Groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous offer peer support for individuals on the path to recovery. Federal Way offers many such support groups. Support groups like NA and AA provide solace and support for people going through difficult times. When you need some extra moral support, group members provide an opportune group to which to turn.

Many people attend their first AA or NA meeting in a structured addiction treatment program in Federal Way, while others attend meetings in standalone areas throughout the area.

If you have never been to a support group meeting before, you are naturally nervous about what to expect. The truth is that every current member once was new. The group is welcoming, ensuring that nobody feels out of place when they come in for help.

This guide will provide an overview of peer support options throughout Federal Way and the surrounding area.

AA Meetings in Federal Way, Washington

Alcoholics Anonymous, also known as AA, is available to help people struggling with alcohol addiction. It is only natural that you feel intimidated by attending your first AA meeting, but you will soon settle in when you realize that everybody is there for the same reason.

AA meetings in Federal Way each follow their own formats. Some groups focus more on a discussion, whereas others may be groups that focus on readings and literature. Some meetings are even more focused for beginners. You can choose the right meeting for your needs.

The benefit of attending an AA meeting is receiving much-needed peer support. Alcoholism is a condition that can leave you feeling more alone in the world than ever. With the support of individuals in your group, you can feel a sense of belonging. Plus, you can learn excellent coping mechanisms for dealing with triggering situations.

Finding AA Meetings Near Me

When you search for Federal Way AA meetings, you will see many differences between the meetings available. Aside from the format of the meeting, some meetings are open to guests, while others are closed and intended only for addicts or alcoholics. Some meetings meet in parks, whereas others are organized at church community centers. You can pick a meeting with which you feel comfortable.

As you search for an AA meeting in your area, consider these questions:
  • Are both men and women allowed in these meetings?
  • Are meetings open to the public or only alcoholics?
  • Who leads the meetings?
  • Is smoking permitted?

Every meeting is a little bit different. In spite of this fact, you should never be intimidated. Every meeting requires only that you wish to stop drinking alcohol. You will find no religious, political, or financial barriers to becoming a member and finding the help you need.

Here are a few AA meetings Federal Way offers:

All Saints Lutheran Church
27225 Military Rd. S.
Auburn, WA 98001

Calvary Lutheran Church
2415 S. 320th St.
Federal Way, WA 98003

Brooklake Church
629 S. 356th St.
Federal Way, WA 98003

You can find more Federal Way AA meetings on the Alcoholics Anonymous website. When you are looking for AA meetings, Federal Way and the surrounding area have a lot to offer.

NA Meetings in Federal Way, Washington

Individuals living with substance use disorder benefit from Narcotics Anonymous, or NA. No matter what kind of substance you have abused, you will be welcomed into Federal Way NA meetings with open arms. Nobody is excluded from seeking help through these meetings.

NA takes on many of the creeds and traditions associated with AA and personalizes them for drug abuse. The steps are focused more on giving up addictions and surrendering power when necessary. The goal of Narcotics Anonymous members is typically to eliminate drug use, but this may extend over into any type of addiction.

Individuals transitioning into a sober life have access to NA meetings for free. You will never be asked to pay a fee to become a member of NA, though donations are welcome. The organization is self-supporting, receiving no funding from the government or other organizations. This allows NA to remain available to everybody. The one requirement is that you have a genuine desire to stop abusing drugs for good.

Finding NA Meetings Near Me

A quick search of the web for “NA meetings Federal Way” will bring up many options. You will be able to see the themes and topics for each group, and you will also have access to meeting times, dates, and locations. You will see that most groups meet at least once per week, but you may notice that people may attend meetings more often than this.

Local meetings can provide you with access to resources you need to stay sober. Federal Way NA meetings and locations include:

Brooklake Community Church
629 S. 356th St.
Federal Way, WA 98003

Saint Columbia’s Episcopal Church
26715 Military Rd. S.
Kent, WA 98032

1044 Supermall Way
Algona, WA 98001

Finding the right NA meeting can be difficult with so many choices. Use the Narcotics Anonymous website to learn more about local meetings.

When you are unsure about your next steps toward sobriety, call The Recovery Village. The Recovery Village offers professional assistance in finding treatment options, whether you are looking for rehabilitation centers or AA and NA meetings, Federal Way has a lot to offer.