Mental Health Counselors, Facilities, and Programs in Orlando, Florida

It is estimated that in the United States, 54 million people are affected by mental disorders every year. There are many individuals in Orlando, Florida suffering from mental illnesses.  For people struggling with disorders such as anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder, working with an Orlando mental health counselor at a mental health facility can be one way to effectively treat these type of disorders.

Working with a mental health counselor can especially benefit individuals who are struggling with both mental illness and substance use disorder in Orlando. As mental illness and substance abuse disorder often go hand-in-hand, the mental health facilities in Orlando provide a number of programs to help treat a range of addictions and mental illnesses. Continue reading this guide to learn more about the mental health facilities in Orlando.

Mental Health Facilities in Orlando, Florida

Orlando has plenty of mental health facilities that provide patients with quality care. Choosing the right facility will depend on each person’s specific needs. A person’s substance abuse issues, goals for counseling, and their mental health history are key factors to take into consideration when searching for a mental health facility. If you find yourself researching “mental health facilities near me,” you might come across the following types of centers:

  • Inpatient mental health facilities: With this type of short-term care, clients will stay on-site at an Orlando mental health facility to receive 24/7 care for their mental illness.  This kind of care is for people who require stabilization, as they may potentially be homicidal or suicidal, and as a result, endanger themselves or others around them. A person suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder, or major depression may require this type of treatment. If you or someone close to you is researching “inpatient mental health facilities near me,” the best option is to speak to someone who has used a center in the Orlando area. The Recovery Village has specialists that offer recommendations for inpatient programs to suit a person’s situation.
  • Residential mental health facilities: Like an inpatient mental health facility, residential care requires patients receive treatment by living on-site at a center while receiving around-the-clock care for their mental illness. This type of residential treatment is often used to combat severe bipolar disorder, clinical depression, and schizophrenia by providing structured counseling sessions, group therapy, and medication management plans. If you find yourself online searching for “residential mental health facilities near me”, the treatment locator on the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) website is a useful tool for researching.
  • Long-term mental health facilities: The treatment provided at long-term mental health facilities differs from the above, as it is targeted at people who are in need of extensive care as opposed to short-term care. Mental health programs at long-term facilities often go beyond 12 months and they allow patients to take advantage of treatment approaches that are not provided by short-term care, such as using a therapeutic community to help patients build independence and self-sufficiency.

The mental health facilities in Orlando can address a wide range of their client’s mental health needs. The SAMHSA treatment locator is a helpful tool when looking for the best Orlando mental health counselor for you. If you or someone close to you needs treatment for substance use disorder as well as a mental illness, reach out to us at The Recovery Village and we will help you find the right dual-diagnosis program in your area.

 Finding Mental Health Hospitals Near Me

Mental health hospitals in Orlando offer immediate stabilization for those suffering from severe mental illnesses. For those who are a danger to themselves or others around them, it is imperative that they seek out mental health facilities immediately. An individual can voluntarily enroll at an Orlando mental health hospital through a mental health counselor’s recommendation or at the insistence of a loved one or relative.

A mental health hospital can provide short-term programming to patients battling a severe mental illness that focuses on medication management and crisis-aversion. The mental health hospitals in Orlando will work with each individual’s specific needs to help take them out of dangerous situations brought on by mental illness such as suicidal or homicidal tendencies.

To finding quality mental health hospitals in Orlando:

  • Talk with your doctor: A person’s doctor will be able to recommend the correct mental health hospital to suit their patient’s exact needs.
  • Contact your insurance provider: An insurance company can recommend a mental health program or hospital that fits in with a patient’s insurance coverage.
  • Consult with a mental health counselor: An Orlando mental health counselor can help locate specific psychiatric units located at mental health hospitals in your area. Reach out to a local counselor or therapist to help you find the right hospital near you.
  • Call The Recovery Village: If you need help finding a “mental health hospital near me”, our representatives are happy to assist.

The SAMHSA’s mental health facilities locator is also a useful resource to help research mental health hospital in your area, as is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, which can be reached at 1-800-273-8255. Another useful option is the National Alliance on Mental Illness hotline, which can be reached at 1-800-950-NAMI. 

Mental Health Programs Orlando 

There are many mental health counselors and programs across Orlando. The type of care available in Orlando includes hospitalization, residential, outpatient, inpatient, and also intensive outpatient programs. Orlando counselors and therapists place mental health at the forefront of their work, and they each have individual methods to treat mental illnesses. The correct mental health program for an individual will depend on his or her substance abuse problems, history with mental health, and treatment goals.

Orlando mental health facilities have counseling programs to suit each individual’s needs. An Orlando crisis counselor or intake coordinator can assist you in your search for a mental health program or hospital. Orlando’s mental health facilities offer a variety of programs to suit each individual’s needs. If you are in need of a program aimed at combating substance use disorder as well as mental health disorder, the representatives at The Recovery Village can help.

Mental Health Counselor Orlando, Florida

It is not easy dealing with a mental illness; therefore, enrolling in a mental health counseling program might be a smart move to help combat the effects of certain conditions such as anxiety and depression. If you find yourself online searching for “mental health counselor near me”, you will be happy to know that there are many options across Orlando available to you.

To find the best suited mental health counselor for you, reach out to the Orlando hotline representatives. If you find it more comfortable texting, representatives are also available on the Crisis Text Line at the 741741 number. If you need treatment for addiction as well as mental health counseling, The Recovery Village offers co-occurring disorder treatment to provide its patients with mental and physical healing. Reach out to us today and together we can choose the best program for you or your loved one.