Alcoholics Anonymous, better known as AA, and its sister organization Narcotics Anonymous, usually referred to as NA, are a foundation of many substance abuse recovery programs in Westerville, Ohio. Both people just beginning their journey toward sobriety and people who have been on the path of sobriety for years regularly attend peer support and group therapy meetings as a part of their ongoing recovery. In many ways, it is one of the earliest and most effective substance abuse and dependency treatment programs, where people with the same illness come together to share coping strategies, discuss their victories and setbacks, and share practical strategies for dealing with the consequences and effects of their illness.

Some people attend their first AA or NA meeting as part of a structured rehab program, whereas others attend standalone meetings in the Westerville area. No matter where you attend your meetings, you can look forward to reaping the benefits of peer support in AA and NA meetings in the area.

AA Meetings In Westerville, Ohio

Founded in 1935, AA is likely one of the most famous support groups in the world and is the template on which almost all peer support groups are built. AA was a reaction to the unchecked rise of alcohol abuse and dependency in society and the failure of both government action and social condemnation to address it. Making alcohol illegal had done nothing, so a new approach was needed.

AA is built around its famous twelve steps, which are a framework to guide someone dealing with alcoholism through repairing their lives, moving toward sobriety, and maintaining sobriety. The core tenets of AA are having an open mind, listening with respect to others, and using that open mind and that listening to build up self-awareness and use it for self-improvement.

AA does not require membership fees, does not expect any degree of education to participate, and is a non-denominational organization open to everyone. That said, meetings will be designed around the needs of the membership. For example, there are meetings that are strictly one gender, as the meeting may discuss personal matters or past trauma that members may not be willing to open up about in the presence of somebody of the opposite gender. Part of its structure is that AA is a framework designed to grant maximum flexibility to the leadership and membership of each group.

Finding AA Meeting Near Me

To begin the process of attending an AA meeting, you must first decide what you hope to achieve with your attendance. Some meetings will be led by trained counselors and might discuss larger issues. Some meetings are open to spouses and children of people dealing with alcohol abuse and dependency. Some even insist you quit smoking. There are also practical considerations. Can you make that time and day? Can you easily get to the meeting? So to pick the right meeting, you must first consider your needs.

Once that list is in place, you can look at any available literature for the meeting and potentially contact the leadership of the meeting to discuss attending. “Auditioning” a meeting, or attending an initial session to see if a meeting is right for you, is generally encouraged as long as the rules of open-mindedness and respect are followed. In fact, people who regularly travel for their job will often attend AA meetings in cities they are visiting, as needed.

Here are some AA meetings in the Westerville area to consider:

Westerville AA
51 N. State St.
Westerville, OH 43081

Central College Presbyterian Church
975 S. Sunbury Rd. Meeting Center
Westerville, OH 43081

Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church
100 E. Schrock Rd.
Westerville, OH 43081

You can find other local AA meetings on the Alcoholics Anonymous website.

NA Meetings In Westerville, Ohio

As AA grew, it became clear that it was needed in areas well beyond alcohol abuse and dependency. As drug laws tightened and as more drugs became widely available and distributed across a number of cities and towns, it became clear that a separate organization was needed to assist people who needed the structure of AA, led by people who understood the specific challenges of drug addiction. Thus, NA was founded in 1953.

As they are sister organizations, AA and NA are very similar in some respects. Both, for example, use the twelve-step structure and focus on being a framework for meetings rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to peer support. Both encourage an open mind and a respectful ear. Both have a wide variety of approaches to both leadership and peer support.

Where the two differ is simple. While AA focuses on the challenges presented by alcohol addiction, NA focuses on the unique challenges that addiction to various drugs presents. Some NA meetings may cater to people fighting addiction to a specific drug, while others have a broader approach.

Finding NA Meetings Near Me

Also like AA, NA meetings are designed to be accessible and to cater to the needs of new members. Literature and contact information will be available so you can speak to group leadership and determine if that particular meeting is right for you. Writing out your needs will help determine the right meeting, as will “auditioning” meetings.

Here are some NA meeting locations in Westerville to get you started:

St. Paul Catholic Church
313 N. State St.
Westerville, OH 43082

Vineyard Community Center
6000 Cooper Rd.
Westerville, OH 43081

Westerville United Community Church of Christ
770 County Line Rd.
Westerville, OH 43081

You can find other meeting locations in Westerville by using the Narcotics Anonymous website.

The addiction treatment professionals at The Recovery Village believe in the power of peer support. That is why all of our treatment programs include peer support in the form of AA, NA, or other 12-Step programs. Reach out today to The Recovery Village to learn more about peer support in the Westerville area.