Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Massillon, Ohio

No one plans on having a dysfunctional family or having to struggle with their marriage. However, it often happens. Not many marriages or families go through life without difficult times, and sometimes it takes marriage or family therapy to help put things back together. Marriage and family therapy in Massillon, Ohio addresses the behaviors of family members and how they affect their relationships and the family or couple as a whole. Through therapy, the individuals can learn strategies and behaviors to help their family or marriage be functional again.

Marriage and family therapists treat a wide array of physical and psychological problems, including:

  • Marital and couple conflict
  • Parent and child conflict
  • Sexual dysfunction and intimacy issues
  • Grief
  • Distress
  • Eating disorders and weight issues
  • Children’s behavioral problems
  • Issues with eldercare

Additionally, marriage and family counseling can help families that have one or more members dealing with mental health issues including depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia. For families with members who are in need of substance abuse treatment in Massillon, family therapy can help the entire family begin to heal the wounds of addiction.

Marriage and family counselors meet with the family or couple on a regular basis, and they may also meet with individuals if this is requested or seems beneficial. Usually, the first session is mostly information gathering where the therapist can learn about the problem from each party and observe family dynamics.

This is also a time for the couple or family to get a feel for the therapist. They can learn the protocol of therapy, including allowing everyone to talk and maintaining confidentiality. This is also a good opportunity to make sure everyone is comfortable with the therapist and that you have chosen a good fit.

Marriage Counseling in Massillon, Ohio

Research studies show the effectiveness of marriage counseling in treating mental and emotional disorders that are taking a toll on a marriage. Clients report improvements not only in the marriage but also in areas like work, relationships, social life, and the community.

If a couple is considering separation or is having issues with intimacy or simply understanding one another, counseling may be helpful. This is a time to try to heal the marriage, but with that also comes a time for self-improvement, self-awareness, and self-healing.

Massillon Marriage Therapy

When a couple is struggling, healthy problem-solving skills can help. In marriage counseling, the couple can learn this while setting goals and a therapy plan so that expectations and goals are clear. The more dedicated and invested each partner is, the better the chances of repairing the marriage.

Some goals of therapy are for each partner to:

  • Become a better listener and communicator
  • Learn to support each other
  • Learn healthy conflict resolution

Often conflict will arise during sessions, but this can be a learning time where the marriage counselor can guide the couple through the argument to a healthy resolution. It is important the counselor remains neutral and keeps a safe environment.

Marriage counseling in Massillon usually takes place once a week depending on the couple’s needs and goals. Sometimes the individuals will meet separately with the counselor in addition to the weekly sessions. Counseling is offered in a variety of settings in Massillon so you can find something that works for you. You can even find online marriage counseling.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

It is important that the marriage counselor is a fit for both partners for the best outcome with counseling. Look for a counselor who:

  • Has the required training and background
  • Is experienced with specific issues
  • Works with the couple to create a therapy plan
  • Shows compassion to both people
  • Stays neutral
  • Teaches healthy communication
  • Maintains control
  • Provides a safe atmosphere
  • Is accessible
  • Encourages expression about the therapy
  • Is financially feasible

Family Therapy Massillon, OH

Some families seem to have it all together, while other families seem to get caught in struggle and dysfunction. Remember, most families will encounter dysfunction; some just already have the tools to deal with it. Much of this comes from backgrounds of generations of healthy or unhealthy families, and some just happen.

Regardless of the situation, a family counselor can help. Massillon family therapy offers a safe place to rebuild your family and find understanding within it.

Massillon Family Counseling

Family counseling can address specific issues that are affecting the health of the family as well as ongoing behaviors that are causing dysfunction. Therapy can help a family through a major transition, a difficult time, or ongoing issues that exist within the family.

Strategic family counseling can teach the family skills to help them using cognitive, behavioral, and interpersonal therapy techniques. Therapy can help a family work together to heal mental, emotional, or psychological wounds.

A therapist can help a family improve:

  • Communication
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Understanding and compassion
  • Response to difficult situations that arise

With these strategies, the family can begin to create a healthy home environment.

Finding Family Counseling Near Me

Once you have decided to seek family counseling in Massillon, you need to find the best counselor for your family. Here are some places to seek recommendations and information:

  • Your Insurance Company – By identifying a therapist within your network plan, you can find out if some of the financial cost will be covered.
  • Your Doctor – Family doctors often make referrals to therapists. Having worked with other families in similar situations, they have the insight to match a family with a therapist taking dynamics and circumstances into account.
  • Online – This is a good way to find a local marriage or family therapist. You can read reviews and see patient feedback to get a feel for the therapist.
  • Personal friends and coworkers – You may know someone who has benefitted from the help of a therapist; ask them about their experience and if they would recommend their therapist.

Sometimes things get rough in a marriage or family. That does not mean you have failed or your family is beyond repair. It may just mean you need some help and guidance in learning new, effective strategies to understand one another better. Getting some counseling for your marriage or your family is a strong step toward a healthier, happier home. Take that step today by contacting The Recovery Village to discuss therapists and counselors in the Massillon area.