Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Newark, Ohio

Ohio is not the only state being hit by a recent drug epidemic. Drug use in the workplace is becoming especially prominent, and many employers are looking to put a stop to the problem. Heavy alcohol use in the workplace has also been a problem. Prescription drug abuse is also increasingly common in recent years. For these reasons, Newark drug testing centers are seeing a rise in business.

Newark residents benefit from drug testing facilities in the local area. Testing is available for a variety of purposes, whether you are in the workplace or have a loved one that you suspect may be in need of substance abuse treatment in Newark. Your first step is to find a testing center you trust.

When you are looking for local drug testing facilities, Newark professionals are standing by to help. The Recovery Village is one excellent resource that provides professionals who can direct you to nearby testing centers.

Newark Drug Testing Centers

In your search for nearby drug testing facilities, Newark will provide many options. Not only are many local drug facilities nearby, but many offer high-quality services and credentialed professionals who are capable of handling your testing.

The first thing you must determine in your search for drug testing centers is the type of drug for which you want to test. For instance, sports organizations may be looking for anabolic steroids, diuretics, and other athletics-related drugs.

In the workplace, an employer may request a five-panel drug test that looks for marijuana, PCP, amphetamines, cocaine, and opiates. A 10-panel drug test will also look for medications, including oxycodone and barbiturates.

Next, you can determine which type of specimen you wish to collect for the test.

  • Urine – The vast majority of workplaces use urine as a testing specimen. Urine shows which drugs have been taken even after their effects are gone.
  • Breath – Breath alcohol tests are increasingly common in the workplace as well.
  • Hair – Hair is occasionally used for drug testing, especially for work. It can provide a longer record of drug use.
  • Saliva – Saliva can test very recent drug use. Plus, its collection and testing are simple.
  • Blood – Blood testing can provide specific information about drug use. While the procedure is invasive, its testing is highly effective.

Finally, you can peruse the drug testing facilities that offer these services.

  • Accuracy – Nobody wants to believe that the results they receive are wrong. Reviews should always indicate that the facility provides true, accurate results.
  • Privacy – The confidential nature of your results is also critical to consider. Whether you are being tested for your own sake or you are testing somebody else, the results should be private.
  • Experience – The individuals testing you should have done this before, and they should know how to meet your needs.
  • Efficiency – You do not want to wait days, weeks, or months for your results, especially when you are testing for a time-sensitive event or reason. Discuss the length of time in which you should expect to see results before following through with the test.
  • Affordability – Drug testing is not commonly covered by health insurance, so testing for personal reasons may require that you select an affordable facility.

For many reasons, people pursue drug testing facilities. Workplace testing is increasingly common, especially for industries that involve machinery, transportation, and potentially dangerous equipment. You might also be on a sports team that requires you to come in for testing.

Here are some of the most common circumstances warranting drug testing:

  • Reasonable Cause – Individuals in the workplace may behave in such a way that an employer or manager becomes suspicious of drug use.
  • Comprehensive Testing – Some employers require scheduled testing of each employee, which may involve a urine drug test.
  • Random – Random testing is unannounced and varies for each employee.
  • Post-Accident – Post-accident testing typically follows a workplace accident.
  • Athletics – You are on a sports team and are required to take a test before a game.
  • School – Your school requires regular drug testing.
  • Rehabilitation – You may be involved with a program that requires regular drug testing.

Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

If you have been searching for “drug testing facilities near me,” you are not alone. You can find excellent drug testing facilities in Newark by:

  • Googling “drug testing centers in Newark.” A web search will show you all the details you need to know about a facility.
  • Reading online reviews about local testing centers. Honest reviews from people who have used the services before will provide new insight.
  • Discussing your situation with professionals. Physicians and therapists are both able to provide referrals to nearby drug testing facilities.
  • Talking to friends and family members. These people may be able to provide personal recommendations.

Newark hotline representatives are available to help you find drug testing facilities. Call The Recovery Village today to learn more about drug testing in your area.