Levels of Care

Medical Detox

Medical detox programming is the first step toward healing from addiction and cleanses the body of all traces of alcohol.

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Inpatient Treatment

During inpatient treatment, a full-time therapy schedule and continued support help clients foster healthy habits and coping skills that set the stage for recovery.

Inpatient Rehab for Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Partial Hospitalization Programming

Individuals participating in this level of treatment transition to off-site living or a sober living community.


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Intensive Outpatient Programming

During intensive outpatient treatment, clients usually live off-site at a facility but are dedicated to preparing for life after rehab.

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Outpatient Programming

In outpatient programming, clients live at home or in a sober living home and commute to rehab during the week.

Outpatient Rehab

Aftercare Planning

Outline each client’s next steps after their treatment ends, including follow-up appointments and recommendations for nearby support groups.

Aftercare and Sober Living Programs
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Paying for Rehab

There are several ways to pay for treatment at The Recovery Village Drug and Alcohol Rehab, including:

With private health insurance

Through private payments without insurance

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What to Expect

We want each client to feel fully prepared for treatment before they arrive. Knowing what to bring to rehab can help prepare clients for their treatment experience.

We recommend that clients bring:

  • A form of identification, along with a pharmacy card
  • Seasonally appropriate clothing
  • Comfortable sleepwear
  • Sealed (unopened) alcohol-free toiletries, including shampoo and conditioner, sunscreen, face wash and feminine products

Items that are not permitted at our center include:

  • Drugs or alcohol, drug-related paraphernalia and clothing depicting drugs
  • Products that contain alcohol as an ingredient, including hand sanitizer and mouthwash
  • Vaporizers (vaping devices, vapes)
  • Computers, tablets, cameras and electronic devices with internet access

What Treatment Looks Like

Rehab at our facility usually follows a similar process for every client, beginning with an intake evaluation and ending with an aftercare plan.

Intake assessment

Upon arriving at our facility, each client participates in a comprehensive intake evaluation that assesses their mental and physical health. Our team uses the results of this assessment to create a personalized treatment plan for each client.

Treatment and Rehab

Medical detox

Most people will enroll in detoxification as the first step of rehab. This level of care is necessary because it rids the body of drugs and alcohol and offers 24-hour support as clients go through withdrawal. Once detox is complete, clients can start inpatient care with a fresh foundation for recovery.

What to Expect During Medical Detox

Transition to other levels of care

Detox lays the groundwork for further residential treatment, including inpatient, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient care. During each of these programs, clients live onsite and receive medical care and mental health counseling support. When it’s medically appropriate, clients can move from residential care to outpatient treatment.

Levels of Care in Addiction Treatment


A solid aftercare plan prepares people for life after rehab and empowers them to stay strong in recovery with a variety of medical, therapeutic and social supports. Our aftercare plans usually include recommendations for local support groups, maintenance medication schedules (if necessary) and follow-up appointments with local doctors and therapists.

Aftercare and Sober Living Programs
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Dusty P.
19:12 22 Sep 22
I worked on my recovery through the virtual IOP program with the Recovery Village. My therapists Tony and Sam were great! It was a very transitional time for me at the start, not knowing what I wanted. Month by month this began improving and exceeding my expectations due in part to the support I received through my group sessions with Tony and one on one therapy with Sam. It always takes personal commitment and effort but helping hands make that load feel lighter.
Skyler P.
02:05 22 Sep 22
I honestly believe that I owe my life to Recovery Village. I stayed here for almost 60 days, and I feel like a completely different person than when I first went in. I finally have a chance at succeeding in my sobriety! The BHT Audrey was amazing and therapists Arno and Ann really helped me through some trauma that caused my addiction in the first place. I would recommend this place to anyone seeking help for their addiction! They really do care about you here and go above and beyond to make sure you’re getting the care you need!Edit: I’ve remained sober since I left PLR and achieved 5 months sober on Sunday the 13th! All thanks to the tools this rehab taught me and the resources they’ve provided to me. Thank you so much PLR!!Edit #2: I just celebrated my one year of sobriety on September 13th 2022. I am so grateful for this facility. They have truly saved me.
Matt D.
19:53 20 Sep 22
Second time treatment and this was probably the best experience I've had. Very informative and gave me the tools for to maintain sobriety and change my life.
Andrew S.
19:25 20 Sep 22
Best thing you can do for yourself
Will S.
23:01 16 Sep 22
Many of you know me as William S., I would like to say that the entire staff both medical and non-medical, people in the front and people behind the scenes are incredible people. Everyone at Recovery Village works very hard and puts the patient first in their list of importances. I know many of you will not see this in Google reviews, but if anyone does see this very positive review of Recovery Village, please pass it on to others. There are a lot of names that I remember, however there were so many people that I met that I can’t remember everyone’s name so I’m just going to thank everyone. Whoever you are, you’re included, and I thank you for all of the care and patience you gave me and the other patients I came in contact with. I got what I came there for and I will stay sober the rest of my life, you saved my life. Thank you.
Jeannette T.
17:43 24 Aug 22
Treatment was incredible

Our Staff

The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake is led by full-time medical and clinical staff, all of whom are dedicated to helping clients heal from addiction.

We are always looking for dedicated clinical staff to help those in recovery.

Medical Director
Dr. Adam Richmond Medical Director
Colorado Outreach Director
Kacie Chelli, MS Colorado Outreach Director
Clinical Director
Edward Mark Driver, LCSW Clinical Director
Community Outreach Director
Don Rogers, CADC, CPRS Community Outreach Director
See Open Positions

Now Offering Online Counseling Services

Getting treatment for substance abuse and mental health issues with online rehab and counseling just got easier. The Orlando Recovery Center Drug and Alcohol Rehab offers teletherapy treatment for those who are struggling from substance abuse and mental health issues.

At Advanced Recovery Systems, patient safety is our top priority. We remain open and committed to providing critical addiction treatment. We are closely monitoring all developments associated with Coronavirus (COVID-19) and are taking proactive steps to ensure the health and safety of all patients, employees and the communities we serve.

To ensure you have full access to our rehab and therapy services, know that our staff is experienced and trained in telehealth and online counseling services for mental health, addiction, and overall drug and alcohol rehab support.

We’re still here for you during the coronavirus pandemic, because we’re in this together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is rehab at The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake expensive?

The cost of rehab varies for each person and depends on several different factors. Rehab costs are calculated based on whether a client has a private health insurance policy, which level of care they need and how long they stay in treatment. Read More About Rehab Costs

Is smoking allowed during treatment?

For those who wish to smoke, designated areas and times of the day are provided. If you wish to smoke, please bring a full supply of new, unopened cigarettes. Our facility also offers nicotine replacement therapy. Vaping is not allowed at The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake.

Will the facility pay for flights to and from rehab?

No, The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake does not pay for travel to or from our facility. However, our representatives can help coordinate travel plans to ensure you arrive safely and in a timely manner. Read About Traveling to Rehab

Will family members play an active role in rehab?

All family visits are facilitated through family therapy on an as-needed or as-requested basis