Entering a structured substance abuse treatment program in Springfield, Ohio is the difficult first step on the long road to maintaining recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. As with any long journey in life, you need to be equipped with tools and support to help along the way.

One of the best tools to use throughout your life as a recovering addict is participating in support groups. Two renowned and widespread leaders in the support group world are Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Both groups provide support through fellow peers to anyone committed to remaining clean and sober. Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, or AA meetings, and Narcotics Anonymous meetings, or NA meetings, are held throughout the week all over the nation in community-accessible locations. In Springfield, both AA meetings and NA meetings are happening closer than you may even realize to help you take charge of your recovery.

AA Meetings in Springfield, Ohio

AA meetings in Springfield are groups of people just like you working together to provide a safe environment for all battling alcoholism to learn from others, express their journey, and maintain accountability for sobriety. Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are built on founding principles known as “The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous”. These “steps” act as footprints for how to develop an enriching and substantial life without the influence of alcohol and how to overcome the urges of addiction.

Springfield AA meetings do not turn anyone away who is looking for help and enters with an open mind and open heart. No matter what your background, your journey with alcohol, your economic status, your age, your race, your education, or your employment, as long as you have a desire to maintain sobriety from alcohol you have a place in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Being connected to other peers helps to eliminate any societal stigmas you may have about being a recovering alcoholic and feel a part of something greater than yourself. This will only strengthen your accountability to yourself and your loved ones for maintaining sobriety. You will also connect with others who have been through similar struggles, which can help you learn more about alcoholism and pick up new techniques for handling old temptations.

Finding AA Meeting Near Me

You can find AA meetings in Springfield through various sources. Many people find Alcoholics Anonymous meetings through someone they know who is an active participant. However, this can be an uncomfortable or difficult topic to address at times and you may want to speak with an expert on the matter while maintaining your privacy. The Recovery Village can be called 24/7 while you remain anonymous, allowing you the freedom to learn more about Springfield AA meetings and other resources to help your recovery. You may also learn more about Alcoholics Anonymous and what to expect from your first meeting by visiting their website.

Here are a few meeting locations in the area:

VFW Post 1031
1237 E Main St.
Springfield, OH 45503

Springfield Fellowship Hall
1303 Kenton St.
Springfield, OH 45505

NA Meetings in Springfield, Ohio

NA meetings in Springfield offer the same resources as Alcoholics Anonymous meetings do for alcoholics for those struggling with an addiction to one, or multiple, drugs.  Narcotics Anonymous welcomes anyone battling an addiction to any drug. Do not hesitate to attend Springfield NA meetings because you feel as if the substance to which you were addicted is less relevant than other types of addictions. Everyone can benefit from the support of peers who are all working toward the betterment of their lives.

Narcotics Anonymous meetings can also be beneficial to those closest to you to learn more about your experience and how they can help support you in your recovery. Open NA meetings are designed for friends and family to attend with you to show their support to you and learn from the stories shared by others. This can be incredibly healing for you and your family to experience.

Through your time in Springfield NA meetings, you will have the opportunity to be a member and have the assistance of a sponsor. This is a seasoned member of Narcotics Anonymous who will help be your confidant and ally through the fight against drug addiction. If you ever have a moment of weakness and need someone to confide in, your sponsor will be there by your side.

Finding NA Meetings Near Me

With over 67,000 Narcotics Anonymous meetings held in the United States each week, there are plenty of opportunities for you to attend your first meeting in Springfield. You can always prep yourself with helpful FAQs and copies of handouts by checking out the Narcotics Anonymous website.

Here are some meeting locations nearby:

Job and Family Services
1345 Lagonda Ave.
Springfield, OH 45503

Alano Club
1557 E. Main St.
Springfield, OH 45503

Another way to take your search a step beyond the basic “where are NA meetings near me?” search is by reaching out to The Recovery Village. Support groups like Narcotics Anonymous are vital resources utilized by professional rehabilitation programs, making them valuable assets to help you find the best NA meetings in Springfield.

There are never too many support options to have in your journey of recovery. There will be trials and there will be triumphs. Utilizing recovery resources like support groups are only a benefit to your ultimate goal: living a clean and sober life for the rest of your life.