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Opioid misuse is a huge problem nationwide, but with the number of older people in Florida, pain problems are high and there are lots of pills going around. More than 2 million Americans have suffered or are suffering from opioid misuse. In extreme cases, it can lead to death.

It seems to be getting worse. The number of addicts over the past decade has dramatically increased. Much of this was driven by well-meaning doctors who wanted to help relieve their patient’s pain. However, dependency can develop and push people to try harder opioids to get the same effect, even illegal ones. They’ll try anything to escape the pain.

Fortunately, there are ways to beat the cycle of opioid addiction. There are many groups in the local area who can assist you with opioid, alcohol and other addictions. Opioid addiction isn’t just harmful to the mind; it can cause physical symptoms as well. The good news is, there are many treatment options available to help combat drug and alcohol addiction. Contact a rehab center to learn how treatment can help you deal with your substance use disorder.

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Valrico, Florida Alcohol Rehab Centers and Drug Rehab Centers

A treatment facility or rehabilitation facility offers the best chances for a full recovery from serious addictions. Treatment facilities can help with both the psychological and physical symptoms of stopping a drug or alcohol addiction. Depending on the type and level of addiction, it can be quite dangerous to go cold-turkey. Trained doctors can get you through the detox phase and then follow up with you for psychological therapies to deal with the root of the problem. There are three sorts of treatment programs, whether you’re seeking a drug rehab center in Valrico, FL, or an alcohol rehab center in Valrico, FL.

Residential Treatment Programs

In these programs, residents stay full time at the facility in a supportive environment. Treatment lengths are usually 30-90 days, though can go much longer. The longer people stay, the greater the chances they can overcome their habit.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

A partial hospitalization program or PHP gives people the same level of medical treatment as a residential treatment program, but only for a few hours or days at a stretch. If detox symptoms aren’t debilitating or the patient must go to work each day, this is a possible option for lighter addictions. They are also less expensive than residential treatment.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

For patients who have mild addictions or are advanced in their treatment, outpatient treatment programs can be most effective. It’s much like a long doctor’s appointment. Outpatients get checked up and some one-on-one psychological counseling to assist with their journey to sobriety.

Whichever treatment facility you choose, you need to make sure they have experience with the type of drug you or your loved one is misusing. The best chance of finding one is to choose a national treatment center like The Recovery Village. They will have the most rounded programs and most experienced treatment professionals. Read on to find drug and alcohol treatment centers in or near Valrico, Florida.

Detox Centers

A detox center is different than a rehabilitation center. Detox centers only handle the physical side effects from drug misuse until the patient is clean. They do not take the patient to full sobriety through therapy or counseling. Most Florida detox centers will refer addicts to other groups, but that’s all.

It’s important when choosing a center to see if they only offer detox services or if they give the full range of services. If your loved one is suffering immediate medical issues, a detox center may be a good first step. They can even save the lives of those going through severe withdrawal from physical dependency, a big problem with opioid addictions. But it’s not enough if the addict wants full recovery.

Full treatment and partial hospitalization programs have doctors trained in detox procedures, so you may not need to go to a detox center first before going to rehabilitation. Treatment centers like The Recovery Village may offer both detox and rehabilitation therapies at their locations, so consider visiting them or a similar location as your first choice.

It is also possible that if your loved one goes to the ER for drug issues they could get transported to a local detox center. Ask them what their therapy options are and consider a transfer once detox is complete.

Recovery Meetings Near You

Rehabilitation will do the heavy lifting of recovery, but recovery meetings provide the ongoing support necessary for a full recovery. Group therapy meetings have been used for decades to help people struggling with living their lives after drug misuse. Browse through the list below to see the types available.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is the most well-known group therapy. It is the classic 12-step program used by those who are fighting alcoholism. Regular attendance and following the steps have led many people to overcome their addiction to alcohol. By meeting others who are going through similar struggles, recovering addicts can get empathetic support and understanding of just how pervasive and harmful alcoholism can be. Regardless of where you received alcohol treatment, Valrico and surrounding areas offer AA meetings to help you stay sober.

New Hope Big Book Bunch
The Palms Church – Boerner Building
207 New Hope Rd.
Brandon, FL 33510

Valrico Morning Group
Holy Innocent’s Episcopal Church
604 N.Valrico Rd.
Valrico, FL 33594

The Hide-a-Way Group
 North Lake Presbyterian Church
St. Stephen Catholic Church
5049 Bell Shoals Rd.
Valrico, FL 33596

Learn More About AA Meetings in Florida

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is the narcotics equivalent of Alcoholics Anonymous. NA has helped millions of recovering addicts overcome their addiction to narcotic drugs of which opioids are a class. Like AA, Narcotics Anonymous uses the proven 12-step program. After a patient with narcotics addiction has already gone through detox and initial recovery at a treatment facility, they may find that NA support helps them keep their recovery on track. Regardless of where they received drug treatment, Valrico’s NA meetings can help them stay on the right path.

Brandon At Noon
Brandon Christian Church
910 Bryan Rd.
Brandon, FL 33511

The War Is Over
First Presbyterian Church
121 N. Carver Ave.
Brandon, FL 33510

Circle of Friends
Brandon Christian Church
910 Bryan Rd.
Brandon, FL 33511

Learn More About NA Meetings in Florida

SMART Recovery Meetings

SMART Recovery is a new form of recovery meeting that may be better suited for some individuals. SMART Recovery tackles all types of addictions, including non-drug related addictions. They use a 4- point strategy to help attendees overcome their problems. SMART Recovery meetings are fewer in number, but they do offer online meetings as well through their website.

Tampa Wednesday
5109 N. Nebraska Ave.
Tampa, FL 33603

St. Pete College
6700 8th Ave.
NE Gibbs Library
St. Petersburg, FL 33710

Suzuki Institute
3100 Southgate Cir.
Sarasota, FL 34239

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

It isn’t just patients who need help overcoming the side effects of drug misuse. Family and friends can also suffer significant psychological issues from it. Al-Anon and Nar-Anon help these populations deal with these issues while also teaching them how they can help their loved ones through the 12-step program. They are for non-addicts who need help dealing with an addict’s behavior in their lives. Here are the closest centers for these meetings near Valrico.

Come as You Are
Nativity Catholic Church
205 S. Oakwood Ave.
Brandon, FL 33511

Peace Sun City Center AFG
Sun City United Methodist Church
1210 Del Webb Blvd. W.
Sun City, FL 33573

Serenity Nite AFG
Marge Porter Resource Center
6311 Sheldon Rd.
Tampa, FL 33615

If you are considering going to a residential treatment center, we recommend attending one outside of your local city. By moving away from your local environment for a time, you can avoid the external triggers that make you crave the drug. However, it’s good to choose one that is close to your city so that family and friends can visit you at the facility. Here is a list of nearby cities you may wish to investigate for treatment options.

Addiction Resources in Nearby Florida Cities

For those who are seeking alcohol and drug treatment facilities outside of Valrico, Florida, there are also many drug rehab resources across the state of Florida: