The Recovery Village Columbus

The Recovery Village Columbus helps people overcome drug and alcohol addictions and co-occurring mental health conditions in a safe, supportive environment. Our Groveport, Ohio, location aims to help turn the tide of the current opioid epidemic in Ohio and provide life-changing treatment for people who struggle with a variety of substance use disorders.

Our Columbus Alcohol and Drug Rehab Facility

Our Ohio facility offers treatment for substance abuse and co-occurring mental health conditions through a variety of dual-diagnosis programs that balance medical care with counseling. During their stay at our treatment center, clients can begin their recovery from alcohol and drug addiction with expert-level care in a serene environment with indoor and outdoor amenities available to support healing.


Our Location

The Recovery Village Columbus

3964 Hamilton Square Boulevard
Groveport, OH 43125
(614) 362-1686

Levels of Care

  • Medical Detox

    The first step of rehab, medical detox cleanses the body of drugs, alcohol and other harmful substances so that clients…Learn More

  • Inpatient Treatment

    During inpatient care (also called residential treatment), clients benefit from 24-hour medical support and can participate in therapy while living…Learn More

  • Partial Hospitalization Programming

    Partial hospitalization is a step-down program that typically follows detox and inpatient care. Clients can still receive medical and clinical…Learn More

  • Intensive Outpatient Programming

    Incorporating as-needed medical support and continuing therapy options, intensive outpatient treatment programs usually involve living on-site at our facility and…Learn More

  • Outpatient Programming

    During outpatient programming, our clients often live in a supportive environment (at home or in a sober living house) and…Learn More

  • Aftercare Planning

    Ongoing support and physician care is essential for long-term success in recovery. The Recovery Village® Columbus works closely with clients…Learn More

Paying for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

There are several ways to pay for treatment at The Recovery Village Columbus, including:

Our Staff

The Recovery Village Columbus’ leadership team is comprised of full-time medical and clinical staff who are passionate about empowering people to pursue recovery.

Tiffany Bell
Medical Director
Todd Feasel

Laura Clarke
Samuel Bennett

Our Accreditations

The Recovery Village Columbus is accredited by The Joint Commission of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and licensed by the state of Ohio. Our accreditation and licensure signify that we uphold the highest standards of client care.

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Indoor and outdoor amenities at The Recovery Village Columbus include:

  • Two fully equipped gyms
  • Basketball court
  • Paved volleyball court
  • Outdoor pickleball court
  • Art studio
  • Recreation room with shuffleboard and a pool table
  • Computer lab
  • Outdoor fire pit
  • Off-site field trips

What To Expect

We want each client to thrive in a safe environment free from familiar triggers. Knowing what to bring to rehab and what to leave behind at home can help you focus on effective treatment.

We recommend that clients bring:

  • Comfortable sleepwear
  • One to two weeks of seasonally appropriate clothing
  • Unopened toothpaste and a toothbrush
  • Sealed toiletries, including face wash, lotion and feminine products, shampoo and conditioner

Several items are not allowed in our facility for safety purposes, including:

  • Drugs or alcohol and products that contain alcohol as an ingredient
  • Weapons, including pocket knives
  • Clothing that depicts drugs, drug-related paraphernalia or explicit images
  • Opened toiletry products, cigarette cartons and vitamin bottles
  • Read More

What Does the Treatment Process Look Like?

Treatment plans are customized according to each client’s unique needs. However, rehab at The Recovery Village Columbus follows a similar process for every client, and treatment stays can last for 30 days or longer, depending on a person’s needs.

  • Intake Assessment

    Upon arrival at our facility, each client will participate in a comprehensive intake assessment with our medical team that evaluates current and past drug use, along with physical and mental health. This assessment informs each person’s treatment plan.

  • Medical Detox

    Most people will need to go through detox as the first step of rehab. Medical detox clears the body of drugs and alcohol and withdrawal symptoms are monitored and mitigated by experienced staff who offer 24-hour care.

  • Transition to Further Treatment

    After detox is complete, clients can transition to inpatient care. From inpatient programming, they may attend step-down programs like partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient and outpatient programming, as is medically appropriate. During all levels of care, clients can receive medical support and mental health counseling, and they may participate in recreational amenities and therapy options as appropriate.

