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The Recovery Village is a comprehensive substance abuse and eating disorder treatment facility in Florida, offering a full continuum of care from a patients’ arrival. In addition to medical detox and acute medical stabilization, we offer nutrition monitoring and medical intervention, inpatient, residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, sober housing accommodations, and aftercare.

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What we treat

Patients come to The Recovery Village desperate for help, whether it is a substance abuse problem, or a co-occurring disorder. Issues can range from abuse combined with disordered eating or a mental health issue, such as anxiety and depression. Addiction to drugs or alcohol and eating disorders share the ability to cause mental health issues to develop, and when left untreated, they can begin to consume an individual’s life. More often than not, people seek help with these conditions when they have already begun to cause harm in various aspects of their life. Performance either at school or work is suffering, close relationships become strained by irritability and isolation, and the things which were once important to a person begin to fade.

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The goal of the alcohol/drug rehab center and eating disorder treatment is to provide patients with the tools and healthy coping skills needed for long-term recovery, which allow them an opportunity to gain a rewarding and effective bearing on life again. Each patient entering our center works closely with a multidisciplinary team that includes a primary therapist, psychiatrist and, for patients with an eating disorder, a registered dietitian. This ensures a quality level of care for all areas of an individual’s life which have been affected.

Family support is for adults as well as children. Young children may never have known life without addiction in the family, and need particular help in recreating a new relationship with the parent in recovery.

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The Recovery Village drug rehab center is located in Lake County, Florida, in the small town of Umatilla. We chose this city because of its proximity to major locales, such as Orlando, Daytona Beach, and the Villages. Umatilla is known for its outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, camping and hiking. While nearby Alexander Springs features the southern end of the Florida Trail.

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What we offer

Our facility offers alcohol and drug treatment to Florida residents, but we also have patients fly in for our residential treatment program from all over the United States. Our staff also provide treatment for eating disorder and dual diagnosis patients.


Approach to recovery

By utilizing a full spectrum of care, we have developed a specialized approach to recovery through a collaborative multidisciplinary treatment approach. Our expert medical and clinical staff provide customized care plans for each individual, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and emphasizing relapse prevention planning and life-skills practice.


Understanding our eating disorder and drug treatment center

The Recovery Village is committed to helping patients in our substance abuse and eating disorder treatment center make recovery a reality. How we help individuals achieve this goal is what makes The Recovery Village rise above other addiction treatment centers. As a comprehensive substance abuse and eating disorder treatment facility, we provide all levels of care in one location to ensure fluid and effective, transitional care. This eliminates the stress which can be common during transitions between medical, residential and outpatient treatment locations.

The Recovery Village Drug Rehab Center

Family education and support are also provided during treatment, so patients and their loved ones are working together through the process. The Recovery Village’s private, rural campus is just minutes from the Ocala National Forest and the city of Orlando.

Our residential treatment program provides 24-hour a day medical care and clinical therapeutic monitoring for patients with addictions and/or eating disorders. Our treatment center has experienced addiction and eating disorder treatment specialists on staff to assist our clients through each level of care.

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