Our Rehab Centers for Addiction Treatment

Our rehab centers help men, women and adolescents who are struggling with addictions, substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. We also provide treatment exclusively to International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) members at our Maryland facility, the IAFF Center of Excellence for Behavioral Health Treatment and Recovery.

Adult Rehab Centers

Our facilities offer a full continuum of care and provide comprehensive discharge plans to aid in the success of our patients’ recovery. In addition to providing detox, residential, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs, we also provide sober housing accommodations and outpatient services for our patients.

The Recovery Village Drug and Alcohol Rehab represents its flagship facility in Umatilla, Florida as well as the collective expertise of its locations across the country. Our rehab facilities serve communities from Florida to Washington, specializing in a range of addiction recovery services.

  • Umatilla, FL

    Our Umatilla facility offers a full variety of dual-diagnosis rehab programs that balance medical support with counseling and recreational therapies…View this Center

  • Orlando, FL

    Serving Orlando and the greater Central Florida community, our 93-bed rehab center is located just outside downtown Orlando, less than…View this Center

  • Lake Worth, FL

    Serving South Florida communities and welcoming both in- and out-of-state clients, The Recovery Village Palm Beach at Baptist Health Drug…View this Center

  • Miami, FL

    Centrally located in South Miami and close to other Baptist Health locations, the facility provides clients with a smooth transition…View this Center

  • Columbus, OH

    Our Groveport treatment center aims to help turn the tide of the current opioid epidemic in Ohio and provide life-changing…View this Center

  • Palmer Lake, CO

    Only 15 minutes from Colorado Springs and 60 miles from Denver, The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake balances medical support…View this Center

  • Ridgefield, WA

    A short drive from both Portland, Seattle and surrounding cities, The Recovery Village Ridgefield aims to curb addiction in Washington,…View this Center

  • Vancouver, WA

    Located just minutes away from The Recovery Village Ridgefield campus and short drive from the Portland, Oregon metro area, the…View this Center

  • Cherry Hill, NJ

    The Recovery Village Cherry Hill at Cooper’s cutting-edge, 55,000 square foot facility offers a full continuum of care to address…View this Center

Teletherapy for Addiction and Mental Health

Register for our teletherapy, telepsychiatry and other online addiction treatment programs below and we’ll match you with a licensed professional who will meet with you regularly and guide you on the path to recovery.

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Specialty Rehab Centers & Sober Living

  • Sebring, FL

    Located in Sebring, Florida, our accredited, 40-bed facility provides customized treatment for teens ages 13–17.View this Center

  • Upper Marlboro, MD

    Located in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, the IAFF Center for Excellence is approximately 30 minutes from Washington, DC, and an hour…View this Center

  • Maitland, FL

    Next Step Village is dedicated to providing high-quality transitional and sober living care for people in recovery from drug and…View this Center

Our Story

While some clients opt for treatment close to home, others may travel to a different state or region to receive care for their individual needs. The Recovery Village Drug and Alcohol Rehab is continuously expanding to create rehabilitation opportunities for more people throughout the country. We’ve treated 12,000 patients and counting since 2013 and look forward to serving more communities to support lasting recovery.

