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Over the past decade, the United States has been swept up in a nationwide opiate epidemic. The state of Florida is on the front lines with growing numbers of people being prescribed then later hooked on prescription drugs like oxycodone. Some residents of North Fort Myers will eventually turn to more addictive drugs like heroin.

The number of deaths linked to prescription opioids, as well as from drugs like heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine have shown a steady increase over the last five years of over 35 percent. Because Florida is a well-known port of entry for many illegal drugs, it seems that there is no escaping their availability even in communities like North Fort Myers. For those who want to get control over their dependence on drugs and alcohol, there are many doctors and rehabilitation facilities that can help.

Anyone who is facing the challenge of substance use disorder will be able to find the resources and the assistance needed to get out of the cycle of substance abuse. This guide is intended to help find the many facilities, doctors and counselors who can help those in North Fort Myers, Florida who are truly ready to make such a change in their lives.

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There Are
million drug-related E.R. visits

Legal substances like alcohol and prescription medications are a problem, but illegal substances like marijuana, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine are also a significant issue. In 2009, there were nearly 1 million emergency department visits involving an illegal drug. If you are struggling with substance misuse, it’s never too late for you to reach out and ask for help. Whether you’re seeking a North Fort Myers drug rehab center or North Fort Myers alcohol rehab center, the first step is making a phone call.

Finding Drug and Alcohol Rehab in North Fort Myers, Florida

North Fort Myers, Florida Alcohol Rehab Centers and Drug Rehab Centers

If you’re struggling with chemical dependency, determining where to receive the best treatment can be difficult. Just as no two people are exactly alike, no two people facing addiction will have an identical set of circumstances or require the same type of treatment program. There’s an array of choices, whether you’re seeking a drug rehab center in North Fort Myers, FL, an alcohol rehab center in North Fort Myers, FL, or rehab in any other city. Some people may only need outpatient treatment while others who have more serious or long-term addictions may need more intensive treatment.

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    Residential Treatment Programs

    Residential treatment programs, or inpatient treatment programs, are helpful for people who need to go through detox. Clients are given a place away from the stressors that directly contribute to their addiction. Residential treatment offers a safe and secure place with trained staff on hand at all times. Staff monitor detox and oversee the patient’s therapy. This can include medication-assisted treatment or MAT, psychological counseling for addictive behavior and group therapy. Stays at an inpatient treatment facility can be a few days, weeks or even months. The goal is help the person who is addicted to develop coping skills and habits that can get them ready to start a new life without chemical dependency.

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    Partial Hospitalization Programs

    One step down from a residential treatment program, in a partial hospitalization program, also called day treatment, patients are on-site approximately seven to eight hours per day. This can be a benefit for clients by offering group meetings or 12-step programs designed to develop important life-skills. This treatment is preferred by those with small children or those who have other work or family obligations. Patients of this type find partial hospitalization to be an ideal choice of treatment.

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    Outpatient Treatment Programs

    Generally for patients who have a good support system within their family, their partners and friends, outpatient treatment lets patients seek treatment for their addictions with minimal life disruption. Clients live at home, go to work or school and spend two or three hours during the week in the evening or on weekends. Most patients in outpatient therapy have already undergone detox, inpatient treatment and/or a partial hospitalization program.

Some patients find that seeking treatment outside of the North Fort Myers is a good approach in removing any temptation to fall back into addiction. A lot of statewide and national facilities offer services ranging from detoxification, inpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, outpatient treatment and aftercare.

Detox Centers

The very first step someone takes toward their recovery from addiction is detox. Detox can be dangerous and should not be attempted alone. This is because the brain and the body is affected by drug use. When a patient goes through the detoxification process, they usually check in to an inpatient facility where they can be carefully monitored by trained staff.

Detox from drugs and/or alcohol can be difficult as the body withdraws from its dependency. The staff give patients compassionate, medical care at a time when they need it most. There are currently five Florida detox centers located in North Fort Myers. Detox centers can be found in other communities in Lee County and throughout the state of Florida.

Going through detoxification is just the beginning in what can be a long and difficult struggle to overcome substance misuse. A program that can take clients from detox through inpatient treatments to outpatient therapies and then aftercare is essential for lasting success.

