Videos Resources for Addiction, Recovery and Mental Health

To provide a full spectrum of resources for those living with addiction or mental health conditions and their loved ones, The Recovery Village created several video series about addiction, co-occurring disorders and recovery.

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a green background with the words relapse workshop part 4.
How to Reduce Relapse Risks

Relapse is always a risk in recovery. Being strategic, planning ahead and having a support system are important ways to mitigate this risk.

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How Mindfulness is Used in DBT

Mindfulness is an integral part of DBT because it helps you learn how to be present and control and accept your thoughts, rather than those thoughts controlling you.

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the cover of the book resilincy part 2 optimism.
Optimism in Recovery

We’re not all inherently optimistic, but you can work toward viewing things in a more positive way. You can also practice challenging your negative thoughts.

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a green background with the words resilincy part 1 what is resilince.
What is Resilience?

Almost everyone experiences trauma. Resilience helps you learn how to effectively deal with it.

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the cover of a book with the title resilincy part 3 facing fear.
Facing Fear in Recovery

Some fear is normal, but chronic fear is unhealthy. Confronting and controlling chronic fear begins with understanding the science behind it.

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the cover of resilincy part 7 role models.
Role Models and Recovery

Identify strategies to recognize positive and not positive role models. Start to imitate positive role models and learn what to avoid from negative role models.

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