Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Kent, Ohio

Recovery is not a process of overcoming a small hill; it is like climbing up a giant mountain. With hurdles along every step of the journey, a person recovering from addiction will need as many avenues of support as possible to help make this climb easier. One technique to assist in this journey is instilling a sense of accountability for your actions. A method by which to enforce and emphasize accountability after completing substance abuse treatment in Kent, Ohio is the use of drug testing centers or drug testing facilities. In Kent, drug testing centers are available to you as a tool to maintain sobriety for the long haul.

Likewise, if you are an employer looking for a way to ensure that your workplace is drug-free and safe, drug testing centers in Kent can help you accomplish that goal.

Kent Drug Testing Centers

Drug testing facilities in Kent offer a variety of testing protocol by which to hold yourself, your loved one, or your employees accountable to remaining clean and sober. Different types of panel screens, or drug tests, are administered based on what substances are being tested and the circumstances of the test itself.

  • 5-panel drug tests identify marijuana/THC, amphetamines, PCP, cocaine, and opiates
  • 6-panel drug tests identify all the above, with the addition of benzodiazepines
  • 7-panel drug tests identify all the above, with the addition of barbiturates
  • 8-panel drug tests identify all the above, with the addition of methamphetamines
  • 9-panel drug tests identify all the above, with the addition of methadone
  • 10-panel drug tests identify all the above, with the addition of methaqualone
  • 12-panel drug tests identify all the above, with the addition of extended opiate abuse, propoxyphene, and ecstasy

Besides creating accountability post-treatment, drug screens may be administered for the following reasons:

  1. Pre-Employment Drug Screening: Many employers require their applicants to comply with a pre-hire drug test. Random drug testing might be enforced throughout the tenure of employment, per the individual company.
  2. Legal Situations: Many conditions of court rulings and sentences incorporate drug testing to ensure the person is in accordance with the law. This can apply to parole, probation, child custody cases, and more.
  3. Yearly Physical: Your primary care physician might enforce a drug test as part of an annual physical if a history or propensity for drug use is present.
  4. School and athletics: Sports teams and schools may require drug testing to ensure a drug-free and safe environment for sports and the classroom.

After identifying the substance for which you need testing, as well as taking into consideration the circumstances for the screening, Kent drug testing centers will obtain one of the following specimens:

  • Urine drug tests are very common in a drug test center for a variety of uses such as pre-employment screening.
  • Saliva drug tests are quick and provide detailed information on substances that have been ingested in recent hours. This is a test commonly used for randomly screening people suspected of currently being under the influence.
  • Blood drug tests provide the most comprehensive results on what substances are in a person’s system while being a bit more invasive in nature than the urine or saliva drug tests.
  • Hair follicle drug tests are like reading a history of drug use over an extended amount of time, since metabolites are stored long-term in hair.
  • Perspiration drug tests are the “new kid on the block” to the drug testing world. These tests involve an individual wearing a patch for approximately two weeks to monitor what is being secreted through the sweat glands.

Now equipped with a deeper understanding of what to expect from Kent drug testing centers and how they can help you or your loved one’s recovery, you might be wondering “where are drug testing centers near me?” The answer is “close”, and there are some ways to help you narrow down your best local options.

Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

When vetting the results of your internet search of “drug testing facilities near me”, you not only need to consider the type of tests offered based on your newfound knowledge of what you or your loved one needs considering the unique circumstance, but also other legitimizing criteria for the quality of the drug test facility.

The drug testing facilities in Kent that you should consider must have a reputation for being properly licensed and experienced. (SAMHSA’s list of certified labs can help.) You want to make sure that the staff has been deemed qualified to execute job functions properly. You also want the staff to have experience administering a variety of drug tests with accurate results. Having a test processed improperly can cause legal ramifications to the person being tested, which degrades the process of utilizing drug testing facilities as a tool of accountability. Since this is a medical procedure dealing with your personal health information, you also want to ensure that your Kent drug testing centers maintain a level of confidentiality with their results and records. Lastly, find a drug test facility that can give you this excellent level of care efficiently, getting you in for your test and on with your life fast.

Drug testing facilities in Kent can be a wonderful tool to be used in everyday life or special circumstances. If you have any questions about how a drug test center can help you with your unique situation or have questions about other addiction recovery resources, you can always anonymously reach out to The Recovery Village to speak with an addiction professional.