Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Lorain, Ohio

Every chain, it is said, is only as strong as its weakest link, and your closest relationships form the key links of your emotional chain. If those links are weakened through struggles with mental illness, through sudden personal setbacks, or other forces, they can crack or even snap, rattling everyone in the family. Families and couples need to find and repair these weak links, and form stronger emotional bonds, especially as new challenges emerge.

However, you may find you are not always equipped with the personal or emotional tools to reforge these links. Perhaps the problem is so great, it is beyond the emotional tools that you have. In those cases, it is important to seek marriage counseling or family therapy, not to have someone else fix the bond, but to give you what you need to repair it yourself.

Marriage and family therapy both address serious issues that can arise in the family, such as couples conflict, parent-child conflict, eldercare issues, sexual dysfunction, weight and eating disorders, grief, and distress. For families with a member suffering from mental health disorders or substance use disorders in Lorain, family therapy can help the entire family begin to heal the wounds these issues inflict on everyone involved.

Marriage Counseling in Lorain, Ohio

The first session of marriage counseling in Lorain is usually spent in gathering information. The therapist will carefully listen to both partners to see what issues have brought the couple to therapy and ascertain something about the dynamics of the couple in general.

Meanwhile, the couple will have a chance to get to know the therapist and determine whether both partners feel comfortable in talking with the therapist. Goals for therapy will likely be outlined in this first session, and the therapist will explain the guidelines of therapy with regard to privacy and confidentiality both inside and outside sessions.

Lorain Marriage Therapy

Marriage therapy in Lorain is meant to help couples learn more about each other with the intent of learning how to communicate better and solve problems amicably. With the guidance of a Lorain marriage therapist, the couple with set goals and work to achieve them together.

In some cases, the marriage therapist might suggest that each partner should also attend individual sessions to work on self-awareness and self-improvement. All of this is with the aim of using what each partner learns to improve and strengthen the marital bond.

A marriage counselor is often seen as a sort of “judge” or other authority where each member of the couple makes their case and then the counselor decides who is right and who is wrong. This is completely inaccurate. In fact, in many disputes between couples, there is no “right” or “wrong.” The role of the therapist is to act as a neutral party that can facilitate communication between both partners so that the couple can come to a peaceful resolution of their conflict.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

When seeking a marriage counselor, ideally the couple should seek a referral together through a source with whom they are both comfortable. A family doctor, an insurer, a religious leader, a therapist for an individual member of the couple, or even a close friend are all excellent sources of confidential private referrals.

Here are some of the most important characteristics of a good marriage therapist:

  • Has the appropriate training and credentials to practice marriage therapy
  • Is able to help the couple set realistic, achievable goals together
  • Is able to maintain a neutral stance, never choosing one partner over the other
  • Is willing to work with a couple’s financial situation
  • Is available at a time and place that is convenient to the couple
  • Is open to feedback from the couple as therapy continues

Family Therapy Lorain, OH

The family is often portrayed as an unchanging rock on which to rest, but in truth, families are in a constant state of change. Passing of family members, marriage, divorce, and birth change the membership of the family. Roles within the family may change, as parents age and need care. Each member of the family has their own concerns, some of which, such as substance abuse, may begin to affect the habits and actions of other members of the family. Very often, family members that expect the same rock to be there when they return are surprised to find it in a different shape, or potentially very worn.

Family therapy is about forming a healthier understanding of other members of the family, to bring out concerns and, in some cases, disputes and to give each member of the family the ability to understand the emotional perspectives of the other members and the impact their personal actions have on the rest of the family.

Lorain Family Counseling

Ideally, every member of the family should trust the Lorain family counselor to be neutral and to walk each member of the family through a setback or an argument through the perspectives of other members. In some cases, this might be one large event or problem, such as a family member struggling with substance abuse and dependency or the grief a family feels over the passing of a key member. In other cases it may be wide-ranging dysfunction; people often learn how to interact with the world from their families, and children from dysfunctional homes can grow up to use those tactics in their own families. Regardless, the therapist works to raise self-awareness within each member of the family and help them apply it to their interactions.

Finding Family Counseling Near Me

A family counselor can be found through a variety of sources. Your family doctor, your family’s church leader, or your insurer are all handy places to find a referral for a family therapist. You can also contact The Recovery Village to explore your options for counselors and therapists in the Lorain area. If one of the problems your family faces is substance abuse, our representatives can also answer any questions you have about additional treatment resources in the area.

To embark on marriage counseling and family therapy is not an easy choice to make, but it might well be one that helps restore the bonds of familial and marital love.