Finding an Interventionist in Tacoma, Washington

“You can’t change what’s going on around you until you start to change what’s going on within you.” – Unknown

If you are seeking help for a loved one who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, you may believe intervention is all about making the addicted person change, but successful interventions often start with changing the thoughts and behaviors of those living with the addict.

An interventionist in Tacoma is a bridge between you and your loved one. Interventionists begin by smoothing out feelings of tension among family members and educating them in order to initiate change. An interventionist can initiate the change your family needs in order to help your loved one seek out substance abuse treatment in Tacoma.

Intervention counselors in Tacoma begin by helping family members understand the unhealthy roles addiction has created for them. These roles that have been designed by your loved one allow him or her to live comfortably with addiction. Once the interventionist helps your family recognize and change enabling behaviors, you can help your loved one step into recovery.

When searching for a Tacoma interventionist, it is important to find one who has experience with the type of addiction affecting your loved one. It is equally important to find an interventionist that your family likes and trusts. Compatibility with everyone, including your loved one, is imperative for success. Therefore, you and other family members must choose an interventionist who will appeal to your loved one for successful intervention to occur.

It is not unusual for Tacoma intervention counselors to begin with a telephone interview. This initial conversation gives the interventionist an opportunity to learn about your loved one and your family’s struggles. This is also the time for you to learn more about the interventionist and his or her technique. Some important questions to ask during this initial phone interview include:

  1. Do you have experience with this type of addiction?
  2. What method of intervention do you use?
  3. How should we prepare for the intervention?
  4. What happens after the intervention?
  5. What happens if my loved one does not want help?

It is also important to make the interventionist aware of any particular issues concerning your loved one, such as a tendency toward violent behavior. Letting the intervention counselor know about any special circumstances ensures he or she will be prepared to offer support.

Drug Intervention Counselor in Tacoma, WA

If you are struggling with how to help your loved one beat drug addiction, a Tacoma drug intervention counselor can help. If your loved one is addicted to narcotics or prescription drugs, an intervention counselor can lead them into recovery. A Tacoma drug intervention counselor will unite your family and help you recognize and change the roles you have unwittingly played in the cycle of addiction. By helping your family adopt healthier behaviors, a Tacoma drug intervention counselor can help your entire family heal.

Tacoma, WA Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselors

Tacoma drug intervention counselors typically take the following steps during intervention:

Step 1:
Initial phone consultation: This gives the interventionist an opportunity to hear your family’s thoughts and opinions regarding your loved one’s addiction. Most likely, there will be differing opinions among family members, and the interventionist can help everyone get on the same page. When family members find common ground, intervention can begin.

Step 2:
Addiction education: Often families are told they must wait for their loved one to hit rock bottom or ask for help before intervening. This is a false and dangerous belief. An interventionist will educate your family about addiction to help your loved one and your family achieve a long-term, successful outcome.

Step 3: 
Starting the process: You may be waiting and hoping for things to change. But waiting only solidifies addiction and perpetuates enabling behavior. An interventionist in Tacoma will help your family regain control so your loved one can enter treatment as soon as possible.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

Alcoholism affects many families. Often alcoholics deny addiction because drinking is legally and socially acceptable. This can make rehabilitation very difficult without the help of an interventionist.  Alcohol intervention counselors are skilled at helping your loved one and your family recover.

Instead of focusing on how much your loved one drinks, an alcohol interventionist in Tacoma will focus on the bad behaviors and actions caused by alcohol misuse and your family’s reaction to those behaviors. Often alcoholics, like other addicts, are self-absorbed, stubborn, and project blame onto those around them. An alcohol intervention counselor can help you get your loved one to treatment. An intervention counselor will also assist you in creating a healthier, more positive home environment for your loved one after rehabilitation.

Some helpful resources for locating qualified intervention counselors in Tacoma include:

Health Insurance: Pinpointing interventionists who accept your insurance helps lessen some of the cost of receiving professional help.

Family Doctor: Your family physician has most likely worked with other families struggling with addiction and can help you find qualified intervention counselors in Tacoma.

Personal Referral: If you know of a friend who has used an interventionist in Tacoma, ask them about their experience. Personal recommendations can help you find an interventionist compatible with your loved one and family.

Online Search: When using a search engine like Google to find intervention counselors in Tacoma, you may also find client reviews. You may also use an online interventionist locator.

If you and other family members have been struggling with how to help your loved one, an interventionist can help. Addiction intervention begins with changing your beliefs about addiction and changing your behavior toward your loved one. An interventionist can show you how to make the changes needed to stop addiction, and save your loved one’s life.

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