Drug and alcohol addiction are relentless and often require peer support. Youngstown offers meetings for individuals looking to attend Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings. Such meetings offer support that is often difficult to find elsewhere.

Alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers in Youngstown and surrounding areas offer AA or NA meetings depending on your specific needs. Still, some people find support group meetings helpful even if they have never attended a treatment program. Whether you attend meetings as part of aftercare or because you are considering sobriety for the first time, meetings can be useful tools along the way.

AA Meetings in Youngstown, Ohio

Individuals who struggle with alcohol addiction may benefit from attending Youngstown AA meetings. Today, more than two million people are considered members of AA, an organization that has been around since the 1930s. The members, all part of a fellowship, attend regular meetings in an effort to maintain a sober life. The only requirement to join AA is to desire to stop drinking alcohol.

Peer support plays a crucial role in Alcoholics Anonymous. Different types of meetings can provide varying experiences. For instance, new members may feel most comfortable attending meetings labeled for beginners. In these meetings, they will learn more about the basics of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Other types of meetings are available too. For instance, speaker meetings typically involve a special guest or member sharing personal experiences. Other meetings may involve more discussion or perhaps an analysis of the AA literature.

Finding AA Meeting Near Me

Many factors set AA meetings in Youngstown apart from each other. As already discussed, the topics and layouts of the meeting may differ even week to week. In other cases, the meeting you attend may be intended only for alcoholics or addicts rather than for guests too. Research the meeting you plan to attend ahead of time so that you can visit the best ones for your needs.

In selecting an AA meeting, here are a few things to think about:
  • Not all groups are co-ed
  • Some groups are only for alcoholics
  • Group size can vary wildly
  • Some groups are non-smoking

Take a look at different listings to determine which meetings are worth your while. Many meetings will be listed online with details, including the address of the meeting spot and some themes on which the group tends to focus. Many AA groups have unique names for the meetings, often an indicator of the group’s goals.

Here are a few AA meetings Youngstown offers:

Fellowship Hall
2555 Rush Blvd.
Youngstown, OH 44507

First Unitarian Church
1105 Elm St.
Youngstown, OH 44505

YAIG Office
3373 Canfield Rd.
Youngstown, OH 44511

You can find more Youngstown AA meetings on the Alcoholics Anonymous website. When you are looking for AA meetings, Youngstown and the rest of the region can provide you with results.

NA Meetings in Youngstown, Ohio

NA is not just AA’s younger sibling. The men and women who attend Youngstown NA meetings are not unlike those who attend Alcoholics Anonymous. A core difference is that the group tailors AA’s 12 steps so that they are more relevant to drug addiction. Some members even attend both types of meetings.

By taking on the traditions of AA, Narcotics Anonymous expands on the principles to make them more relevant for substance abuse. The changes mean that you benefit from Narcotics Anonymous in the same way people benefit from AA. The steps will keep you focused on sobriety but also on a lifestyle that is healthier both physically and emotionally.

NA offers peer support for people new to sobriety. Having a group of people around who truly understand what you are going through can be more than cathartic. It can be stimulating, encouraging you to stay focused on your goals.

It is only natural that you are a bit nervous before your first meeting with the group. Keep in mind that everybody was new to NA or AA at one time. Everybody has to start at the first step and work their way up.

Finding NA Meetings Near Me

You can search the Internet for “NA meetings Youngstown” to find local groups. Narcotics Anonymous offers a wide variety of options that will ensure you find a meeting that feels like a second home to you.

Youngstown NA meetings and locations include:

Fellowship Hall
2555 Rush Blvd.
Youngstown, OH 44507

Meridian Place
1184 N. Meridian Rd.
Youngstown, OH 44509

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
2985 Center Rd.
Youngstown, OH 44514

Struggling to find the right NA meetings? Youngstown meetings are also available on the Narcotics Anonymous website. There, you can find a variety of meetings and ways to find support for addiction.

When you call The Recovery Village, you have access to professionals who understand the importance of peer support. They also understand the role treatment can play in changing your life. If you have questions about treatment or sobriety, call today. The help you receive could be life-changing.