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Coventry Rehab Coverage

Coventry Healthcare also operates under the name CoventryOne, which is the umbrella under which health insurance policies is available to individuals and families. These individual and family policies can be useful for people who are buying coverage for the first time, want to replace existing coverage, are self-employed, or are employed part-time. Coventry Healthcare also offers other insurance options including employer-sponsored plans, Medicare and Medicaid plans, and behavioral health.

Whether or not Coventry provides rehab coverage, and if so, the level of benefits are primarily dependent on the state where the plan in purchased, and also the type of plan it is. Most benefits related to behavioral health are provided through the MHNet Behavioral Health subsidiary.

Does Coventry Have Rehab Coverage?

Coventry Plans, including the CoventryOne individual and family plans, offer varying levels of benefits and coverage, and in most states where these plans are offered, they are available at different levels including Bronze and Silver. These are off-exchange plans, but Coventry also has plans that can be purchased on the exchanges enacted by the Affordable Care Act. The level of a plan is based on the total amount of the health care cost the plan pays, versus what the member pays out-of-pocket.

Coventry often does offer some level of rehab coverage, but the liability for members can vary regarding exactly how much is paid by the insurer.

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    Coventry Mental Health

    MHNet administers Coventry Mental Health services, and plans include some level of customization available to the member. MHNet offers members access to a comprehensive national network of providers.

    Is Coventry Mental Health Covered By Insurance?

    The general answer to whether Coventry offers mental health coverage is yes. Some of the mental health network available to Coventry members includes general psychiatrists, child and adolescent psychologists and doctor-prepared psychologists. The network also includes master-level licensed clinicians and certified EAP counselors.

    Coventry Behavioral Health

    Coventry’s behavioral health options are vast, and the main thing for members to explore before they seek behavioral health services is how much they’ll be responsible for paying out-of-pocket. As an example, if you were to purchase Coventry health insurance in the state of Georgia, you could choose from plans like the Bronze level, where the plan pays about 60 percent of covered health care costs.

    For Silver plans, the plan will be around 70 percent of covered health care costs, including covered behavioral health, and for Gold level plans, that goes up to about 80 percent of covered costs being taken care of by insurance.

    Is Coventry Behavioral Health Covered by Insurance?

    With plans offered through state exchanges, mental health and behavioral health are covered as essential benefits, so if you purchase a Coventry policy this way, you will have a wide variety of behavioral health options at your disposal.

    According to the Affordable Care Act, all marketplace plans must not only cover mental health and substance abuse services as essential health benefits, but they must specifically include mental and behavioral inpatient services and behavioral health treatment including psychotherapy and counseling.

    Specific behavioral health benefits depend on the plan and your state. Pre-existing mental and behavioral health conditions are covered, and Marketplace plans aren’t permitted to put a yearly or lifetime limit on coverage of any essential health benefit. This includes behavioral health benefits and services.

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    What To Expect From Coventry for Rehab

    Whether you purchase Coventry insurance from a state exchange or directly from the company, most rehab costs will be covered, at least to an extent, which is dependent upon your policy. You will need to meet out-of-pocket costs, which will vary. The Coventry network of mental health and substance abuse providers includes acute and subacute facilities and programs designed specifically for the treatment of drug addiction and substance abuse.

    All providers who work with Coventry are current with their credentialing, and these guidelines are based on standards from the National Committee for Quality Assurance.

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