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We help men, women and adolescents who are struggling with addictions, substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. We also provide treatment exclusively to International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) members at our Maryland facility, the IAFF Center of Excellence for Behavioral Health Treatment and Recovery. Our facilities offer a full continuum of care and provide comprehensive discharge plans to aid in the success of our patients’ recovery.

In addition to providing detox, residential, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs, we also provide sober housing accommodations and outpatient services for our patients.

Adult Rehab Centers

The Recovery Village represents its flagship facility in Umatilla, Florida as well as the collective expertise of its locations across the country. Our rehab facilities serve communities from Florida to Washington, specializing in a range of addiction recovery services.

  • Umatilla, FL

    Our Umatilla facility offers a full variety of dual-diagnosis rehab programs that balance medical support with counseling and recreational therapies…View this Center

  • Orlando, FL

    Serving Orlando and the greater Central Florida community, our 93-bed rehab center is located just outside downtown Orlando, less than…View this Center

  • Lake Worth, FL

    Serving South Florida communities and welcoming both in- and out-of-state clients, The Recovery Village Palm Beach at Baptist Health provides…View this Center

  • Columbus, OH

    Our Groveport treatment center aims to help turn the tide of the current opioid epidemic in Ohio and provide life-changing…View this Center

  • Palmer Lake, CO

    Only 15 minutes from Colorado Springs and 60 miles from Denver, The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake balances medical support…View this Center

  • Ridgefield, WA

    A short drive from both Portland, Seattle and surrounding cities, The Recovery Village Ridgefield aims to curb addiction in Washington,…View this Center

  • Cherry Hill, NJ

    The Recovery Village Cherry Hill at Cooper’s cutting-edge, 55,000 square foot facility offers a full continuum of care to address…Learn More

Specialty Rehab Centers & Sober Living

Our Story

While some clients opt for treatment close to home, others may travel to a different state or region to receive care for their individual needs. The Recovery Village is continuously expanding to create rehabilitation opportunities for more people throughout the country. We’ve treated 12,000 patients and counting since 2013 and look forward to serving more communities to support lasting recovery.

