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Longwood is close enough to Orlando to enjoy the theme parks and attractions that people from all over the world come to visit. The Wekiwa Springs National Park offers locals an opportunity to enjoy wildlife, and the natural springs are the perfect place to enjoy a day kayaking while glimpsing otters, deer and even an occasional monkey.

Sadly, Longwood also lends itself to a darker form of recreation: alcohol and drug abuse. The wide distribution of alcohol in the United States has created many issues for people struggling with addiction. While police cannot stop individuals from misusing alcohol, they devote more attention to the illicit drug trade.

According to the Center for Disease Control, prescription opiate misuse reached epidemic levels in Florida in 2012. Those numbers have continued to skyrocket in the past five years. The hard-lined response of authorities along with the ample misnomers that surround addiction may cause individuals to hesitate to seek help.

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You’re not alone in this struggle.

There Are
Daily Fatalities Caused by Opioid Overdoses

Every day, 91 people die of opioid overdoses in the United States. It is clear that this has become an epidemic in our country. Drug and alcohol addiction not only hurts those who are affected, but it also destroys families and hurts loved ones. Fortunately, there is help available, which means there is hope. The Recovery Village is a facility that is dedicated to providing you with the help you need to get sober. If you’re seeking a drug rehab or an alcohol rehab center, call The Recovery Village to learn more about your options.

Finding Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Longwood, Florida

Experts know substance misuse isn’t due to forsaken morals. It’s a disease like diabetes. Anyone can struggle with alcoholism or drug misuse. The Longwood community is experiencing a surge in the number of residents who are dependent on drugs and/or alcohol, but Seminole County is dedicated to fighting against the corrosive consequences of substance abuse.

Longwood, Florida Alcohol Rehab Centers and Drug Rehab Centers

Longwood is one of the countless areas affected by a spike in substance misuse. The metropolis is slowly growing crippled by addiction. Prescription opioids have surpassed cocaine as the most commonly found drug in Longwood, Florida. Alcoholism only adds to the problem by increasing the number of substances misused by an individual.

The crackdown on morally bankrupt pill mills and the illegal distribution of prescription opioids has brought heroin back to the forefront of drug culture in Longwood, Florida. Heroin presents its own set of threats, due to the lack of homogenization of the drug while also being commonly mixed with the more cost-effective and deadlier drug, fentanyl.

In 2015, there were over 2,000 fatalities due to opioid overdoses in Florida. The psychiatric and medical fields are fighting these battles by researching new ways to treat substance dependence. The following treatment programs are essential in helping those struggling with substance use disorders get the help they need. Whether you’re seeking a drug rehab center in Longwood, FL, or an alcohol rehab center in Longwood, FL, understanding these options is beneficial to your recovery:

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    Residential Treatment Programs

    Residential treatment programs approach substance misuse from a multidisciplinary viewpoint. Inpatient facilities provide a fixed residency starting with detoxification. While attending a residential clinic, the patient can receive both group and individual therapy, participate in activities like sports, nutritional planning and stress management to reduce the risk of relapse. Through the practice of meditation, yoga, relapse prevention aids, educational services, social technique skills and 12-step traditional recovery programs, patients can begin to heal.

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    Partial Hospitalization Programs

    Partial hospitalization programs offer more autonomy than residential treatment programs. These are also known as outpatient programs. Partial hospitalization is a recovery treatment where individuals do not reside on-site during their time in the clinic. Partial hospitalization programs provide several of the same provisions that an inpatient program provides.

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    Outpatient Treatment Programs

    Outpatient treatment programs are less restrictive for patients, while sharing many similar elements with residential facilities. Outpatient programs allow individuals to maintain their responsibilities to work, family or educational. These programs do not offer secure environments that remove destructive influences in their daily lives, meaning the patient must voluntarily restrict their use of alcohol or drugs. Outpatient treatments provide services akin to residential programs by giving patients access to a supportive network of fellowship groups and individual and family therapy so that patients are always encouraged in their sobriety.

It’s important to consider the strengths and weaknesses of each potential program. Honestly evaluate the situation. Form a plan to discover the route to that will be effective for you. Recovery is an investment in long-term health. When you are considering alcohol and drug treatment facilities in Longwood, Florida, don’t rush in deciding which program will be the most healing for your unique situation.

Detox Centers

Acknowledging you have a problem with alcohol or drugs is the first step in your recuperation. It’s scary to realize your substance misuse may redirect your life in a perilous — and potentially life-threatening — direction. Sobriety may appear far-fetched while you’re struggling to keep your head above the quicksand of addiction, but with the right support network, you can beat this disease.

Detoxification is the physical sojourn to health. Your body must be cleansed of all the poisons you’ve become dependent upon. You’re not alone in this journey as there are numerous resources to help you.

