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Florida is well-known for international drug-trafficking. Miles of open coastline provide an open environment for smuggling operations. Hundreds of drugs enter through Florida before they travel to other parts of the United States and Canada. The unfortunate byproduct of that activity is major substance misuse among state residents.

According to research provided by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), 410,000 Floridians aged 12 and older were victims of substance use disorder in 2013-14. The same study found a little more than 1 million Florida residents 12 and over misused or were dependent on alcohol.

Englewood, situated along the state’s Western coast, is in two different counties — Charlotte and Sarasota. Statistics for both counties show Englewood endures a share of those statistics. In 2016, Charlotte County experienced 28 drug-overdose deaths per 100,000 population. The mortality rate for overdoses in that county was 6 percent. The same year, Sarasota County recorded 193 deaths from drug overdoses per 100,000 population and a mortality rate of 16 percent from all overdoses. While Englewood has a population of close to 15,000, the impact on its residents is obvious.

Hope is not lost for those suffering from drug and/or alcohol addiction. Help is available. Those who are seeking alcohol and drug rehab in Englewood, Florida have many resources to turn to. Those seeking to find release from a cycle of misuse can find help within the nearby area.

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Englewood, Florida Alcohol Rehab Centers and Drug Rehab Centers

Are you seeking a drug rehab center in Englewood, FL, or an alcohol rehab center in Englewood, FL? There are many different treatment options available within a relatively short driving distance. There are nine substance recovery facilities within a 25-mile radius of the community. Treatment begins with detox and can then expand to residential programs. The more supportive programs let patients focus on recovery in a structured, safe environment.

Residential Treatment Programs

These programs are long-term, individualized recovery programs that most often run 60-90 days. They occur in an inpatient or residential setting. The benefits include the fact that you are in a substance-free and supportive atmosphere, and the longer therapy period encourages the best results.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

These programs, also known as day treatment programs, are generally 28 days long. In terms of service, they fall between outpatient and residential options, since the patient goes home at night. National brand treatment centers may offer this option.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

Patients with more moderate substance misuse may get effective results with outpatient treatment. The advantage to these programs is that patients can continue to meet many of their daily commitments as they receive help.

As you research, you may find that a national treatment center is the best fit. The Recovery Village has rehabilitation centers throughout Florida and beyond.

Detox Centers

There are at least three facilities offering detox services less than 40 miles from Englewood. Detox can be daunting. Symptoms may vary, depending on the substance used and how long it was used. While most detox periods are three to seven days, drugs like methadone and Suboxone can require more time to clear from your system.

After you complete detox, further treatment is needed to address the emotional and psychological ties you have to the substance, whether it be drugs or alcohol. Because detox is often not an end in and of itself, look beyond this first step for facilities like a national brand treatment center to partner with you. These centers offer a wide range of services and professionals who can customize a program for you.

Recovery Meetings Near You

A recovery support organization supports you and your goals once your treatment program is concluded. When you take part in any recovery meeting, you find yourself among people who experience the same challenges you do. You enjoy a spirit of camaraderie. You know you are not alone and have someone to turn to for helpful advice. Below are details on the available organizations and meetings in your area.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous is a proven program that has helped millions focus on recovery and maintain sobriety since it began in the 1930s. It’s a 12-step, spirit-based program open to anyone with a desire to quit drinking. Ideally, program involvement would follow inpatient or outpatient treatment programs. The steps provide you with the tools necessary to live a robust, fulfilling life. The meetings allow you to be among people who understand and support you. Each AA group has its own strengths and qualities, but all focus on recovery and maintaining sobriety. Regardless of where you completed alcohol treatment, Englewood’s AA meetings can help you stay in recovery for a lifetime. Here are three options in the Englewood area:

Lemon Bay Beginners Group
Englewood United Methodist Church
700 E. Dearborn St.
Englewood, FL 34223

Daily Reflections
Lemon Bay Park
570 Bay Park Blvd.
Englewood, FL 34223

Indian Mounds Group
Indian Mounds Park
210 Winson Ave.
Englewood, FL 34223

Learn More About AA Meetings in Florida

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

Just like AA, Narcotics Anonymous is a spirit-based, 12-step program. This is a great support system to consider following detox, inpatient treatment or an outpatient program for substance misuse. A great feature of these meetings is that experts do not act as moderators. Members’ shared experiences are a source of support at NA, where you learn how to help yourself. The following are three meeting options within Englewood:

Narcotics Anonymous
1160 S. McCall Rd.
Englewood, FL 34223

Narcotics Anonymous
Bay Harbor Ford Building
1908 S. McCall Rd.
Englewood, FL 34223

Narcotics Anonymous
2100 Englewood Rd.
Englewood, FL 34223

Learn More About NA Meetings in Florida

SMART Recovery Meetings

SMART Recovery is another organization that provides a supportive community. It’s a science-based approach designed to help you gain control over your substance misuse. All of the tools and techniques you acquire work to maintain a successful recovery as you focus on four points: building and maintaining motivation; coping with urges; managing thoughts, feelings and behaviors; and living a balanced life. As new scientific data is available, the program changes to keep pace with it. SMART Recovery also is a supporter of medication-assisted treatment (MAT). Some meetings at inpatient facilities are private. The nearest open meeting sites are located inside various venues in the following nearby communities:

The Homeless Coalition
1476 Kenesaw St.
Port Charlotte, FL 33948

Lifeworks Substance Abuse Services LLC
4678 Tamiami Trl.
Port Charlotte, FL 33980

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

It’s easy for everyone involved in recovery — including family members and friends — to feel like an island. Two organizations that make substance recovery easier for these individuals are Al-Anon and Nar-Anon. These organizations offer support to mothers, fathers, spouses, children and other family members and friends, all of whom have their own perspective on the situation and who experience recovery from the other side. It’s an overwhelming and exhaustive process to see a loved one suffer with substance use disorder. Too often, healing is needed for those who patiently stand by but have no one to lean on. Support is critical to their well-being. Available meetings for these groups are listed below:

St. David’s Episcopal Church
401 S. Broadway
Englewood, FL 34223

Redeemer Lutheran Church
6465 Mayport St.
Englewood, FL 34224

Makin’ Changes
5550 Sumter Blvd.
North Port, FL 34287

If you’re seeking drug addiction treatment in Englewood, Florida, resources exist both in and near the city to help you. While these are conveniently located, they may be too close for you to devote your full attention to getting better. It might be too easy to slip into the routines that allowed unwanted behavior. The advantages of getting away to focus on your recovery are many. First, by looking beyond the nearest facilities, you expand your options. Next, you will be away from daily demands you cannot meet while working on recovery. You also might want the privacy afforded by distance, even if it’s only a county away. Within approximately 150 miles of Englewood, there are many large population centers where you can find a variety of services.

Addiction Resources in Nearby Florida Cities

For those who are seeking alcohol and drug treatment facilities outside of Englewood, Florida, there are also many drug rehab resources across the state of Florida:

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