What Our Patients Have To Say

Kaitlyn Maurer
Kaitlyn Maurer
14:11 03 Dec 19
I admitted myself on November 2nd this year and on Thursday is my discharge date. I have completed my 30+ days here so you can assume the program isn’t that bad. Ive never given treatment a chance before but did go to one earlier this year and left after 7-8 days (only because that was their blackout period) so me staying 30 days is crazy to me. The place is very helpful in the sense of learning about your addiction and the “not yets” you haven’t been to jail yet, you havnt stolen yet you havnt drank a gallon yet-etc. I think that alone is a great message, we talk about the brain, and do role play of situations, relapse prevention, discharge planning etc. When we detox of alcohol or drugs we are not the best or nicest people to be around, so don’t worry the staff is very understanding of the condition you come in. I’ve seen people stay I’ve seen people go but the most important thing is me and I stayed and I got to see others blossom like I did. I would highly recommend this program to you or a family member. And if they call you to pick them up to leave don’t. Because I wanted to leave (it’s a part of the process) just don’t you’ll be happy you stayed.
Amy Jones
Amy Jones
18:26 25 Nov 19
This is a great program with great therapists. The facility is clean and the food is great too.
Jon Pizzo
Jon Pizzo
14:31 25 Nov 19
I cannot say enough about this facility. During admission the nurses and BHTs (Heidi and Tena) were unbelievably compassionate and caring. I was at the lowest point in my life and they assured me it would get better and that they were here for me. During my 60 days at RVC, I got to know all the staff and made a connection with just about everyone that worked there. They treated me with respect, patience, and kindness. The BHTs are angels in disguise, the Nurses are kind and compassionate, the kitchen staff of Ms.Tina, Ms. Christina, Mr. Irvin and Mr. Don go out of their way to make your experience feel as much like home as possible, including the food they serve--which is incredible and usually made from scratch.The management was always very approachable and would take the time to listen to concerns from the community, as well as do something about them.The Therapists and clinical team are out of this world. My Therapist was Jenna and I could not have asked for anyone better to walk beside me through this journey, which she did with patience, heartfelt and solid advice, compassion, and with an eye for what my needs were, personally.The other Therapists had their own caseloads, but were still always completely willing to lend an open ear and give advice, whether they were leading a group or just passing me in the hallway. Jenna, Jordan, Grace, Anthony, Maria, Alex, Erica, Tara, Jonni, and Todd were all awesome. The case manager Jess is one of the sweetest, most competent, helpful people I have ever met. Each of these people played a direct role in helping save my life, and I will forever be grateful for the entire staff at RVC.
Dain Oliver
Dain Oliver
15:35 22 Nov 19
This is a great place, friendly, non judgmental, good councilors great food! Had a great experience here definitely recommend it!
Thomas Mitchell
Thomas Mitchell
15:18 20 Nov 19
I am confident that the success I achieve in my recovery is/will be in large part due to the solid foundation, personal tools, and sense of community that I received from Recovery Village. There are some communication and operations streamlining that can be done, but that does not detract from their dedication to your wellness.
Tim Jones
Tim Jones
19:59 14 Nov 19
RVC has been very helpful in my journey of recovery. The food and facilities were much better than any other rehab/treatment center I've ever been to. Most of the therapists are friendly and knowledgeable. The only fault is that they don't offer to take you to an AA or NA every night as advertised. Other than that it's a great facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may have various questions about rehab. We’re happy to answer any questions about addiction, the treatment process and more, including:

  • How much does rehab cost at this facility?

    The cost of rehab at The Recovery Village Columbus varies for each person, depending on several factors. Health insurance coverage, the level of treatment programming needed and how long clients stay in rehab all affect the total cost of rehab.

    Read More on Rehab Costs

  • Are cell phones allowed at The Recovery Village Columbus?

    Cell phones will be securely stored upon arrival. After a 72-hour adjustment period, clients can use the phone several times per week at the discretion of our staff.

  • Does the facility pay for flights to and from rehab?

    The Recovery Village Columbus does not pay for travel arrangements to or from our facility. However, our intake coordinators can help clients arrange travel plans to ensure a safe arrival and departure.

    Read About Traveling to Rehab

  • Will family, friends and other loved ones be able to visit during rehab?

    Family weekends are currently offered once per month at The Recovery Village Columbus, which affords loved ones a chance to visit the facility. In most levels of care, family therapy is offered once per week.

To get more answers about the rehab process at The Recovery Village Columbus, call us, view answers to other frequently asked questions, or read our what to expect guide.

Communities We Serve in Ohio

At The Recovery Village Columbus, we are proud to serve our local communities and welcome in- and out-of-state clients, too.

We are proud to help people from various Ohio communities, including:

The Recovery Village Columbus welcomes clients from Ohio, the Midwest and from across the country. With programs designed specifically for each patient, customized healing starts at The Recovery Village Columbus.

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