Finding an Interventionist in Seattle, Washington

How can you get through to someone who is caught in the throes of drug addiction? As the country’s opioid crisis continues to grow, it is a question that many families have to ask every day, and answers can be hard to come by. Addiction is a cycle that is difficult to break on one’s own, and families and loved ones often find their lives disrupted and themselves trapped in a cycle of enabling behavior patterns. Families in Seattle are no exception to this crisis.

If someone you care about needs to be admitted to a substance abuse treatment program in Seattle, you may be considering an intervention. Interventions can be a powerful way to confront the person with the addiction and convince him or her to get the addiction treatment that is needed. Interventions also give family members and friends a chance to set personal boundaries and take back control of their own lives.

However, an intervention can be a tricky thing to pull off successfully. An interventionist in Seattle is a person with a deep knowledge of addiction and the necessary skills to stage an intervention successfully.

Drug Intervention Counselor in Seattle, WA

A Seattle drug intervention is about more than just the person with the addiction. It is easy for family members and friends not to realize how enmeshed their lives have become with the life of the person with the addiction. People struggling with drug and alcohol addiction learn to manipulate the people around them into enabling their addictions, and it can happen almost under the radar. Family members wind up giving in to requests for money or help in order to keep the peace, or in return for promises that the person with the addiction fails to keep.

Part of a drug intervention counselor’s job is to help family members and loved ones learn to set healthy boundaries for themselves. Not only does this help restore order to their lives, it also puts the person with the addiction into a situation where he or she has fewer resources to help enable the addiction. This can make rehab seem like a more attractive choice.

It is a common misconception that you need to wait until an addict hits rock bottom to seek help. Too often, rock bottom is fatal, or at least dangerously unhealthy. An intervention led by an interventionist in Seattle can help bring the person with the addiction to the realization that he or she needs to make changes before it is too late.

Seattle, WA Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselors

Planning an intervention is more difficult than it may seem at first glance. Your Seattle interventionist will help guide you through the steps that you need to take to plan a successful intervention. Often, this process starts with a phone interview. It is a good idea to involve the other family members who will attend the intervention in the process of choosing an interventionist; it helps if everyone feels comfortable with the person leading the intervention.

Do not be afraid to ask questions of your drug intervention counselor in Seattle. Find out if the counselor has experience with the substance that your loved one is using, and ask what kind of methods the counselor uses. Ask about what happens after the intervention, and what to do if your loved one refuses to accept help.

Your interventionist will help you plan what you are going to say at the intervention and educate you and your other family members about addiction, co-dependency, and enabling. The counselor will help you choose an appropriate location for the intervention – perhaps a neutral space, like a conference room. An intervention counselor can also help assuage any doubts you may have about the process. It can be easy to consider not going through with the intervention because you want to keep the peace, but if you think your loved one needs an intervention, it is probably best not to wait.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

Alcohol intervention counselors specialize in working with alcoholics and their families. Alcohol can be a particularly difficult addiction to address because of the widespread use and acceptability of alcohol. It can also be tough for family members who drink, but who are not alcoholics, to understand how they can best support a loved one who is addicted to alcohol. An interventionist in Seattle who specializes in alcohol works with the alcoholic and their family to find solutions.

You can find intervention counselors in Seattle by calling The Recovery Village or by searching online for drug or alcohol interventionists in your area. You may also want to ask your doctors if they have an interventionist that they would recommend. If you know someone who has had an intervention, asking for a personal recommendation is a good way to find out how an intervention with a particular intervention counselor will go. Contact your health insurer to find out which intervention services in your area are covered by your health insurance plan.

Though going through the process of an intervention is intensely personal and emotionally charged, rest assured that getting your loved one help is worth the effort involved. An interventionist in Seattle can make the process go more smoothly. Reach out to The Recovery Village today to discuss interventionists and other addiction treatment resources in Seattle.