Detoxification can be a strenuous, difficult process. Do yourself a favor and seek the aid of addiction treatment professionals. Detox can be painful, even deadly, if attempted alone. However, give yourself credit for acknowledging your need for getting help removing the misused substances from of your system. This realization is a barometer of strength. There’s no shame in asking for help through this fight. In fact, studies show patients who receive professional care are much more likely to achieve sobriety for life.

There are several options for detox in Longwood, but it may be wise to turn to a national treatment facility like The Recovery Village. Detoxification can be completed in an inpatient program allowing a team of experts to attend to you while preventing health risks and preventing relapse.

Recovery Meetings Near You

Believe in your capability to overcome addiction. Your success is tied to your positive frame of mind and a hardy commitment to recovery. C of your journey to sobriety can be found within fellowships like Alcoholics Anonymous and SMART Recovery. These meetings provide communities where all people are welcome.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous is a group that’s been helping people rally against alcohol misuse for nearly eighty years. The Alcoholic Anonymous community uplifts each other with group discussions about each member’s path to recovery. The soul of the AA mission is to analyze contributing behaviors which reinforce alcohol dependency and uncover new techniques to reinforce sober living. The solutions practiced in the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings can be put into play in daily life. Regardless of where you received alcohol treatment, Longwood’s AA meetings can be very beneficial in your recovery. The following list below provides the locations of AA groups in the area:

  • Pass it On
    St. Stephen Lutheran Church
    2140 W. State Rd.
    434 Longwood, FL 32714
  • Wekiva Presbyterian Church
    201 Wekiva Springs Rd.
    Longwood, FL 32779

    • Moravian Church
      1525 W. State Rd. 434
      Longwood, FL 32750

    Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

    In 1953, Alcoholics Anonymous saw the United States needed a support system for those recovering from substance use disorders. Narcotics Anonymous was the answer. Narcotics Anonymous helps people move along 12 steps that reinforce the behaviors necessary to get and remain sober. Narcotics Anonymous meetings don’t affiliate with any religious doctrine or specific creed. Narcotics Anonymous meetings are free and available to everyone. There are costs for the literature, but it can be found online for free. Narcotics Anonymous meetings are as varied and widespread as the wider population of Florida. Here you can find support in recovery among other brave souls. Regardless of where you completed drug treatment, Longwood’s NA meetings can provide you with the support you need to stay sober. Listed below are a few dates and times for meetings in and around Longwood:

    • Still Working on it
      881 North Hwy
      17-92 Longwood FL 32752

    SMART Recovery Meetings

    Another advancement in fellowship to treat drug and alcohol misuse is the SMART Recovery meeting. SMART stands for Self-Management and Recovery Training. This group is an international non-profit organization which provides support and encouragement to those abstaining from substances. SMART Recovery employs a secular approach focused on utilizing scientific, motivational (non-confrontational), behavioral and cognitive-based methods. If you’re interested in SMART Recovery, get in touch with your local facilitator to assure that the group is right for you. Below is a list of SMART Recovery Meetings in the Longwood area and further afield.

    • Living Rationally, Inc.
      1200 Van Arsdale St.
      Oviedo, FL 32765
    • University of Central Florida
      4000 Central Florida Blvd.
      Orlando, FL 32826
    • Daytona Beach Treatment Center
      1823 Business Park Blvd.
      Daytona Beach, FL 32114

    Al-Anon and Nar Anon Meetings

    The struggling individual isn’t the only person who suffers the consequences of addiction. The loved ones of a recovering patient may not experience the pain of withdrawal, but they do obtain other mental and spiritual wounds. Substance use disorder often leaves loved ones confused and angry; Addiction hurts everybody. The kids of a parent struggling with addiction likely miss their mom or dad and are much more likely to develop their own addiction issues later in life. And, the parents of addicted individuals may lose their children to prison or death. Loved ones need a support system of their own to find encouragement, learn the facts and clear up false assumptions about addiction. Below you’ll find a list of Al-Anon and Nar-Anon meetings in/or near Longwood, Florida.

    • Al-Anon
      Northland Church
      530 Dog Track Rd.
      Longwood, FL 32750
    • Al-Anon
      Altamonte Community Chapel Fellowship Hall
      825 E. State Rd. 436
      Altamonte Springs, FL 32701
    • Nar-Anon
      Orlando Regional Hospital
      555 W. State Rd. 434
      Longwood, FL 32750

    Addiction Resources in Nearby Cities

    If you are seeking addiction treatment in Longwood, Florida, congratulations on this brave step. It’s courageous to admit you need help. Before you admit to a treatment center, consider whether or not you can take a break from your living situation to utilize the resources available at a national clinic. It may seem difficult to put your relationships and work on hold while you recuperate. However, a national brand of treatment centers, like The Recovery Village, usually offers the most comprehensive and effective treatments available. Traveling to a national facility also removes you from circumstances contributing to your addiction and any triggers you currently face. You deserve respect, privacy and care from empathetic addiction specialists to help you get better.

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