Support groups are an invaluable aid to many who suffer from substance use disorder. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) are two of the largest, best-known 12-step organizations that can help people struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. One of the main benefits of these organizations is the role they play in helping people come to terms with the nature of their addiction. They also help individuals understand they are not alone in their struggle and that there are countless others who have been where they are and succeeded.

The Toledo area has many options from which to choose. Meetings can be found in drug rehab centers and independent locations that offer AA and NA meetings for individuals looking for help with their alcohol or narcotics addiction.

AA Meetings in Toledo, Ohio

Alcoholics Anonymous is a non-political, non-religious organization that is easily the most well-known 12-step program. AA emphasizes understanding the causes of one’s addiction and helping individuals learn to live full, happy, alcohol-free lives. An important key to this is providing a safe environment where individuals can discuss the impact their addiction has had on them and their loved ones. AA also teaches individuals various methods of coping with their addiction, all with the goal of helping them maintain sobriety. One example of this is sponsors, experienced individuals who assist other members in their struggle against addiction.

Those who have recently completed a rehab program will find that AA can help them build on that momentum and continue making progress on the road to sobriety. AA can also be a great source of information for those just beginning on this journey that do not yet know where to turn for additional help and resources. Finally, AA meetings can help those in long-term recovery to hold their course for years.

Finding AA Meeting Near Me

There is a great deal of variety of among AA meetings. Different group leaders set different tones. In addition, some meetings are better suited for new members, while others are aimed at long-term members. AA meetings are also held in a variety of venues, including community centers, churches, and private homes.

Since searching online for “AA meetings near me” may turn up a range of options, here are some questions to consider when choosing an AA meeting:
  • Is it a co-ed group?
  • Are the meetings open to anyone or just for alcoholics?
  • Where are meetings held?
  • Who is the group leader and how do they lead the meetings?
  • What is the average size of the group?
  • Is it a non-smoking group?
Some Toledo area AA meeting locations include:

Grace Lutheran Church
441 Monroe St.
Toledo, OH 43613

Chapter V Club
5425 Southwyck Blvd. Ste. 120
Toledo, OH 43614

Toledo AA
2135 N. Summit St.
Toledo, OH 43611

For more information about AA meetings in the area, check out the Alcoholics Anonymous website.

NA Meetings in Toledo, Ohio

NA is second only to AA in terms of 12-step programs, both in longevity and recognition. The only membership criterion is “a desire to stop using.”

Like AA, NA helps individuals get to the root cause of their addiction and understand how it has impacted them and their families. It does this by providing a safe, judgment-free environment to discuss these issues. This has the added benefit of helping them understand they are not alone in their struggle.

Different NA meetings cater to different individuals, with some focusing on supporting new members and others providing more advanced help to long-term members.

Whatever the situation, a support network can offer a sense of accountability, which can be a powerful tool in helping a person overcome addiction.

Finding NA Meetings Near Me

Searching online for “NA meetings near me” may turn up a number of results in the Toledo area. As with AA meetings, when trying to find an NA group it is important to know what kind of individual the group caters to, where it is held, how it is led, and whether it is open to the public or only to members.

Some Toledo area locations include:

Local 14 U.A.W. Hall
5411 Jackman Rd.
Toledo, OH 43613

Greater St. Mary’s Baptist Church
416 Belmont Ave.
Toledo, OH 43604

Padua Center
1416 Nebraska Ave.
Toledo, OH 43607

If you or any of your loved ones are struggling to find an NA meeting that works for you, and with which you feel comfortable, be sure to check out the Narcotics Anonymous website to find out more information about the meetings that are held locally, including the times, locations, and requirements.

Group therapy and 12-step programs are an essential part of the recovery process at The Recovery Village. As a result, 12-step group therapy is an integral part of all levels of care provided, from inpatient treatment to aftercare. For more information, or to get started on the road to treatment and recovery, call The Recovery Village today.