Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Marion, Ohio

Due to the drug epidemic sweeping the country, the need for drug testing facilities has increased. More and more businesses, schools and organizations in Marion, Ohio have implemented drug-free programs that include random and routine drug testing.

Additionally, those who suspect that a loved one struggles with addiction may wish to get them tested as the first step toward addressing the issue. If you need help deciding on the steps to take to get you or your loved one the necessary help for a drug or alcohol problem, rest assured that there are addiction treatment programs near Marion to provide that help.  Reach out to one of the intake coordinators at The Recovery Village®. We can discuss your situation and provide advice on the different options available.

It can be hard to know which of the drug testing facilities in Marion to use. This resource can help you narrow down the options and choose the right one for your situation.

Marion Drug Testing Centers

When reviewing the options for Marion drug testing centers, you may become overwhelmed. It helps to narrow down the selection based on the criteria you have for your test. The criteria may come from you, or you may be given certain requirements by the business or organization requiring the test.

One of the first decisions to make is determining which type of specimen to use. Urine tests are the most common because they are non-invasive and reliable. The metabolites found in urine also provide a decent window to determine recent drug or alcohol use.

Some places may require a saliva test instead. Like urine tests, this type of test is non-invasive. However, the metabolites do not last as long, so the testing period is much shorter.

Blood is a less commonly tested specimen. Although blood tests are highly accurate, they also are more invasive and costly.

A newer type of test utilizes sweat. The person wears a special patch for a period of two weeks, and the patch absorbs perspiration during this time. Then, the lab tests the sweat to check for any drug or alcohol use.

Now that you are clear on what type of specimen you may need for the test, you need to determine what type of test to use. There are two main categories:

  • 5-panel test: This is the most common test used at drug testing facilities for screening. This type of test focuses on the five most commonly abused drugs, including cocaine, marijuana, PCP (phencyclidine), opiates, and amphetamines.
  • Specialty tests: You may also wish to have a drug test that focuses on one type of drug or includes more drug categories than the five mentioned, such as barbiturates, benzodiazepines, and alcohol (ethanol).

After narrowing down the options for a drug test center based on the drug and specimen tested, you may still have too many choices. This is when you should start to consider other features of the drug test center that may impact your experience. A few key ones include:

  • Speed: Ask about the turnaround time for the test. You want to get your results as quickly as possible so that you do not have to delay your life any longer.
  • Accurate: Although speed is important, you do not want to have to deal with a false positive ruining your life. Look for a drug test facility certified by the Department of Health and Human Services. Search through the comprehensive list provided by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).
  • Experienced: Inquire as to the number of tests that the facility runs and how frequently they do so, especially if you are looking for a specialty test. Try to avoid inexperienced labs, as this may increase the chance of human error.
  • Private: Privacy is essential when working with drug testing, so look for drug testing facilities in Marion with strong privacy guidelines.

There are many reasons why you may be searching for Marion drug testing centers. You might not have a history of drug or alcohol abuse bust still need to undergo testing. Many schools and businesses now require it before you begin in order to retain a drug-free campus. Additionally, sports leagues at all levels may require drug screenings of all participants so there is no drug use.

Additional situations that may require test include:

  • Accidents: After an accident, you may have to take a test so that it can be determined whether drugs or alcohol was involved.
  • After rehab: Those new to recovery may need to take routine drug tests to demonstrate their continued sobriety.
  • Probation: Some probation sentences require routine or random drug tests to ensure that the person does not abuse illicit substances.

Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

There are many different options for Marion drug testing centers. For many people, the first step for finding one is to simply search for “drug testing centers near me.” This may still provide too many options, so you can further break it down by reviewing the criteria discussed above. Additional resources include:

  • A physician or other healthcare practitioners: Your doctor should have a list of approved drug testing facilities in Marion to recommend to you.
  • Insurance company: If you plan to use your insurance, then contact them to see what drug testing facilities are in network and covered, if applicable.
  • The Recovery Village®: Our representatives are standing by to help you find drug testing centers in your area, as well as discuss other concerns you may have about you or your loved one’s substance abuse.