Peer support is often crucial to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) are both available in Kirkland to offer this group support. These meeting spaces offer a place to gather and discuss addiction and its effects, open up about your daily struggles with addiction, and celebrate your successes with peers going through similar experiences.

Many people first attend AA or NA meetings as part of a structured substance abuse treatment program in Kirkland, but you can also find many standalone meetings held throughout the area.

In this guide, you will find an overview of Kirkland NA meetings and AA support groups. You can prepare to attend your first meeting with just a bit of research.

AA Meetings in Kirkland, Washington

Anybody struggling with alcohol addiction may benefit from attending an AA meeting. Alcoholics Anonymous has benefited alcoholics since the 1930s, and many attendees understand the role having others to depend on can play in recovery. The group relies on the 12 steps, but also the 12 traditions, which spell out some guidelines for AA meetings.

AA meetings are often spiritual in nature, but you need not be any specific religion to attend. When the meeting attendees or leadership mention a “higher power,” you can make your own determination about what this means to you.

In the meetings, members are encouraged to work through the 12 steps toward recovery. Working through the steps means addressing each one in a way that makes sense to you and your addiction. The work you do is entirely up to you, but you will have peer support to help you determine how the steps work.

Peer support is one of the key features of attending AA meetings. Kirkland AA members talk about their own experiences on the road to recovery. Listening to these people share insights can provide a sense of support. Meetings can prevent individuals with substance addiction from feeling isolated and inadequate.

Finding AA Meeting Near Me

One of the first things you will learn about AA meetings in Kirkland is that meetings can be quite different from each other. Meetings vary concerning tone and topic. You may discover that some local AA meetings focus on readings, whereas others involve more sharing. You can select the meeting that best meets your needs and status in recovery.

In your search for Kirkland AA meetings, keep these factors in mind:
  • Sex of members
  • Public nature of meetings
  • Meeting size
  • Meeting location
  • Group leadership

After looking at different meetings, you may find that each one is a bit different. You can attend meetings with various leadership styles and topics. If you are interested in attending meetings that offer a sense of humor, you can find meetings geared toward a light-hearted nature.

Here are a few AA meetings Kirkland offers:

Kirkland Congregational Church
106 5th Ave.
Kirkland, WA 98033

Seventh Day Adventist Church
6400 108th Ave. N.E.
Kirkland, WA 98033

Rose Hill Presbyterian Church
12202 N.E. 90th
Kirkland, WA 98033

You can find more Kirkland AA meetings on the Alcoholics Anonymous website.

NA Meetings in Kirkland, Washington

Since the 1950s, NA has made a name for itself by supporting individuals in need of peer resources. Narcotics Anonymous works similarly to AA, allowing individuals to speak candidly about their experiences with drug addiction.

NA offers its services as a group that helps people recover from addiction to drugs, even if they are not necessarily narcotics. Narcotics Anonymous acknowledges that addiction, in general, poses a problem. For instance, individuals who have abused marijuana or alcohol are also welcome to attend meetings.

Kirkland NA meetings are free and open to the public, offering strengthening principles for anybody transitioning into a sober life. Relapse after drug addiction is extremely common, and many people struggle several times before finding recovery. The odds of relapse decrease for individuals who attend regular support group meetings.

Attending meetings helps prevent a relapse because it encourages attendees to learn how to cope with life in ways beyond drug use. Meetings also provide insight as to how others cope with triggers and cravings. If you have recently attended a rehabilitation program, you will find that NA and AA both operate in such a way that encourages you to continue on a successful pathway.

Finding NA Meetings Near Me

Performing a Google search for “NA meetings Kirkland” will warrant many local results. You can find meetings held in churches, community centers, and even sometimes in outdoor locations. The key is to narrow down your searches until you find one that meets your needs.

NA meetings Kirkland offers include:

Kirkland Congregational Church
106 5th Ave.
Kirkland, WA 98033

Life Community Church
232 5th Ave. S.
Kirkland, WA 98033

Old Sanctuary-Center for Spiritual Living
5801 Sand Point Way N.E.
Seattle, WA 98105

If you still have not found the right NA meeting to meet your needs, search the Narcotics Anonymous website for more information. You can search for meetings based on your city or zip code.

Seeking peer support is always a good idea, and The Recovery Village is ready to help you take that step. Call today to speak with professionals who can provide guidance.