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In Opa Locka, Florida, you can enjoy sites like Arcola Lakes Park, but many residents are being consumed by substance abuse. Just because a drug can be prescribed does not mean that it cannot be destructive when misused. Prescription stimulants, benzodiazepines and opioids are able to cause a lot of damage in people’s lives. Drugs like Ritalin, Klonopin and Percocet can be especially dangerous.

There has been a serious opioid epidemic in Florida since 1996 when OxyContin entered the market. After this, throughout the entire state, pain clinics were opening. People from other states would visit Florida to get these pain pills. It got to the point where 90% of prescription opiates that were prescribed throughout the country were being prescribed by Florida physicians. All of Florida is still being affected by this issue, even the citizens of Opa Locka.

If you struggle with substance misuse, you have to be willing to be courageous. It’s never too late to ask for help. There are many resources available to you if you are seeking alcohol or drug rehab.

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Opa Locka, Florida Alcohol Rehab Centers and Drug Rehab Centers

There are many different options that are available to you when you are thinking about drug addiction treatment in Opa Locka. The first thing you’ll want to do is to find the treatment program that will have the most lasting impact on you. Discovering the treatment program that will suit you in your unique set of circumstances is especially important. Choosing the best treatment program is easier when you have a sense of the different treatment programs that you may participate in. Whether you’re seeking an Opa Locka, Florida drug rehab or alcohol rehab center, understanding these options can help you choose the best facility to meet your needs.

Residential Treatment Programs

Also called an inpatient treatment program, this is the optimal choice for patients who need detox although they will typically finish detoxing before beginning the program. Also, they will be offered access to medical professionals 24 hours a day.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

A PHP allows patients to go home at night. Individual and group therapy, substance misuse classes and other healing activities are still offered to the patients.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

Patients who have many work or family commitments will want to enroll in this treatment program as it offers the most flexible choice. In this program, patients are permitted to stay in housing that is provided on campus or at home if they have a drug-free place to live.

How can you decide which treatment program is going to help you the most? One reason so many people choose to go with a national treatment facility like The Recovery Village is that the addiction professionals on staff will be able to evaluate your situation and determine which treatment program you need.

Detox Centers

Substances like benzodiazepines, opiates and alcohol require more detox than other substances. The detox process always takes place before a treatment program starts. If you try to go through the detox process on your own, you may try to use again. A detox center can provide you with the medical assistance you need.

Although detox is important, it is only a small part of the entire rehabilitation process. If you only visit a detox center  you likely will not receive full treatment for your substance misuse. You will want to locate a facility that will allow for detox before admitting you into a residential treatment program. Addiction specialists will help you to uncover the real cause of your substance use disorder in a treatment program.

Recovery Meetings Near You

After you have completed a treatment program, it’s important to find a recovery program that works for you. Some good options are Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and SMART Recovery.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

Established in 1935, Alcoholics Anonymous is the first 12-step group. It has helped millions of people for decades. AA meetings are free, and most of them are open to the public. In a meeting, members share their experiences with each other in an open and honest discussion. Studies have shown AA to be effective in preventing relapse. If you recently completed alcohol treatment, AA meetings can help prevent relapse.

The Holy Union Church
1290 NW Ali Baba Ave.
Opa Locka, FL 33054

5426 Palm Ave.
Hialeah, FL 33012

Doce Pasos
1183 W. 29th St.
Hialeah, FL 33012

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

Like Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous is a 12-step recovery program for drug addicts. While those who are addicted to harder substances like cocaine, methamphetamine and opiates may not feel like they are in the right place at an AA meeting, they will be welcome at an NA meeting. Like AA, NA also asks its members to follow the 12 steps with a sponsor, but in order to become a member, all you need is a desire to stop using drugs. Regardless of where you completed drug treatment, Opa Locka offers various NA meetings to help you stay on the right path.

Opa Locka Clubhouse
1290 Ali Baba Ave.
Opa Locka, FL 33054

New Missionary Baptist Church
1990 Ali Baba Ave.
Opa Locka, FL 33054

SMART Recovery Meetings

The largest recovery program that offers an alternative to 12-step programs, SMART Recovery stands for Self-Management for Addiction Recovery. Instead of the 12 steps that ask individuals to look to a higher power to help them conquer their addiction, SMART Recovery operates based on a 4-point system that centers around self-reliance and self-empowerment. While 12-step programs consider addiction to be a disease, SMART Recovery approaches addiction as destructive behaviors that can be managed. While there are many in-person meetings, there are also online meetings.

Reawakenings Wellness Center
3600 Red Rd.
Mirmamar, FL 33025

Old City Hall
1130 Washington Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

On the emotional roller coaster ride of loving an addict, the loved ones of those in recovery often need support as well. Nar-Anon and also Al-Anon are 12-step groups that provide a safe space for the loved ones of those who suffer from drug and/or alcohol addiction to give each other support. With their own version of the 12 steps, they share their experiences with one another at meetings.

7676 Davie Rd.
Hollywood, FL 33024

Home Room
7079 SW 47th St.
Miami, FL 33155

Enhanced Healing Wellness Center
875 NE 79th St.
Miami, FL 33138

Addiction Resources in Nearby Florida Cities

For those who are seeking alcohol and drug treatment facilities outside of Opa Locka, Florida, there are also many drug rehab resources across the state of Florida:

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