Finding an Interventionist in Kent, Ohio

An intervention is an effective tool for helping to convince someone struggling with a substance use disorder to seek help from a substance abuse treatment center in Kent. There is more to an intervention, though, as it can also be essential to helping the family take back control of their lives.

Though it is difficult, it is important for the family to recognize the damaging effects of substance abuse on their loved one. Once these behaviors are recognized, the family can seek treatment and stop the enabling behavior that may have been taking place. The most effective interventions start with the family.

Once the decision is made to hold an intervention, a professional interventionist can help. When looking for an interventionist in Kent, it can be more effective to find one who has specific experience holding interventions for people using the same substance your loved one is using. If your loved one also has other problems, like a tendency toward violence or anger or a mental disorder, try to find an interventionist with experience with this as well.

An addiction intervention is an emotional and personal experience for everyone involved. Because of this, it is best to find an intervention counselor with whom everyone is comfortable. Not only are background and experience important, but so is demeanor and personality. The more everyone can relate to the interventionist, the more successful the intervention can be. Those that know the individual using best are the ones to find an interventionist who will be a good fit.

Often phone interviews are the first step in a drug intervention. This is a way for both the family and the counselor to get a feel for the situation, for each other, and for how the intervention will be held. It is a good idea to develop a list of questions to ask the interventionist at this time. His or her answers will give you a good idea of the style and approach and whether this counselor will be good for your loved one. Some questions may be:

  • What is your experience and have you worked with this particular substance abuse before?
  • How do you run your interventions?
  • What should we do to prepare?
  • What if my loved one denies or refuses help?
  • What is the next step?

Drug Intervention Counselor in Kent, Ohio

An effective intervention does not just get your loved one into treatment, but it also helps the family change their way of thinking and behaving. Often, families unknowingly enable their loved one and take away their accountability. When they adjust their own behaviors, they are more able to help their loved one. Unfortunately, one thing about addiction is the one using often teaches their family to enable the addiction.

It is hard to know how to fix a behavior and how to talk to your loved one about addiction. Often people think if time goes on and something either really good or really bad happens, their loved one will get better or seek help voluntarily. This is an unhealthy way of thinking and can only make things harder.

Kent, OH Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselors

Usually, a Kent drug intervention takes place through certain steps. These consist of:

Step 1: Initial Consultation – This is an opportunity for the interventionist to learn about the individual, the situation and what may be keeping your loved one in the addiction. It gives everyone involved a chance to get on the same page, and this is imperative for a successful intervention.

Step 2: Educate Family about Addiction

The primary goal of an intervention is to get help for your loved one. But it is also essential for the family to let go of enabling behaviors and learn about addiction. The more addiction is understood, the better the chances for a lasting recovery. When a family stops enabling the addictive behaviors their loved one has taught them, recovery is more likely.

Step 3: Getting the Process Started

Once this decision is made, go ahead and do the intervention. The sooner it happens, the better for everyone. Waiting will only make change more difficult.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

Alcohol interventions are one of the most common forms of intervention. Kent has many well-qualified interventionists to work with you. Because alcohol is legal and widely accepted, it is often difficult to see it is a problem, for both the family and the one drinking. A professional interventionist can be a very important element in alcohol recovery.

Remember, it is not about how much your loved one is drinking, but how the drinking affects behaviors, actions, and daily life. Denial is often a major player in alcoholism, as is lack of accountability. An intervention can help guide the family down the right path to help the loved one realize the problem and seek treatment.

If you are looking for intervention counselors in Kent to help you, try some of these resources:

  • Your family doctor – Your doctor can refer you to a qualified interventionist who will work well with you and your loved one.
  • Your insurance company – Your insurance provider can help you find an interventionist who is covered under your plan.
  • Online searches – Though this may seem impersonal, an online search can offer good insight to the way an interventionist works, as well as client feedback so you can get a feel if he or she will be right for you and your situation.
  • Personal recommendations – You may be surprised to learn that someone you know has been through this before. Talk to them and see how the intervention went and if they would recommend the counselor.

This may seem frightening, but it is a big step in the right direction for the recovery of your loved one and the healing of your family. Take that step today by reaching out to The Recovery Village to explore interventionists and other addiction treatment resources in the Kent area.