What Our Patients Have To Say

The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake
Based on 2182 reviews
Colten H.
19:30 27 Jul 21
I had a wonderful experience here and would recommend this program to anyone!
Mary G.
13:00 27 Jul 21
The Center of Excellence has provided me with great information, resources and trainings to better understand trauma and the work of fire fighters. Molly Jones took time to discuss services and provide resources. So glad to have this Center as a resource!
Jared R.
21:00 26 Jul 21
Love TRV!!! The staff and everyone is so loving caring! Would recommend to anyone in recovery, just discharged and am more than satisfied! Please go if you are considering or need it, you won’t regret it!
Thomas S.
15:42 26 Jul 21
Excellent facility if you are ready to make a change in your life for the better.
Daniel R.
19:54 24 Jul 21
A great resource that responds to the needs of our IAFF brothers and sisters when they need it most.
Jonathan S.
15:01 23 Jul 21
Excellent … staff is great and very helpful all the time
Brendah N.
13:48 23 Jul 21
I had an amazing time during my treatment here. The facility is okay but compared to others around here, it was the best. There were some cons mainly concerning the counselors not doing one on one sessions which we all voiced our concerns. They listened and on my last (2nd) week they changed the schedule to include more sessions with the counselors including a guaranteed private one on one once a week but of course you could always ask to meet him/her more than that. The program was quite detailed, helpful and extensive. I had an amazing group of people with me who were all willing to make a change and there was so much fun and laughter in between group sessions. My favorite days were the weekends!! I had so much sober fun and got to interact with an amazing group of people who I shall forever remember and be grateful to. There were staff members who went above and beyond for us. I’m eternally grateful for them. From Scott who was absolutely amazing, Nate, Neal, Danny and Edrick who was fantastic. All these were BHTs who were with us day and night making sure we were taken care off. The nurses were great too and specially Richard who checked on me often. I loved our chefs Anthony and Anita who made amazing food every single day and would spoil us with variety of snacks plus kept me hydrated always. Noelle is like the best counselor you can get, who kinda took me in after mine kinda neglected me. John was also an amazing counselor too. Erica the clinical director is super nice and also listened to me and my complaints when I had not had any sessions with my assigned counselor Holly. I’m sure she is nice but I didn’t get a chance to see that. They have cherry trees and blackberries outside which we enjoyed plus a small trail that provided peaceful walks. Also lots of sober I for and outdoor games to play. I miss the group of people who were there with me. I’m very grateful for this place. I left with my body nourished and healthy, my mind enlightened with lots of skills, knowledge and wisdom. I left with inner peace and clarity I hadn’t had in a while. I’m forever grateful!!! I would definitely recommend this place to anyone and everyone!!
Bobby R.
18:43 22 Jul 21
I had a great experience at recovery village. It changed my life soo much for the better. The groups are great and you get plenty of time to share and it’s a comfortable environment. I went in there full of anxiety and depression very unsocial and a shy person. Today I’m loaded with confidence and my self Esteem is through the roof. My personality has changed I actually have one today clean and sober thanks to my experience there. The staff was great Donna, Kahlia, Joy, mike, Cassie, and many others. I am so looking forward to my future finally been an IV drug user for 18 years and I’m finally free from my addiction. I’m an active member of AA I got a sponsor and a home group. I will continue doing AA and giving back. The sky is the limit for the rest of my life. Thank you Recovery Village. Plus the food is great thank you to both of the chefs.
Keith G.
23:41 21 Jul 21
I attended recovery village in January. 6 months later am still sober I would like to thank Jeremy Cindy rob dr g and dr gabe and rest of the staff. The care and knowledge I received was incredible. Thank you.
Chris L.
19:45 21 Jul 21
This is a great place. The service and individual care is amazing. So glad I came here for help.
John S.
19:04 21 Jul 21
This was an amazing experience. But easier knowing you were with your own people who truly understand you.
David S
16:24 21 Jul 21
Orlando Recovery Center was there for me at exactly the right time! They were extremely friendly and created a very supportive environment for outpatient services. One-on-one and group therapy were extremely beneficial.
Chris T.
16:14 21 Jul 21
I just discharged from the Center of Excellence today. I can’t say enough about this place. I was extremely skeptical and nervous going but from the moment I got there I knew I was where I needed to be. The brotherhood at the COE is like something I’ve never seen or experienced. Everything here is fit for firefighters and EMS. The staff here makes things so easy. You WILL NOT find a rude/unprofessional staff member at the place. My clinical therapist was Kristi, Anything I ever needed she made happen. All I had to do is ask. The food here is awesome!! They cook everything fresh on site and have awesome home made desserts every night. The Director of the facility Marc, is there for you as well. Every step of the way. If you need anything this man is there to help. Never have I encountered a CEO/Director that is willing to be there for you like he is. If your reading this trust me your looking at the right place. Make the call and save yourselve! - Chris Lafayette IN local 472
Manda E.
13:51 21 Jul 21
This Recovery village has been amazing for me and my recovery Thank you so much to Karen and Jessica for helping me through all this.
Sherlene C.
00:58 21 Jul 21
This place has some of the most amazing people you’ll ever meet and everyone from the BHTS to the Clinical Director are super in tune with your recovery and even though they’re short staffed right now, they try so hard to work with who and what they have. Thank you guys so much for my time here. Libby, Thank you so much for being there for me when I was going through the worst time. I remember now your concern and your soft voice and I appreciate you for making me feel welcome. Ashley, Thank you for staying on top of things and you too Scott! Scott! You rocked it! You always made things happen for me! You guys have literally changed my life. And the food!!!!!! OMG I was pleasantly surprised! Kitchen staff! You guys Know how to cook a great meal!!
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