Finding an Interventionist in Redmond, Washington

There are many causes and pre-existing conditions that lead people to alcohol and drug addiction. Some addicts have been silently fighting against a mental illness or mental health disorder and turn to substances as a way to self-medicate. Instead of helping, the problem becomes exacerbated and leads to a co-occurring disorder.

Other addicts are trying to cope with past traumatic experiences and effectively numb painful memories which they are not equipped to handle alone. Whatever the reason may be behind why your loved one is now entrenched in the disease of addiction, there is help close to home in drug rehab centers.

What if your loved one does not recognize that he or she is addicted, or what if your loved one has not agreed with your suggestion that he or she gets the needed addiction treatment? This is where an intervention can be helpful.

A Redmond drug intervention involves you, your family and friends, and a professional intervention counselor, also known as an interventionist, working together to plan a meeting for the addict in your life. In simple terms, this meeting is an opportunity for the addict to choose to enter substance abuse treatment or choose to face the consequences outlined by those participating in the intervention. These consequences will have been decided prior to the day of the intervention during the pre-intervention process with the interventionist.

This allows your family and friends to self-evaluate how each individual might be contributing to the problem of addiction instead of promoting the solution of recovery. Enabling and co-dependent behaviors often exist within a family and each person must be as committed to the addict’s recovery as, ideally, the addict will be.

Addiction is not just an individual disease, it is a family one. With proper preparation with intervention counselors in Redmond, you and your loved ones will be ready to begin a new chapter with the addict in your life, no matter what the decision is at the conclusion of the intervention.

Drug Intervention Counselor in Redmond, WA

Your Redmond drug intervention cannot begin until you have found your interventionist. This mental health professional will be someone who has been specially trained to prepare, execute, and follow up on interventions. As a trained therapist, this person will counsel you and your family before the intervention to learn more about the addict and the family dynamic. Since addiction is a family disease, you and your loved ones will first need to learn any negative actions that could be occurring and commit to changing these behaviors post-intervention. This process will be emotionally taxing for all involved, which is why choosing the right interventionist is so important.

To begin finding a qualified interventionist in Redmond, you need to speak with experts in the mental health profession, particularly those who specialize in addiction and substance abuse treatment. The primary goal of the intervention is to have the addict in your life enter a treatment program. Interventionists and substance abuse treatment centers maintain a close relationship as they work together to get the addicts the help they so deserve. Reaching out confidentially to The Recovery Village will help you begin the journey to finding the right person to help save your family from the ravages of addiction.

The addiction intervention process can proceed once your interventionist, or intervention counselor, has been selected. In addition to learning how you and your family may be contributing to the problem, intervention counselors in Redmond are trained to prepare you all for how to interact with the addict during the actual intervention. There can be years of pent-up frustrations, emotions, and feelings that, if improperly expressed, can derail the focus of the intervention and end in disaster. Your drug intervention counselor will teach you and your loved ones what to focus on when conveying feelings to the addict with a constant emphasis on love and support for recovery. There are a time and place to deal with these past emotions and feelings, but that is during a therapeutic setting and not during a life-saving intervention. If the intervention seems to be going off course, your intervention counselor is there to help bring everyone back on track.

Redmond, WA Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselors

All intervention counselors in Redmond have the same goal of helping the addict in your life enter treatment and helping your family begin to heal. The role of the interventionist does not stop at the conclusion of the intervention. If the addict chooses to enter qualified local substance abuse treatment, the interventionist will continue to check in and help provide tips for maintaining this newfound sobriety. If the addict has chosen not to enter treatment, the interventionist in Redmond will follow up with the family to help empower them with the strength to hold their bottom lines and ultimatums presented at the intervention. This allows for the best chance of having the addict reach a point where treatment is chosen.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

A Redmond drug intervention can be done on all addictive substances, including alcohol. If your loved one is suffering from alcoholism, do not hesitate to reach out for help planning an addiction intervention that could save that person’s life. Because alcohol is so prevalent and the social attitude pertaining to alcohol use is one of acceptance, it can be difficult to help a family member who is addicted to alcohol actually see that he or she has a real problem. An interventionist can help make an impactful difference and teach everyone how to fight against this common enemy.

Addiction is a terrible disease. Do not fight this disease alone. If you know someone who is battling addiction and you would like to help them make a change, contact The Recovery Village to find out how to begin the process of an addiction intervention. This one meeting could alter the lives of everyone affiliated with the addict in a most amazing way; do not wait another moment!