Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Cincinnati, Ohio

Marriages and families in Cincinnati and other areas face a number of challenges that strain relationships and cause unhappiness and dissatisfaction within the home. Marriage and family counseling is a kind of psychotherapy that can address some of the issues and behaviors that cause problems in relationships.

Some families are struggling with the problems such as the passing of someone they love, financial concerns, intimacy issues, eating disorders, eldercare issues, and more. Others are dealing with a specific mental health concern for one or more members of the family. Some families are facing the challenge of trying to get a loved one into substance abuse treatment in Cincinnati.

Even the healthiest family can face some strain and have seemingly healed old wounds surge to the fore. In these cases, a counselor can help mediate conflict and develop better strategies for dealing with these strains.

Marriage Counseling in Cincinnati, Ohio

The purpose of marriage counseling in Cincinnati is to help couples develop skills that will contribute to a happy union, including problem-solving skills, communication skills, and so on. Working with a counselor, the couple can develop a treatment plan to help them meet their relationship goals more effectively.

As counseling progresses, couples often learn to be better listeners and come to a new understanding and appreciation for their partner. The success of counseling hinges largely on each partner’s commitment to the process and willingness to be honest and open about any issues that exist.

Cincinnati Marriage Therapy

Your marriage is often the core relationship in your life, the sun in your emotional solar system. Every other relationship you have revolves around it, to some degree. It is where you refine and focus your interpersonal skills. Your interactions with friends, co-workers, even children and other family members all feel the effects of your marriage, for better and for worse.

Research studies have shown that those who engage in marriage therapy find that it helps them in and outside their marriage. For instance, the skills learned in marriage therapy can be used to improve relationships with extended family members, co-workers, and the community at large. Those who have found success in marriage therapy also report overall better emotional and physical health.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

Effective marriage counseling begins with the process of choosing the right counselor. The counselor is the person “in the middle” of any conflicts that may emerge, so each partner should feel the counselor is a neutral party who will hear all sides of the conflict and who will help each side grasp the reality of the situation. The counselor does not decide who is right but instead guides couples to understand why they see what is unfolding in a specific way.

Counselors will help couples choose goals and steps toward those goals and help couples work together toward those in weekly sessions. Individual sessions may also be part of the therapy since couples will be expected to develop more self-awareness and work on self-improvement.

When seeking a counselor, couples should approach a source of referral together if possible. A family doctor, a counselor for an individual in the couple, or even a religious authority such as a pastor or rabbi may be able to refer couples discreetly to a therapist that fits their needs.

Family Therapy Cincinnati, OH

The family is one of the fundamental building blocks for how people interact with the world. How people handle conflict, cope with emotional setbacks, engage with other people, and view the actions they take all are first learned from observing how their family handles these situations. If there is dysfunction in these approaches, that will need to be repaired across the entire family as well. This is the role of family therapy.

Any family changes over time and not every change can be a positive one. It is easy to focus on the self and not consider how emotional and personal setbacks might affect others. This is particularly true of intense emotional moments, such as loss of a family member, discovery or treatment of a mental illness, or recovery from substance abuse.

Family therapy allows any family to bring those concerns out into the open, to discuss them honestly, fairly, and with a neutral party in the room to mediate dispute and argument. It can serve as an adjunct to the treatment of one family member if it is determined family dysfunction is part of the cause of the concern, or it can be a separate form of therapy.

Cincinnati Family Counseling

A good family counselor in Cincinnati will be able to navigate the many perspectives on a family conflict in a way that is neutral. It is worth remembering that it is not possible to be “fair;” no one can adjudicate the feelings of other people. However, therapists can help others grasp how the situation is seen. A counselor will be respected by every member of the family and will take a number of approaches, depending on the family and their concerns.

Finding Family Counseling Near Me

When a family needs to seek a counselor, they often prefer it to be a confidential matter. Your family doctor and your insurer will offer completely private referrals and will likely be able to walk you through various approaches to family counseling to find one that works for you. You can also seek counselors online directly, or speak with a family friend about the matter.

Marriage therapy and family counseling are powerful, positive ways to improve your connections to those you love. Taking this step is about affirming your bonds and working to improve them and it should always be seen in that light. Reach out today to The Recovery Village to discuss therapy and counseling options in the Cincinnati area.