Seminole Drug & Alcohol Rehab, Detox & Treatment Resources

Seminole, Florida isn’t immune to the epidemic of drug and alcohol addiction in the United States. Between 2013 and 2015, the last years for which such data is available from county health rankings, 176 people died from a drug overdose in Seminole, Florida. While drug use and availability of drugs like heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana and alcohol are everywhere in Seminole, options to get better are readily available as well. Throughout Pinellas County, people living with addiction can find inpatient and outpatient programs.

Taking back power and asserting control over your chemical substance use is crucial. And there are multiple places to find help and recover from this disease. Neither you nor your loved one needs to continue suffering from addiction to heroin, pain pills, alcohol or any other drug. If you are interested in drug addiction treatment in Seminole, Florida, you and your loved ones can find help.

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Seminole, Florida Alcohol Rehab Centers and Drug Rehab Centers

The opioid crisis led Florida Governor Rick Scott to declare a state of emergency declaration in May 2017 that immediately freed up $27 million in federal money. Now more than ever people with addiction to heroin, pain pills and other opioids have resources. Officials in Florida can use that federal money for prevention, treatment and recovery services. But even in the absence of local government-funded recovery programs, there are national treatment centers that can help those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction in Seminole, Florida.

Residential Treatment Programs

In a residential treatment program (also called an inpatient treatment program), patients are medically supervised around the clock. This treatment program is a good fit for patients with severe addictions, patients who need to go through detox or patients who don’t currently have a stable or drug-free living situation.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

In a PHP, the patient stays at home or in housing provided on campus, but he or she still participates in all of the individual and group therapy, substance misuse classes and healing activities that are offered to those in inpatient programs.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

For those with milder addictions or those who have already completed an inpatient treatment program or partial hospitalization program, an outpatient treatment program may be a good fit. This program offers the most freedom so patients will need to have a supportive environment in which to live to prevent relapse.

Detox Centers

The first step to recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is medical detoxification to rid the body of the chemical effects of substance use disorder. After purging toxins from the body, the mind and spirit still need healing. A facility that offers a full range of treatment, from medical detox all the way to aftercare, is the best way to clear a path toward recovery. Doctors recommend medical treatment because detox is painful and withdrawing from alcohol or heroin alone can be dangerous. Trained experts are able to help manage intense cravings and withdrawal symptoms to jumpstart a healthy recovery.

Remember that a medical detox is only the groundwork for successful recovery. Completing detox is not enough to sustain long-term change, so planning for rehabilitation is crucial for overcoming addiction and transitioning to a substance-free life.

Recovery Meetings Near You

Once you have finished your rehabilitation, the work is far from over. One of the most important things to do post-rehab is to find a recovery program that resonates with you. In Seminole, there are a lot of different options for meetings and support groups.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous helps people with addiction to alcohol express their feelings to each other on a regular basis. Community members who are struggling with alcohol addiction lead the groups. Because doctors and trained medical professionals are not part of the equation in AA, people attending meeting should have a strong network of friends and family members. Attending AA meetings is usually recommended for patients leaving inpatient and intensive outpatient programs. Regardless of where you completed alcohol treatment, Seminole offers several AA meeting venues to help you stay sober.

Abe’s Place
5400 Seminole Blvd.
Seminole, FL 33772

Maderia Beach
495 137th Ave. Cir.
Seminole, FL 33708

Just the Black Part – WCA
Oakhurst Methodist Church
13400 Park Blvd.
Seminole, FL 33776

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Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

Narcotics Anonymous meetings are 12-step program meetings like AA but for drug users. Alcohol users are also welcome to these meetings, as many people in recovery need treatment for both forms of addiction. While NA is not quite as old as AA, it still is a respected recovery group that has been helping millions of people all over the world since 1953. If you recently received drug treatment, Seminole and surrounding cities offer NA meetings to help you continue living a drug-free life.

Seminole Community Church
10721 61st Avenue N.
Seminole, Florida 33772

4001 74th Street N.
Pinellas Park, FL 33781

Church of the Brethren
3651 71st Street N.
Saint Petersburg, FL 33710

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SMART Recovery Meetings

SMART stands for Self-Management for Addiction Recovery, but the “self” portion doesn’t mean members are by themselves. Rather, this 4-point system of sobriety focuses on empowering the individual. The program offers tools like group meetings. In-person meetings around the world help build a live network of support, but online meetings are also available. An online message board also offers a safe space for discussion and networking. This broad range of resources makes it easier than ever to stay connected to personal care while cultivating meaningful connections with people who can help.

Domiciliary Bay Pines Veterans Affairs
Bay Pines, FL 33744

St. Pete College
6605 5th Ave. N. St.
Saint Petersburg, FL 33710

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

These are the sister meetings to NA and AA—created for the friends, family and community members working to recover from a loved one’s addiction. In these meetings, parents and others can talk about how best to help their loved one while maintaining a healthy balance. Membership is free and never politically or religiously affiliated. Addiction is known to tear families apart and the people meeting in Al-Anon and Nar-Anon meetings are trying to piece their lives back together.

Oakhurst United Methodist Church
13400 Park Blvd.
Seminole, FL 33776

Cornerstone Community Church
6745 38th Ave. N.
St. Petersburg, FL 33710Cornerstone Community Church
6745 38th Ave. N.
St. Petersburg, FL 33710

While the Seminole area may have doctors, therapists and treatment centers, people may benefit from a resource away from home.

Addiction Resources in Nearby Florida Cities

For those who are seeking alcohol and drug treatment facilities outside of Seminole, Florida, there are also many drug rehab resources across the state of Florida: