Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Bremerton, Washington

Drug addiction is sometimes thought of as a problem that only affects the person with the addiction, but that is not true. Drug addiction affects families and friends. It also affects businesses, schools, community organizations, sports teams, and more. Addiction impacts the lives of anyone who cares about or depends on the person with the addiction. As the rates of addiction rise across the country, more and more people and organizations are affected.

The ongoing opioid addiction crisis, in addition to other types of addictions, creates an increased need for more drug testing centers and facilities in Bremerton. People struggling with drug addiction may resist drug testing, but drug testing should not be thought of as a punitive action. Drug testing can be an important preventative measure that can help protect businesses and organizations from liability and can help ensure the safety of everyone involved. Drug testing can also serve important diagnostic purposes and help families know whether one of their members is in need of substance abuse treatment in Bremerton.

Bremerton drug testing facilities are there to help individuals and organizations with their drug testing needs. There are a variety of drug testing centers in the area that can meet a variety of different needs.

Bremerton Drug Testing Centers

If you want to arrange a drug test for someone, the first step is finding a drug testing center in Bremerton that offers the drug screenings that you need. A drug test does not normally test for all possible drugs or for only one drug. There are a few different drug screens that test for several different substances at once.

A common drug screening test is the five-panel drug screen. The “five-panel” indicates that the test screens for five types of substances, usually cocaine, amphetamines, marijuana, phencyclidine (PCP), and opiates. A four-panel test is one that omits the screening for marijuana, but screens for the rest of the drugs in the five-panel screen. Four-panel screenings are sometimes used for pre-employment drug tests in states where marijuana use is legal, and employers do not wish to screen out potential workers who use a legal substance on their own time.

There are also seven, ten, and twelve-panel drug tests that look for other substances like benzodiazepines, barbiturates, methadone, propoxyphene, Quaaludes, MDA, and Percocet. These are sometimes used to screen applicants for particularly high-risk or high-responsibility jobs, or for people who show signs that they are using drugs that are not tested for on the five-panel screening. It is also possible to test for only one substance at a time, and some drug-testing centers have the capability to test for alcohol use as well. Check out the drug testing facilities in Bremerton to find out which ones offer the screenings you need.

Drug tests are administered for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons administering a drug test include:

  • Pre-employment screenings of prospective employees
  • Random or reasonable suspicion testing of existing employees
  • Workers compensation, to determine if an employee’s drug use might be responsible for a workplace accident
  • Annual physical required by an employee or insurance company
  • Student testing, to ensure student safety and a drug-free school
  • Athlete testing, to ensure safety and compliance with league or organization rules
  • Post-rehabilitation treatment, to ensure continued abstinence from drugs or alcohol
  • Legal reasons, such as compliance with probation or parole requirements or evidence in a custody case

Your reason for needing a drug test may affect what method of drug testing is used. Just as there are several different types of drug testing that screen for different substances, there are also several different methods of drug testing. A common method that many people are familiar with is urine screening. This method is often used for employment purposes because it is widely available, affordable, and provides quick results. Saliva testing is also used for similar reasons.

On the other hand, it can sometimes be useful to measure drug use over a prolonged period of time or determine if someone is under the influence at the time of testing. Hair testing measures metabolites (materials that the body produces in response to substance use) that are filtered through the scalp and remain in the hair follicles for months at a time. This can give a picture of the person’s drug use going back for a longer period of time than other tests. Meanwhile, blood testing is one method of testing that can reveal whether or not the person being tested is under the influence at the time of testing. Blood testing is less commonly used for employment purposes because it is more expensive, invasive, and time-consuming than other methods, but it can be useful for legal reasons.

A newer method of drug testing is the sweat patch test. The person being tested must wear the patch for a week or more while it collects perspiration, and then it is sent to a lab for analysis. This test has some benefits, including that it is difficult to cheat, but it is also time-consuming, which can be a drawback if you need quick results.

Drug testing facilities in Bremerton may not all offer the same methods of testing. If you need to use a particular method, be sure to choose a testing center that offers that method.

Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

Online search engines and locators are good ways to find a drug testing facility in Bremerton. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration maintains a list of centers that are certified by the Department of Health and Human Services, and you can use that to ensure you choose a safe and reliable drug testing center.

Other ways to find a good drug testing facility in Bremerton include:

  • Talking to your doctor.
  • Asking friends and family.
  • Calling your insurance provider.
  • Calling The Recovery Village.

The Recovery Village offers insight regarding drug testing facilities in the Bremerton area along with addiction treatment resources if needed. Reach out today to speak with one of our highly qualified representatives.