Support groups have been serving as a wellspring of hope for decades. Kent residents attend Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) when they need some extra help on the road to recovery and sobriety.

Many people learn about AA and NA meetings from drug rehabilitation centers near Kent, but the truth is that these meetings are available all over the world. Alcoholics Anonymous is self-supporting and nonprofessional, which means that peer support is an important component of the programs.

This guide will walk you through finding your first AA or NA meeting. The process may be simpler than you think.

AA Meetings in Kent, Ohio

Alcoholics Anonymous is meant for anybody contending with an alcohol addiction. The support group opened in 1935 by two men intending to stop drinking alcohol. Today, the group welcomes millions of men and women with the same goal. Anybody, regardless of religion, politics, or education, is allowed to become a member of the organization.

The key component of AA is peer support. Anybody who feels he or she has a drinking problem is free to sit in on the meetings and listen to the stories other members tell. While sharing is always encouraged, nobody is ever forced to share anything with which they do not feel comfortable. Your experience is up to you.

The benefit of peer support is that you are discussing your problems with people who have been there before. No matter how well-meaning other people in your life may be, they may not be able to offer the same support people who have been in your shoes can. This is where AA and other support groups come into the picture.

Finding AA Meeting Near Me

AA meetings in Kent differ in terms of mood and topic. Some meetings may focus more on reading, whereas others may focus more on telling stories. Look at the descriptions of meetings on the web to determine which meeting is suitable for your needs.

One thing is consistent throughout all Kent AA meetings. The first step requires that you admit you have a problem. The good news is that once you complete this step, you have access to a brand new support system.

Here are some considerations while you are selecting an AA meeting:
  • Some groups are co-ed; some are single-sex only.
  • Some meetings are open to the public, but some are for alcoholics only.
  • Meetings are held in a variety of locations, ranging from churches to homes.
  • Group leadership changes from meeting to meeting.

You may discover that it takes time to sift through all the meeting options. Take your time in selecting a meeting so that you can reap the benefits. You will no longer feel isolated and alone, and you will have the opportunity to speak aloud without feeling judged for your words.

Here are a few AA meetings Kent offers:

Trinity Lutheran Church
600 S. Water St.
Kent, Ohio 44240

First Christian Church of Kent
335 West Main St.
Kent, Ohio 44240

You can find more Kent AA meetings on the Alcoholics Anonymous website.

NA Meetings in Kent, Ohio

Narcotics Anonymous is the second most popular 12-step organization. Since the 1950s, meetings have helped people stop using drugs and other substances. NA allows you to admit the extent of your drug use, seek guidance from others in similar circumstances, and become more educated about substance abuse and addiction.

Kent NA meetings take the original components of AA and expand them so they are applicable to drug use. You will still follow the steps, but they will be reworked to discuss your situation instead. This new group provides you with a sense of support and well-being.

Anybody transitioning into a post-rehabilitation life can benefit from peer support services. Support group meetings require you to pay no fees to sit in, and you can reap the rewards of a supportive environment of like-minded people determined to stop abusing drugs.

Finding NA Meetings Near Me

When you search the web for “NA meetings Kent,” you will find many nearby options. The key is to find a meeting that works for more than your schedule. You may have a preferred layout for meetings, for instance. You might prefer discussion meetings to those that involve more of the reading. Many NA-affiliated websites allow you to search based on meeting type.

Kent NA meetings and locations include:

United Christian Ministries
1435 East Main St.
Kent, Ohio 44240

Christian Life Centers
1972 Summit St.
Kent, Ohio 44240

Are you not finding the right NA meetings? Kent residents can search on the Narcotics Anonymous website too. You will also find additional information about meetings, locations, and group topics.

The Recovery Village understands that peer support is crucial for recovery. You can rely on support groups, or you can learn more about other treatment options. Whether you are looking for rehabilitation or AA meetings, Kent has many options. Call The Recovery Village to learn more about local options.