Substance Abuse Counseling in Warren, Ohio

When people begin the path to recovery from substance abuse and dependency in Warren, Ohio, they often need someone to guide them down it. Substance abuse can be both a symptom of larger emotional concerns that need to be addressed and have symptoms and concerns well beyond mental illness, such as repairing family and professional relationships, accepting consequences from the legal system, and medical damage from substance abuse. What is often needed for those working toward sobriety is a plan and steps toward recovery, in all of its forms. Helping a person formulate and follow such a plan is the role of the substance abuse counselor.

Substance abuse counselors work in a variety of settings, but many people encounter their first substance abuse counselor as part of a treatment plan in a drug and alcohol rehab in Warren.

Warren, Ohio Addiction Counseling

Substance abuse counseling is designed to help clients understand why the substance use disorder has manifested in the first place. Some turn to narcotics or alcohol to “self-medicate” a physical illness or other mental illness. Others use them to mitigate past trauma. Still others simply are personally prone to addiction. It is rarely just one of these causes; every patient is different and has different factors contributing to his or her disorder.

As a result, a counselor will use a mix of different approaches, depending on what the counselor has found to be the cause and what the client is willing to try. Counselors may use behavioral or psychological approaches, may use chemical therapy in some cases, or may use group therapy and peer support in others. Some clients may be coached to develop better coping skills to deal with emotional setbacks.

Over time, as the client has more success at maintaining sobriety, the strategies and plans will shift toward longer-term goals, such as reviving careers, reconnecting with family members, and forming a long-term strategy to live sober on their own. Throughout this, counselors should serve as a compassionate, respected guide, showing each client where to step until eventually, they can see the path to sobriety themselves.

Substance abuse and dependency is not just refraining from taking substances. If that were the case, people would be cured by being locked in a room for a few days. There is a habitual and behavioral component that makes it more difficult to stay sober. Human beings tend to fall into specific patterns without thinking, and consuming narcotics and drugs can be part of those patterns, even if a person has “gotten clean.”

Addiction counseling is the process of evaluating habits and patterns of behavior and changing them in favor of more effective and healthy ones. An addiction counselor will help the client think about how he or she reached this specific point, and what he or she can do to alter behavior to better cope with setbacks and otherwise maintain an even, sober keel.

Local Licensed Drug Counselor

Local, licensed drug counselors focus on helping those suffering from drug addiction. You can find licensed drug counselors in the Warren area by using the Psychology Today online database to peruse information about counselors that includes experience, credentials, and areas of expertise.

When choosing the right drug counselor, licenses and credentials are important, but you should ask about other matters. For example, do they have any experience with the addiction their potential client is working around? What has been their experience with helping clients to re-engage with their lives after sobriety? What approaches do they take to sober living? Will they be available when their client needs them? And most importantly, does the client feel comfortable with them, willing to trust them, and does the counselor feel the same?

Local Certified Alcohol Counselor

Alcohol abuse is uniquely tolerated and often overlooked in American society. If people are drunk at a ballgame, if they get tipsy at a work function and mention taking a cab to another bar after, or in some industries, if they have a “three-martini lunch,” few people will say anything. This “social cover” makes both sobriety and long-term treatment of alcohol addiction a challenge unique even in substance abuse treatment, and often means it must be handled by a specifically trained counselor who will cut through excuses and reach the heart of the matter.

Drug Addiction Counselor Warren, OH

Similarly, narcotics present unique concerns, depending on the narcotic in question and the path their client has taken to this point. Some narcotics users are fortunate enough to have gotten into treatment instead of legal trouble; others are not. Some have medical consequences to work around; others are otherwise in good health. A counselor is invaluable in helping someone who wants to walk away from drugs to develop better strategies for dealing with life and to move on.

Substance Abuse Counseling Programs Near Me

When seeking a substance abuse counseling program, it is best to secure referrals from someone familiar with your situation. A family doctor you see regularly, a psychiatric professional you see for unrelated concerns, or your insurer can offer confidential references. You can also find them through friends, confidential helplines, or even by searching online and speaking with counselors directly. Another great resource is to call The Recovery Village, which offers information about multiple therapist options in the Warren area. No matter how you find a counselor though, remember that you do not have to seek the path toward sobriety alone.