Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Lakewood, Washington

All marriages and families deal with stress, but sometimes relationships can become so strained that family members may find themselves at a breaking point. In these circumstances, Lakewood couples and families can reach out for help from professional marriage and family counselors and therapists.

Marriage and family counseling in Lakewood can address issues such as a conflict between family members, eldercare issues, sexual dysfunction, communication problems, eating disorders and weight issues, and grief over the loss of a loved one, or another major transition.

Family therapy may be especially helpful if one or more members of the family are dealing with mental health issues or are in need of substance abuse treatment in Lakewood. Because these issues impact every member of a family, therapy can help heal the wounds these issues inflict on everyone.

Marriage Counseling in Lakewood, WA

Marriage counseling is effective, as research studies show. Those who have participated in marriage counseling often report better relationships with others besides their spouse, including extended family members, co-workers, and social acquaintances. Many couples also experience better emotional, mental, and physical health.

Lakewood Marriage Therapy

Marriage therapy in Lakewood is designed to help partners learn more about each other and find ways to communicate with each other in more constructive ways. In the first few sessions of marriage therapy, couples work together to establish the goals they wish to achieve and the therapist helps them find ways to reach those goals.

To get the most from marriage therapy in Lakewood, both partners must be willing to devote time and attention to therapy. The more partners put into the sessions in terms of openness, honesty, and willingness to change, the more successful the therapy will be.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

A marriage counselor in Lakewood works to make both partners see each other’s side of any conflict, slowly helping them to build the tools and the understanding to do that on their own and better mediate their own disputes.

Couples will work on this together in sessions, which are usually held weekly at the counselor’s office. Individual sessions as needed may also be used, and couples should expect to work on what the counselor discusses with them at home as well. Ideally, each member of a couple will develop self-awareness and respect for each other’s feelings, which will guide them to better understanding.

Couples should also seek a counselor together, ensuring that both are comfortable with the counselor they choose, and should seek referrals, if needed, together. A counselor for an individual member of the couple, a religious leader, a close friend of the couple, a doctor who sees one or both members of the couple, and an insurer are all good sources of referrals. Couples can even contact counselors directly.

Family Therapy Lakewood, WA

Families are always changing. Parents or children divorce, members of the family pass away, members move out of the community, or members move in with other members of the family. The forces of care, independence, illness, financial fortunes, grief, and a host of other factors can have a profound effect on even the strongest family.

This is especially true when one member of the family suffers from a mental illness. How each member of a family manages this illness can shift the suffering family member to the center of attention and exert a pull that can change how families interact with each other and even how they see themselves.

Family therapy is about grasping these changes, why they have happened, what behaviors those changes have incurred, and how to shift and strengthen those bonds. Often this needs to be done under the guidance of a trained and fully credentialed family therapist.

Lakewood Family Counseling

The family counselor in Lakewood serves as a sort of beacon to allow the family to navigate some complex emotional waters. Just like a marriage therapist, a family counselor’s job is not to be the judge of disputes, but to get each member of a family to understand the point of view of everyone else. Even the strongest families can struggle under the burden of the passing of a loved one or a member of the family struggling with substance abuse. The family therapist will help families see each other with love and respect instead of shame or hostility.

Finding Family Counseling Near Me

As every member of the family will interact with the counselor, it is wise to choose a counselor with whom everyone in the family is comfortable. Often this is best achieved through obtaining a referral from someone who knows the entire family well, such as a family doctor or an insurer. Members of the family can also contact a counselor directly but should do so with the knowledge of everyone in the family. Once a counselor is found, healing can begin.

If your marriage or family is at the breaking point, do not wait another day to get help. Reach out to The Recovery Village to find therapists and counselors in the Lakewood area. It is the best way to show your love for your family.