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Who We Are

The Recovery Village Drug and Alcohol Rehab helps people on their journey to lifelong recovery through evidence-based addiction treatment, counseling for co-occurring mental health conditions, personalized treatment plans; and healing amenities and therapy options.

Treatment Programs

Our treatment programs change lives. With personalized treatment plans tailored to meet your unique needs, including both in-person and teletherapy options, they can change yours too. Combining top quality medical care with wellness programs and holistic therapeutic options, our expert staff guide patients and their families on the path to long-term recovery.

Now Offering Online Services

The Recovery Village Drug and Alcohol Rehab is committed to serving the needs of our patients, employees and partners. We now offer teletherapy for some levels of care for both existing and new patients. Additionally, in response to the spread of COVID-19, all of our Continuing Education events will be presented virtually.

What Our Patients Have to Say

The Recovery Village Columbus Drug and Alcohol Rehab
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Logan V.
18:37 24 Sep 22
Hi my name is Logan. I am 6 months out of my stay at Recovery Village, Cherry Hill NJ. Recovery Village has given me the tools and confidence I need to forever see the light and have hope in life. I entered the village lost and in a very dark spot, and left smiling and just simply being grateful for another breath of fresh air. I am 23 years old so do not fear young ones. Attacking fear brings so much growth. Vulnerability = Strength. Thank you Recovery Village for everything :)!
Scott S.
20:34 23 Sep 22
Staff are amazing! Lots of thanks to all of you!
Dusty P.
19:12 22 Sep 22
I worked on my recovery through the virtual IOP program with the Recovery Village. My therapists Tony and Sam were great! It was a very transitional time for me at the start, not knowing what I wanted. Month by month this began improving and exceeding my expectations due in part to the support I received through my group sessions with Tony and one on one therapy with Sam. It always takes personal commitment and effort but helping hands make that load feel lighter.
Chris B
18:24 22 Sep 22
I was there several months ago and the staff, all the way from the cooks to the clinicians are too in their fields, I am a massive advocate for this facility and feel that the nations fire service would immensely benefit from more of these facilities being opened. Special shout out to Mark, April, Kristie, Remi, Miss Vonnie, Grace, Darnell, and Kaitlin….you guys changed my life!
Greg J.
17:49 22 Sep 22
An incredibly unique place tailored just for firefighters. There is no other experience like it.
Skyler P.
02:05 22 Sep 22
I honestly believe that I owe my life to Recovery Village. I stayed here for almost 60 days, and I feel like a completely different person than when I first went in. I finally have a chance at succeeding in my sobriety! The BHT Audrey was amazing and therapists Arno and Ann really helped me through some trauma that caused my addiction in the first place. I would recommend this place to anyone seeking help for their addiction! They really do care about you here and go above and beyond to make sure you’re getting the care you need!Edit: I’ve remained sober since I left PLR and achieved 5 months sober on Sunday the 13th! All thanks to the tools this rehab taught me and the resources they’ve provided to me. Thank you so much PLR!!Edit #2: I just celebrated my one year of sobriety on September 13th 2022. I am so grateful for this facility. They have truly saved me.
Michael H.
00:51 22 Sep 22
This center is truly one of a kind! The campus is kept in remarkable condition and allows a comfortable setting while seeking help. The staff are genuinely caring and extraordinarily talented in their skills and presentation. This along with the peer therapy among fellow firefighters make this a remarkable place for any kind of personal struggle.
Leanne B.
18:05 21 Sep 22
The Recovery Village in Palm Beach was a great place to get sober and get my life back !
William S.
12:00 21 Sep 22
Great place with some great people
Matt D.
19:53 20 Sep 22
Second time treatment and this was probably the best experience I've had. Very informative and gave me the tools for to maintain sobriety and change my life.
Andrew S.
19:25 20 Sep 22
Best thing you can do for yourself
jon H.
17:26 20 Sep 22
Great Therapists, Great Techs, Great Food! A wonderful place to get sober.
Jeremy M.
13:00 20 Sep 22
The COE is a Exceptional Treatment Center. Truly saved my life. I highly recommend the Center to any First Responder in need of help .
jean-pierre A.
18:38 19 Sep 22
Great place they really do care for you there.
erika M.
21:23 18 Sep 22
ORC was my only rehab experience. I do believe that everyone can get sober with willingness and endurance. ORC was amazing start for my wonderful journey back to life. Safe place with good care and professional help. I have been sober since 05/23/2019 and life just gets better :)However, If you like to stay sober, you cant stop treating the addiction. Support groups recommended. For me its AA, but there are other options. Addiction is not curable and needs continuous treatment. ORC gave me a powerful start and I am incredibly grateful for that. 🙂
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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of substance addictions do you treat?

The Recovery Village treats drug and alcohol addictions, including those involving prescription and illicit opioids, alcohol, stimulants, marijuana, other prescription drugs, and inhalants. At The Recovery Village, we offer dual diagnosis treatment to address substance addictions together with co-occurring mental health disorders like anxiety and depression.

What levels of care do you offer?

At The Recovery Village locations, we offer a continuum of treatment programs that can be individualized to each client to address their unique situation. Our levels of care vary by facility, but between all of our centers, we offer:

  1. Medical detox
  2. Inpatient care/Residential rehab
  3. Partial hospitalization programming
  4. Intensive outpatient programming
  5. Outpatient care
  6. Aftercare planning
  7. Sober living support
What online services does The Recovery Village provide?

The Recovery Village Drug and Alcohol Rehab is committed to serving the needs of our patients, employees and partners. We now offer teletherapy for some levels of care for both existing and new patients. Additionally, in response to the spread of COVID-19, all of our Continuing Education events will be presented virtually.

Do you treat co-occurring mental disorders?

Yes. We treat co-occurring addictions and mental health disorders, including drug and alcohol addictions that co-occur with depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions. Each client will be screened by medical and clinical staff during admissions to determine if they need co-occurring disorder treatment.

Co-occurring addictions and mental health issues are common and the majority of clients will have more than one problem to address. Our multidisciplinary treatment team can evaluate and treat clients in a dual diagnosis program.

What’s your confidentiality policy?

Your privacy is important to us. We follow the federal HIPAA guidelines and all communication must be approved by you with written consent. Your treatment will be confidential at our centers.

How is The Recovery Village different?

The Recovery Village focuses on healing from addiction physically, mentally and emotionally, and we treat the underlying causes of addiction to promote long-term recovery. We are a physician-led full-service rehab center offering a continuum of programs that treat drug addictions and co-occurring mental health disorders. We believe everyone who wants to recover from addiction deserves to receive the highest quality of care and that’s what we strive to provide at our centers.

We hope you’ll take the opportunity to learn more about our facilities and contact us to get the help you need.

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