Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Springfield, Ohio

Relationships between couples and families have their own unique tensions, dysfunctions, and histories. These factors can contribute to breakdowns in relationships and poor behavior. In marriage and family therapy in Springfield, Ohio, counselors help to address negative behaviors that affect everybody, both as a family and individually.

There is a broad range of issues that can be discussed in marriage and family therapy, including:

  • Spousal disputes
  • Parent/child conflict
  • Significant loss/grief
  • Anger management
  • Eating disorders
  • Behavioral problems

Additionally, if one or more members of the family are dealing with mental illness or are in need of substance abuse counseling in Springfield, marriage and family therapists can help the entire family learn how to appropriately handle these issues as well.

This list is not exhaustive; any problems causing tension in either couple or family relationships can be brought up in marriage and family therapy. Trained and experienced therapists are available in Springfield and can be accessed in a number of ways. Use this guide to determine which type of therapy you need, and how to find the best family or marriage therapist for you.

Marriage Counseling in Springfield, Ohio

Marriage counseling in Springfield can be helpful to couples for a number of reasons, and the benefits are widespread. Reports suggest that couples who have gone through marriage counseling experience better relationships with other family members, co-workers, and friends. People can also experience improved emotional management and even mental health.

While each counselor tailors a therapy program to each couple’s unique needs, he or she will often leave the first session or two open in order for everybody to get to know each other. This is the time for information-gathering on both sides; the therapist will observe how the couple interacts and talk to them about their goals, while the couple can decide whether they feel comfortable with this particular therapist and his or her methods.

This is an important factor: both partners must feel comfortable with the therapist in order for marriage counseling to be successful. 

It is crucial that the therapist and the couple have a relationship together based on mutual trust and honesty; thorough research and detailed questions will help a couple looking for marriage counseling in Springfield to find the right therapist for them.

Springfield Marriage Therapy

Marriage therapy depends heavily on the couples’ dedication and motivation to work through their problems and develop a healthier relationship. While each counselor conducts therapy sessions according to the needs of each couple, there are a few general components that couples can expect to encounter:

Informational Phase – As mentioned, the first session or two of marriage therapy is usually for information-gathering by both the couple and the counselor. It is a chance for everybody to get to know one another and decide whether they feel comfortable enough to proceed.

Goal-setting – This process occurs near the beginning of marriage therapy, where couples are asked to define their goals. What are they hoping to accomplish through marriage therapy? Setting goals allows the therapist to further customize the therapy plan in order to reach those goals.

Sessions – This can vary, but marriage therapy sessions are typically held once a week over a course of several weeks. While the majority of sessions will be with both partners, the therapist may recommend individual sessions and group therapy sessions as well.

After completing marriage therapy, partners will have learned better communication skills and improved emotional management tactics. The purpose of marriage therapy is to work through specific issues, but also to work on deeper, underlying components of the marriage. While the focus remains on the couple and their relationship, part of that means working on self-improvement as well. Honesty, openness, and a willingness to make changes are critical elements to successful marriage therapy in Springfield.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

If you are looking for a marriage counselor in Springfield, it is helpful to know what characteristics to target. Professional marriage therapists often have these qualities:

  • Accredited training/certification for marriage therapy
  • Degree in human behavior, psychology, or related field
  • Has experience with wide range of specific marital issues
  • Works with a couple to develop a therapy plan/goals
  • Maintains calm control during sessions
  • Does not allow interruptions/bullying of partners
  • Remains neutral yet shows empathy and compassion
  • Is easily accessible to clients

Family Therapy Springfield, OH

Just as in marriage, relationships between family members are affected by history and circumstance. Unhealthy habits, poor relationship skills, and other attributes can be passed down through generations, resulting in significant family dysfunctions that are difficult to overcome. Other times, healthy family units can break down suddenly due to major disruptions such as a death or a battle with addiction. Whatever the reason, help is available for families in Springfield looking for family therapy.

Springfield Family Counseling

Family counselors in Springfield use a variety of therapeutic techniques when working with families, including cognitive, behavioral, and psychological approaches. Both group and individual therapy may occur in order to work out personal issues that affect the family as a whole. The goal is to address the health and functions of relationships between family members,  working to improve the communication, problem-solving skills, and empathy of everybody involved.

Finding Family Counseling Near Me

It does not need to be a difficult or arduous task to find a family counselor in Springfield, Ohio. Here are some suggestions that you can do today to get you started:

  • Talk to your doctor – Family doctors are usually well-acquainted with your personal medical history as well as that of your partner or family. In addition, they have connections with many medical professionals in your community. Their recommendation is based on a unique and valuable perspective.
  • Ask your insurance provider – Some insurance providers offer additional coverage for certain medical services, or with specific facilities. Call a representative today to discuss your options through insurance.
  • Call The Recovery Village – Our coordinators are ready to take your call 24/7 and have extensive knowledge of local resources. They can connect you right away with a number of qualified, highly-recommended family and marriage counselors in Springfield. Every phone call is free, and every conversation is 100 percent confidential. Get in touch and get started on the path to wellness.