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Addiction is an epidemic that has spread across the nation, leaving behind shattered individuals and families. Even the small city of Lynnwood has its share of heartache. According to Edmonds News, Snohomish County is considered to be one of the state’s hotspots for heroin and other opioid use. A study by the Snohomish County Health District that began in 2000 shows the number of heroin overdose deaths continuing to rise.

No longer is addiction confined to inner cities and alleyways. It happens to families in mainstream America and suburbia alike. Although substance misuse affects the young, old, rich, and poor, Lynnwood is trying to provide solutions by offering recovery programs. This guide will offer you more information on Washington detox centers, rehabilitation facilities and recovery meetings.

If you are searching for information about alcohol or drug rehab in Lynnwood, Washington, assistance is available. Washington offers a number of quality resources. Continue on to learn more about the ideal treatment for you. Or, if you prefer to speak with someone about your options, an intake coordinator of The Recovery Village can give you more information about:

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You’re not alone in this struggle.

percent of those who needed treatment sought it

In 2013, of the 22.7 million Americans who needed treatment for substance use disorder, only 2.5 million sought treatment. This number is not very encouraging. However, you have already taken a step that many of those 22.7 million have not; you are getting information and considering seeking treatment. All you have to do now is give us a call at The Recovery Village and take the next step to be on your way to long-term recovery.

Finding Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Lynnwood, Washington

Lynnwood, Washington Alcohol Rehab and Drug Rehab Centers

There are many options available for residents of Lynnwood, Washington that are looking for treatment for their drug and/or alcohol addictions. But how can you know which facility is the best? Before you start researching facilities in your area, it’s best to be familiar with the different treatment options that you have so that you can ask informed questions. Most facilities offer the following treatment programs.

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    Residential Treatment Programs

    A patient will stay in the facility around the clock when they are enrolled in an inpatient (residential) treatment program. These programs are typically the next step after any necessary detox, and they can last for 30, 60, 90 days or even longer, depending on the facility. In this program, patients are exposed to 12-step work, counseling, courses and recreational activities.

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    Partial Hospitalization Programs

    A patient will be at the facility for 6 to 8 hours every day when they are enrolled in a partial hospitalization program (PHP). These programs are typically the next step after inpatient treatment, and they usually last around 30 days. In this program, patients are exposed to 12-step work, courses, recreational activities and therapy.

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    Outpatient Treatment Programs

    A patient will be at the facility for 10 to 15 hours a week when they are enrolled in an outpatient treatment program. These programs vary in length. In this program, patients also participate in therapy and healing activities.

It may be difficult to determine which program is going to be the most beneficial for you and your addiction. This is why it is so helpful to speak to an addiction specialist who can assess your situation and help you determine a course of treatment that will work for you. This is something The Recovery Village is known for and one of the reasons many people choose similar facilities.

Detox Centers

In Lynwood, Washington, there are several options for detox centers. Detox centers are helpful for patients who need to go through a detox process to rid their bodies of substances they have become dependent on. Some substances – opiates, benzodiazepines (Xanax, Valium) and alcohol – will have more painful withdrawal symptoms than others and require a longer detox period.

While detox centers are helpful because they provide medical supervision throughout this process, they do nothing to provide additional needed treatment after the detoxification. For this a facility like The Recovery Village is needed. Fortunately, medically supervised detox is also available at facilities like The Recovery Village.

Recovery Meetings Near You

Meetings with groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and SMART Recovery will make all the difference in your long-term recovery. Luckily, there are many options in your area.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

Using a popular 12-step system, Alcoholics Anonymous is a tried and true organization that was founded in 1935. They boast a high success rate as millions of people who have stuck to their program have had long-term sobriety. They have over 100,000 groups that meet consistently throughout the week in over 170 countries. After reaching a state of sobriety at an alcohol rehab center in Lynnwood, WA, (or any other city), an AA meeting can help you stay in recovery. Here are three meetings in Lynnwood:

  • Edmonds Community College
    20000 68th Ave. W.
    Lynnwood, WA 98036

  • 1st Baptist Church
    17319 Larch Way
    Lynnwood, WA 98037

  • Lynnwood Alano Club
    4001 198th St SW
    Lynnwood, WA 98036

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

People who are addicted to harder drugs are more prone to relapse, which is why groups like Narcotics Anonymous – the 12-step group for those who suffer from drug addiction – are so important. Founded in 1953, Narcotics Anonymous is now the second largest recovery group with meetings in 139 countries all over the world. After receiving treatment at a drug rehab center in Lynnwood, WA (or any other city), an NA meeting can help you stay in recovery. Here are three meetings in the Lynnwood area:

  • Edmonds Community College
    20000 68th Ave. W.
    Lynnwood, WA 98036

  • Lynnwood Alano Club
    4001 198th St. SW
    Lynnwood, WA 98036

  • 1st Baptist Church
    17319 Larch Way
    Lynnwood, WA 98037

SMART Recovery Meetings

SMART (Self-Management for Addiction Recovery Training) Recovery provides those who suffer with substance use disorder with an alternative to 12-step recovery groups like Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous. Those who are addicted to alcohol and/or drugs are welcome at SMART Recovery meetings which utilizes a 4-point system to empower individuals and encourage self-reliance. Here are the three meetings that are closest to Lynnwood.

  • 5625 Evergreen Way, Suite 108
    5500 Olympic Dr. NW
    Everett, WA 98203

  • Freemont Baptist Church
    717 North 36th St.
    Marvin Rd. SE Suite
    Seattle, WA 98103

  • SageMed Clinic
    12600 SE 38th St.
    Bellevue, WA 98006

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon are 12-step support groups that are related to Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous respectively but are meant for the loved ones of those who suffer from alcohol and/or drug addiction. Being the wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, mother or father of someone who has substance misuse issues can sometimes be extremely difficult. In Al-Anon or Nar-Anon meetings, the family members and friends of those who suffer from addiction can gather and lean on each other for support. Here are the Al-Anon and Nar-Anon meetings in the area.

  • Nar-Anon
    Seeds of Hope
    Bothell United Methodist Church
    18515 92nd Ave. NE
    Bothell, WA 98012

  • Nar-Anon
    Hope Lives Here
    Luther Memorial Lutheran Church
    13047 Greenwood Ave. N.
    Seattle, WA 98133

  • Al-Anon
    Edmonds AFG
    220 Railwood Ave.
    Edmonds, WA 98020

There are many addiction resources accessible to those who are seeking addiction treatment in Lynnwood, Washington, but it may also be smart to explore your options in nearby cities. Because Washington has so many excellent recovery resources, sometimes the most comprehensive recovery centers lie outside of the city.

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