What Our Patients Have To Say

The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake
Based on 1271 reviews
Sandra R.
12:53 08 Jul 20
I am giving this a 3 star because although they helped my husband recover, the family was left out in the cold and the misinformation provided during initial calls before admittance was shocking. For the person in need the recovery services are very good. For the family you will find no support or help at all. It is next to impossible to get ahold of anyone to speak to. The “Family Packet” they provide states that there will be weekly family meetings but those do not happen.I had to request just to get a 1 hour call with a counselor and my husband. I understand there is an issue with COVID, however they don’t even offer video chat meetings. For every level of care i had to fight and argue to get someone to speak to me. I had a friends husband enter before COVID and she had the same issue. It makes if very hard for the family to be out in the cold and then have your family member come home and there is no guidance on how you should live your new lives together.My husband is very pleased he is sober, and so am I. Palmer Lake did a great job of helping him get there and the counselors are great according to my husband But Family beware. You will be left hanging. I.e. Counselors are great, administration is terrible.
Jesse R.
18:41 06 Jul 20
Great place as long as you apply yourself and as a good guy once said, "trust the process". Restored me to my true self! All the staff was very respectful and helpful.
Scott S.
13:23 01 Jul 20
It's been four months since I completed the program at TRV and am grateful every day I was given the strength to make the call and walk through their doors. If someone is reading this and on the fence, all I can suggest is don't wait any longer. If there's a reason your contemplating it, that probably answers your question.I'd like to thank Nate, Chris and Ron for all the support and reasoning and patience you shared with me while I was there. Nate , you talk the talk and walk the walk! It still makes me chuckle when I reminisce about the people that tried to pull one over on you, not happening. Thanks again Nate. Ron and Chris, you had to have patience in your souls to put up with me and for that I thank you also. God bless you all!
Deedra W.
19:21 30 Jun 20
A very special shout out to my therapist Shameka Williams, she was amazing!!! She always had an ear to hear, to listen to my problems and she always made time for me regardless of her busy and hectic schedule. I was such a hot mess when I first got there, and she helped me to realize that it's okay to "be selfish "during my recovery. She helped me to realize that if I was not whole and healthy as a person, that I had nothing to offer to my children and my grandchildren. I was so nervous about doing family therapy , and about making amends to my loved ones, and the ones that I hurt and she made it such a smooth process. I would also like to send a shout out to my doctor Doctor Manual ( Dr. Sean), he was amazing as well. I had such high anxiety and I was so depressed when I first got there,and he called me out on my BS, and he helped me work through a lot of emotional things through medication, as well as through therapy. And I left there with so much more self esteem and self confidence, because of his "pep talks" every time that I spoke with him. One more shot out to the amazing BHT staff. There was not one there that did not always have a smile on their face each day and was there for our every need, and I know it's a hard job dealing with patients that are going through recovery, especially the patients going through detox. Every last one of the BHT staff is amazing, they all deserve raises!!! I thank God for Orlando recovery center they have gave me back my life. .I learned so much about my addiction and my disease of alcoholism, especially things concerning the brain and I will never be the same after my stay there!!!! I definitely cannot forgot Mrs. Donna and the kitchen staff... Including Mrs.Liz, Tristan, Billy, andJamecia. The food was so amazing, I gained 20 pounds while I was there( but I needed it though...lol) 3 wonderful meals a day, also snacks 3 times a day. Being at ORC also introduced me to AA and NA meetings. Those rooms were the most fulfilling,. I finally didn't feel so alone in my addiction, we were like a real family in those rooms, and it prepared me to be a part of the rooms on the outside as well. I am currently going to at least 6 meetings a week and working with my sponsor in the "Big Book". Today,, I am 54 days sober, and I owe it all to GOD first, O.R.C second, and my determination third. I will forever be grateful to my therapist, my doctor and all the wonderful staff for taking such good care of me😍🥰😘!!! I love you guys 💓
Tangela C.
18:53 29 Jun 20
My Husband received valuable information, therapy, and treatment at the facility. Because it offers PHP, there is not a "lock down" situation. However, while a resident he reported that many staff and residents were involved with each other romantically - sex acts at night - progressed into a "rehab romance" with another resident. Addiction is crippling to the family - both my Husband Charles and Ms. Sherly will need additional counseling to survive "outside" - and I hope it does not lead to relapse for either of them. Very sad update - he has relapsed!! Please restructure the program or supervision. 😓
David C.
12:32 29 Jun 20
Recovery Village Columbus is a topnotch, professional, industry leading Detox & Treatment center. I was extremely fortunate that RVC was able to accept me during the onset of Covid-19! I am from Michigan & arrived at RVC after transferring from Toledo Detox. At the time RVC was not receiving out of state patients, but seeing that I was coming from a 7 day stay in Toledo, they welcomed me with open arms!I cannot begin to explain the detailed, complete treatment plan RVC provided for me. The facility is very clean, organized & updated.They provide a range of unique treatment options-- outdoor group counseling, art/ music therapy, Yoga, state of art weight room, an abundance of fresh, daily prepared meals & one on one counseling just to name a few.My therapist, Sharita took the time & effort to understand my addiction needs, recovery, & after care plan! She is truly a life saver!All of the therapist are extremely knowledgeable, caring & professional.( Tara & Jordon were great as well)I could not imagine being anywhere else for 45 days of treatment! Although only a short period of time for my recovery journey, RVC insured that my sobriety continued after I left.My therapist & myself discussed in length after care options resulting in a Sober Living facility in Milford Mi.I just celebrated 90 days of Sobriety 6/23/20 & CANNOT thank RVC enough for providing the strong foundation for my continued sobriety journey!David Chemello Milford, [email protected]
17:47 26 Jun 20
I had a family member in this place. I would say that the treatment was good and did help. Although, there were times that the specific diet he was on didn’t get served to him. My biggest issue with this place is the billing department. They are incompetent and won’t even return your phone calls. My family member brought in his meds from home and the staff were instructed on numerous occasions to use his home meds. Of course, many times they did not and he got a bill for them in the end. Also, upon discharge he set up a payment plan and then after the discharge his hospital bill grew by $200. The person who works in billing can’t even put the correct amounts that one is paying into the computer. Now they are telling my family member that he owes more money then what he does! On top of that, after he has set up payment plans on 2 different occasions, these INCOMPETENTS are THREATENING him with sending his balance to collections even though he has paid every month that he has received a bill. So if you decide to use this place, check your BILL carefully!
Josiah S.
17:00 26 Jun 20
Amazing staff who truly cares about your recovery. Beautiful scenery and outdoor activities in the evening. The facility does need up kept but overall I would highly recommend it!!!
Jesse S.
13:41 26 Jun 20
This place is what you make of it and the sky is the limit if you commit to the amazing staff from the top down. Well organized and well maintained level of committed people making a difference every single minute of everyday. This place not only saved my life but helped the ones close to me see the person that I was striving to be but was blinded for so long. This place is second to none and I am proud to say I’m a alumni and will be continuing my aftercare at this magical place.
gia P.
14:16 24 Jun 20
The staff was amazing and everything was timely.
CoMpLicaTeD 1.
22:02 23 Jun 20
This facility is great for people struggling with addiction. I have encountered therapists that helped me greatly with understanding my addiction and how to use coping skills combat my triggers. I would like to give my honor and express my gratitude to:BuckBonnieJasmineDorraineLatoyaCharityChelsea GabeNneimekaAlyssaElisabeth BillyLisaMellisaThank you to all staff
K L.
18:07 23 Jun 20
I went to the recovery village in June 2019. I have since remained sober but no thanks to this place really. They shipped me out after detox with no preparation plan because I lacked insurance, didnt even help me find counseling or continued treatment. The doctor there was hard to understand and filled me with psychoactive medications within 5 minutes of meeting me. The only helpful staff member there was Sharon Pleasant. She wasn’t my counselor but she was the only one who helped me find treatment options, she calmed me down when in the middle of the night they placed a person withdrawing from opiates in my room after I had just went through 10 days of detox. They were unorganized, half the time nobody knew what the schedule was. The main man in charge Steven was honestly an insensitive imbecile who belongs in a war museum with the other lifeless figurines. Food was good and most of the staff really tries, but some of the staff could care less to even be there.
William H.
12:40 02 Jun 20
The staff is great. Pierre was the bomb, you guys are great! I feel 100% better, like a new man.
Wayne N.
01:28 20 Mar 20
TRV was a great experience, unfortunately this wasnt my first time seeking help. The first place i attended a year earlier was a bit of a nightmare. So I really did my research this time and couldnt be more happy with the facility, the other residence as they seem more like extended family by the end off it all, & of course the wonderful staff. Jack was my personal therapist, I couldnt of asked for better, he is brilliant and his personality is second to none. Love you Jack!! And of course Dr. V, Julie , Wendy, and the entire nursing staff. Big John is a great man and knows how to put together a hell of a BBQ! And then of course Aj, Amy, Chris, Ron, Toby, and everyone else I may not of mentioned. They make you feel welcome and like you can always go back if needed. Thanks to all, you were great and couldnt of done it without everyone.
Andy J.
22:29 19 Mar 20
Really glad I made the call. Great staff and great facility. Def left a changed individual! If ever thinking about it, just call them!!
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