Heroin Addiction Self-Assessment Quiz

Heroin is a dangerous and illegal opioid drug that can quickly lead to addiction. If you’ve used heroin before, assessing your heroin use through a self-screening quiz can be the first step toward finding the life-saving treatment you need.

This self-guided assessment is designed to help you evaluate your level of heroin use — it is not intended to replace a proper, clinical diagnosis of heroin addiction. You can use the results of this assessment as a guide to help you:

Review your results with your physician or contact The Recovery Village to discuss your heroin use disorder and learn about options for treatment programs.

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This quiz is a self-guided assessment that has been created from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders which is the standard criteria for diagnosing mental health and substance use disorders. This assessment contains “yes” or “no” questions relative to your Heroin use during the last 12 months. Your answers are confidential.

Please answer “yes” or “no” based on your heroin use only. In the past 12 months, have you:

Used more heroin than you intended?
Experienced a heroin overdose and needed to be revived with Narcan?
Used several drugs at once, including heroin?
Spent a significant amount of time obtaining heroin, using it or recovering from its effects?
Exchanged sex, money or other drugs for heroin?
Felt overwhelming urges to use heroin?
Attempted to control or stop your heroin use but were unsuccessful?
Faced legal troubles (arrest, possession charges, incarceration, etc.) because of your heroin use?
Continued to use heroin even when it was physically or psychologically harmful?
Needed to take more heroin each time you use it to feel the same effects (i.e., developed a tolerance to heroin)?
Ever experienced withdrawal symptoms when you stopped using heroin?
Been unable to maintain work, social or familial responsibilities because of your heroin use?

Your assessment results are confidential. Please enter your information below to proceed to your results.

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Next Steps

If you’ve discovered that you may be struggling with a heroin addiction, help is available at The Recovery Village. Review your results with your physician or contact us today to find a heroin addiction treatment program that works well for your needs.

FAQs About Heroin Addiction & Treatment

  • What is heroin addiction?

    Heroin addiction is a condition where it becomes difficult or impossible to stop using heroin. Repeated use of heroin causes changes in the brain that can make it physically difficult to stop using the drug.

  • How long does it take to get addicted to heroin?

    There is no set time frame for how long it takes for heroin addiction to develop. However, the CDC shows that the risk of opioid addiction rises significantly after three to five days of use.

  • How can I stop my heroin addiction?

    Heroin addiction can be very dangerous, but ending it is often difficult. Most people find that the most effective way to stop using opioids like heroin is to seek professional help through a specialized addiction treatment facility.

  • What is used to treat heroin addiction?

    Heroin addiction treatment often involves medications that reduce the side effects of withdrawal. Treatment may also involve using medications like methadone to help relieve opioid cravings.

  • Where to get help for heroin addiction?

    Heroin addiction treatment can begin by speaking to your primary care doctor, visiting your local emergency room or contacting an experienced addiction treatment center.

  • Does The Recovery Village offer treatment programs for heroin addiction?

    The Recovery Village offers heroin addiction treatment options as well as dual diagnosis care for co-occurring disorders. Using evidence-based approaches, our experts have helped many patients recover from heroin addiction and achieve lasting sobriety.

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