Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Dayton, Ohio

The news headlines regarding the rising drug crisis in the United States are getting more and more prominent. Families are losing loved ones and businesses are exposed to a rising number of catastrophic risks for their customers and employees. Now, more than ever, Dayton drug testing centers are taking on prominent roles in all aspects of the community, and the work just keeps growing.

Families need a place they can take their loved ones to get reliable and safe results on the substances that could be ruining their lives. Local Dayton companies need fast and credible test results that will help them to make good hiring decisions and determine which employees need to pursue substance abuse treatment in Dayton.

The good news is that the local Dayton drug testing centers are up to the task and ready to deliver for the community. There are many testing centers from which to choose, but it is important to do your research and make sure that you are utilizing a facility that will get you the exact results you need in the best possible environment.

Dayton Drug Testing Centers

Dayton has several qualified drug testing centers. There are several different types of groups and organizations that can utilize drug testing facilities for a good reason.

  • Families in need of information for a loved one suffering from substance abuse
  • Sports leagues at all levels that insist on a level playing field for everyone
  • School districts looking to give parents the pre-emptive information they need to get their children help when substance abuse starts to enter the picture
  • Insurance companies looking to determine if substance abuse was the cause of an accident
  • Companies that want to screen employment candidates and do regular testing of employees
  • Law authorities who need reliable testing centers to test people on probation and anyone arrested who is thought to be under the influence

Each one of these potential drug testing facility customers is looking for an organization that can deliver reliable results as fast as possible. There are several ways to judge whether or not a testing center is right for your needs.

  • A testing center that has been in business for a while deserves a closer look. Longevity does not guarantee quality, but it does take quality work to stay in the drug testing business for a while.
  • You will want a facility that offers the right kind of privacy to the subjects you send to it. Too much privacy could create the risk of fake samples, but too little privacy could make your subjects hesitant to participate in tests.
  • While speed is important, you also want a testing center known for its accuracy and attention to detail. Getting your test results fast is not helpful if they tend to be wrong on occasion.

The drug testing facilities in Dayton know that there is more than one way to get a drug sample. Over the years, drug testing organizations have developed a roster of collection methods that can fit the needs of any client. There are new methods being introduced on a regular basis, and they all work to give clients options.

One of the most commonly known sample methods is blood testing, but this method is not as widely used as people may think. Blood testing is incredibly invasive, it is not cost-effective, and many subjects get queasy about the needle when they see it. But blood tests can be used to detect a wide variety of substances, and they are often used when the client needs precise results.

Hair samples are extremely popular because they contain a long timeline of information and they are easy to collect. It is easy for the subject to give a hair sample and very difficult to give a fake sample.

Urine samples are cost-effective and non-invasive, making them a popular choice for employers who need to have many employees tested.

One of the easiest and more reliable types of drug samples is saliva. All it takes is a cotton swab to the mouth and the technician has a pure and reliable sample. The only drawback to this type of test is that you must test within a short time of the drug being ingested for this test to be accurate.

Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

You can find good Dayton drug testing centers by using an online search or utilizing a centralized drug testing database. You can also ask your doctor for recommendations or speak to your insurance provider to see if any testing facilities in your area accept your insurance. Friends and family may also be able to offer suggestions.

For quick access to information about highly rated drug testing facilities in the Dayton area, simply call The Recovery Village. Our representatives can tell you about drug testing in Dayton and answer any follow-up questions you have. Reach out today to begin your search.