The critical first step in freeing yourself from an alcohol or drug addiction is ridding your body of existing toxins at a medical detox center. The Recovery Village medical detox center provides a clean slate, and a clean foundation upon which to build new and healthy habits.

Enrolling in a drug detox center, or alcohol detox center, is the first step towards a better life through therapy.

Medical Detox

Attempting to rapidly home detox yourself from alcohol or drugs could have dangerous, even grave consequences. Working with a medical detox center and having an expert, experienced medical staff to manage a safe detoxification process is vital to your well being.

The Recovery Village, a substance abuse medical detox center, has detoxification services available 24 hours a day. Most clients who come into treatment for drug and alcohol related issues will need supervised medical detoxification in a safe, medical detox center.  The Recovery Village medical detox offers 24 hour nursing care.  The Recovery Village is set up to handle complex detoxification, including clients who use multiple drugs.  Detoxification services are individualized to the client’s needs.

Who Needs Detox

Someone who needs a drug or alcohol medical detox program  include individuals dependent on, or heavily abusing:

  • Alcohol
  • Narcotics:
    • Codeine
    • Morphine
  • Sleeping Medication:

Not all drugs listed

The Recovery Village will assess each individual to see if they need alcohol or drug medical detoxification.  Round the clock nursing is available to do regular assessments.  When detox is completed, the individual steps down to residential rehab or partial hospital, depending on the level of treatment they would need at that point.  Residential care is still inpatient, with 24 hour nursing staff available, and would be appropriate for a prolonged detoxification that could last several weeks.

Clients enrolled at our medical detox center are seen by a medical provider on a daily basis.

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