Recovery Meetings Near You

For those who are confronting their personal challenge with addiction, there are a number of support groups available. Most of these are committed to helping those who struggle with addiction help themselves and offer a place for group interaction and discussion. At these meetings, patients meet others who have struggled or are currently struggling with similar circumstances. The atmosphere in such recovery meetings is intended to be supportive with no judgement.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

Alcohol continues to be a problem for many. However, there’s help available for those willing to reach out and get it. Patients who have already completed inpatient or outpatient treatment should further enhance their recovery by attending group meetings like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). AA can offer support for those facing alcohol addiction through a 12-step program. Many patients are successful when AA is a part of their recovery and ongoing aftercare. Regardless of where you completed alcohol treatment, North Fort Myers’ AA meetings can give you the support you need to stay sober. Below is a list of AA meetings in the North Fort Myers area:

  • Clear the Air
    Dry Palms Club Inc.
    1251 Lamar Rd.
    North Fort Myers, FL 33903
  • Flying Blind
    Dry Palms Club
    1251 Lamar Rd.
    North Fort Myers, FL 33903

  • Saturday Night Live
    Dry Palms Club Inc.
    1251 Lamar Rd.
    North Fort Myers, FL 33903

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

Many people who struggle with an addiction to drugs have been helped by attending regular Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings. NA is a 12-step program for those individuals who have already been through detox either seeking treatment therapies at an inpatient or at an outpatient facility. The greatest success has been experienced by patients who regularly attend AA meetings along with those therapies and ongoing aftercare. If you recently completed drug treatment, North Fort Myers and surrounding areas offer NA meetings to prevent relapse. Below is a listing of NA meetings available in around the area of North Fort Myers, FL:

  • In the Solution
    Wesley Memorial Church
    4141 DeLeon St.
    Fort Myers, FL 33901
  • Just for Today
    Riverside Church
    8660 Daniels Pkwy.
    AFCAAM Building
    Fort Myers, FL 33912
  • We Are One
    Salus Care Youth Treatment Center
    Vince Smith Campus
    2450 Prince St.
    Fort Myers, FL 33916

SMART Recovery Meetings

SMART, which stands for Self-Management for Addiction Recovery Training, is a non-profit organization which seeks to provide assistance and resources to those attempting to overcome drug or alcohol addiction in their lives. SMART Recovery uses a 4-point system which includes motivation, coping with urges, the management of thoughts and feelings and living a balanced life. SMART Recovery holds meetings that are free and open to the public on a regular basis. SMART gives participants encouragement, support and provides a network of resources that are available to them for their continued success in overcoming addiction. Below is a listing of SMART Recovery meetings around North Fort Myers or within a 50-mile radius.

  • Saluscare
    3763 Evans Ave.
    Fort Myers, FL 33901
  • Lifeworks Substance Abuse Services, LLC
    4678 Tamiami Trl.
    Port Charlotte, FL 33980
  • The Homeless Coalition
    1476 Kenesaw St.
    Port Charlotte, FL 33948

Al-Anon and Nar Anon Meetings

Caring for someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol can be both worrying and stressful. Those who care for someone who has a substance misuse problem with either drugs or alcohol often are left feeling helpless with no one to turn to. Families can be destroyed due to addiction. Both Al-Anon and Nar-Anon have core missions that lend help and support to families, friends and loved ones of those who are struggling with drug and/or alcohol dependencies.

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon assists the loved ones of those who are suffering from substance use disorder with a 12-step program which helps them to develop needed coping skills by providing a safe and supportive atmosphere. Families and friends of those who suffer from addiction are able to receive support and find the resources they need to help them come to grips with loving someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Below are listings for Al-Anon and Nar-Anon meetings being held in and around North Fort Myers.

  • Nar-Anon
    Path of Hope
    Cape Professional Center
    1216 SW Fourth St.
    Ste. 6
    Cape Coral, FL 33991
  • Nar-Anon
    The Courage to Change
    2740 Weeks Ave.
    Naples, FL 34112
  • Al-Anon
    Keep it Simple
    Dry Palms Foundation
    1251 Lamar Rd.
    North Fort Myers, FL 33903

Addiction Resources in Nearby Cities

In North Fort Myers, there are many available resources for those seeking recovery for their addictions. Patients can find a vast array of treatment facilities, counseling services and support groups in nearby communities.

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