Finding an Interventionist in Springfield, Ohio

Those in Springfield, Ohio whose lives have been completely taken over by their drug of choice may often require an intervention in order to finally get the help that they need. Many people who suffer from drug addiction or alcoholism may not be in the position to want to seek treatment, which is why it is often required that family members and friends initiate the intervention process.

While interventions are not meant to force people into a treatment facility, they are designed to help encourage them to step into a substance abuse treatment program in Springfield and start on the path to recovery. Interventions are also meant to help family members and friends see ways that they may be contributing to the problem, especially when it comes to enabling their addicted loved ones to the point that the person stays comfortable in his or her addiction.

Family members themselves may have some healing to do on their own, as dealing with addicted loved ones can take over their own lives as well. Interventions are meant to help these families finally start to lead normal lives after some healing has taken place and their loved ones have finally accepted help.

Addiction is a highly personal experience, so it is important that family members choose an intervention counselor in Springfield with whom they feel comfortable. Of course, families should find out about an intervention counselor’s credentials and experience with the substance in question. But families should also make sure that they like the personality of the interventionist before choosing one.

Most interventions usually start off with an initial telephone interview between the interventionist and family to help both sides get to know each other better. More specifically, these initial phone calls help interventionists find out more about the addict and potential reasons why he or she became addicted to drugs or alcohol. They also give family members a chance to find out a few things for themselves, such as the type of experience that the interventionist has, what to expect during the intervention, how the family should prepare, and what will happen after the intervention is over.

Drug Intervention Counselor in Springfield, OH

Effective interventions are not only about helping the addict understand why he or she needs treatment; they are also about changing how family members think about how they may be enabling their loved ones. It is possible for family members to help guide their loved ones to treatment only after they have made the necessary changes in their own behaviors.

Addicts actually teach their family members and friends how to enable them in order to stay comfortable in their addiction. Because of that, seeking treatment is never actually required in the eyes of the addict, as hitting rock bottom never happens.

Springfield, OH Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselors

Generally speaking, intervention counselors tend to follow the same steps during an intervention process:

Initial consultation. Intervention counselors usually begin an intervention process by holding an initial consultation with family members in order to ensure that everyone is on the same page and knows what to expect during the actual intervention.

Educate the family about addiction. Interventions are meant to help guide addicts to treatment, but family members themselves need to be educated on how they need to change their behaviors in order to create a home environment that is not conducive to continued drug use.

Starting the process. The sooner an intervention takes place, the sooner an addict can get treatment and a family can start to heal. The longer an addict remains in addiction, the harder it will be for everyone involved to change.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

The most common form of intervention is alcohol intervention. Springfield, Ohio has plenty of intervention counselors to help anyone who is battling alcohol addiction. Alcohol is legal, and because of that, it is typically more difficult for people with alcohol use disorder to see themselves as having a problem. Instead, they usually believe that the problem lies with everyone else around them, which can make alcohol intervention a challenge without professional help.

Springfield intervention for alcohol abuse does not focus on the actual amount that someone drinks, but rather on the negative behaviors and habits that are caused by drinking and how the family reacts to these behaviors.

Alcoholism is a serious issue that negatively impacts many families. An alcohol intervention can help not only guide addicts along the path toward recovery but also the family as well. To find a local alcohol intervention counselor, you can conduct a Google search to find one in Springfield. You may look also to other resources to find one, including the following:

  • Insurance providers
  • Doctors
  • Friends and family
  • The Recovery Village

While an intervention may be something you never dreamed you would need to do, the fact is that if your loved one is suffering from substance use disorder and has not sought out help, an intervention is a potentially life-saving step your family can take together. Contact The Recovery Village today to discuss intervention options in your area, along with other addiction resources available to you.