feel welcome. Ashley, Thank you for staying on top of things and you too Scott! Scott! You rocked it! You always made things happen for me! You guys have literally changed my life. And the food!!!!!! OMG I was pleasantly surprised! Kitchen staff! You guys Know how to cook a great meal!!
Response from the owner: We love hearing positive stories like this. Our staff works hard to ensure that long-term recovery is possible for everyone.
Kyle S.
This place seriously saved my life! Thank you Rec💖dry Village!
Response from the owner: Kyle, thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback. Through compassionate, evidence-based treatment, our team hopes to help more people reach lifelong recovery each day.
Tanner H.
Food was amazing, not one bad meal. All the staff were amazing in particular Scott was super friendly and helpful whenever he could be.
Response from the owner: Our staff strives to provide each of our patients with the tools and coping strategies to succeed in their recovery. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

What Treatment Looks Like

Although each person’s needs vary, rehab at The Recovery Village Drug and Alcohol Rehab usually follows a similar process for every client, beginning with an evaluation and ending with aftercare planning.

Intake Assessment

Upon arriving at our facility, each client participates in a comprehensive intake evaluation that assesses their mental and physical health. Our team uses the results of this assessment to create a personalized treatment plan for each client.

Medical detox

Most people will enroll in detoxification as the first step of rehab. This level of care is necessary because it rids the body of drugs and alcohol and offers 24-hour support as clients go through withdrawal.

Transition to other levels of care

Detox lays the groundwork for further residential treatment, including inpatient, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient and outpatient care. During each of these programs, clients can receive medical care and mental health counseling support, and they may participate in recreational amenities and therapy options as appropriate.


A solid aftercare plan prepares people for life after rehab and empowers them to stay strong in recovery with a variety of medical, therapeutic and social supports. Our aftercare plans usually include recommendations for local support groups, maintenance medication schedules (if necessary) and follow-up appointments with local doctors and therapists.

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Clients at The Recovery Village Ridgefield Detox Center enjoy well-balanced meals prepared by the site’s private chef, as well as laundry and housekeeping services. Clients also have access to The Recovery Village Ridgefield’s onsite amenities, including:

Fully equipped gyms
Basketball courts
Putting green

Walking trails



Our Staff

The Recovery Village Ridgefield is led by full-time medical and clinical staff who are passionate about helping people overcome substance use disorders.

We are looking to fill several nursing and other clinical roles at our Washington facility.

Executive Director
JoAnna Shapiro, MA Executive Director
Director of Nursing
Courtney Shipley, RN, BSN Director of Nursing
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Frequently Asked Questions

At The Recovery Village Ridgefield, we understand that people have a lot of questions about addiction treatment. We’re available to answer frequently asked questions about addiction treatment, including:

How much does rehab cost at The Recovery Village Ridgefield?

The total cost of rehab at our facility will depend on whether a client has private health insurance, the level of care they need and how long they stay in treatment. We work with many private health insurance companies to make the out-of-pocket costs of rehab more affordable.

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Is cell phone use allowed during rehab?

Cell phones will be securely stored upon arrival at our facility, and there is a 72-hour blackout period for all phone use. During residential care, clients can use a phone during designated times, and clients in partial hospitalization may use phones located in our cottages. Clients in intensive outpatient programming may be allowed to use cell phones during non-programming hours.

Does The Recovery Village Ridgefield cover travel costs?

No, we do not pay for travel to or from our facility. However, our representatives can help people coordinate travel plans for a safe and timely arrival.

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Can family and friends visit clients during treatment?

Generally, no, loved ones are not allowed to visit people in rehab, except for during family therapy. Family therapy sessions are held in most levels of care at our facility.