Recovering from a drug addiction and maintaining a sober lifestyle is difficult, and there is no one right way to heal. Drug rehabilitation programs in Marion, Ohio often take a multi-pronged approach to that can include individual therapy, group therapy, and medication management, among other things. Rehabilitation programs often also integrate support groups into their treatment plans for patients. Support groups, like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA), play an invaluable role in helping people who are struggling with addiction.

Support groups are important because both addiction and recovery can be isolating for the person suffering from a substance use disorder. Addiction often causes rifts between the person with the addiction and his or her family and friends. People suffering from addiction may act in ways that hurt their loved ones, and it can take time to repair those relationships, even after recovery has begun. Even people who are not estranged from their families may have difficulty explaining their experiences to loved ones who have never experienced addiction, which can also lead to feelings of loneliness.

By attending AA or NA meetings in Marion, people in recovery can connect with a community of others who understand their experiences and will not judge them because they have had similar experiences themselves. Attending support group meetings can help people in recovery foster hope and form helpful supportive connections.

AA Meetings in Marion, Ohio

AA is a twelve-step program, which means that AA meetings in Marion are organized around a guiding set of principles commonly known as the twelve steps. The twelve steps were first created for Alcoholics Anonymous, and while many other types of support groups have adopted them and adapted them, AA remains the largest of these groups.

When you attend AA meetings in Marion, you will meet people in various stages of recovery. AA meetings are often integrated into alcohol rehabilitation programs, but many people continue to attend them even if they have been sober for years. Peer support is an important part of Alcoholics Anonymous, and more experienced members sponsor, guide, and advise newer members. Meetings may or may not be led by a licensed counselor.

There are different types of meetings as well. Some are speaker meetings, where the bulk of the time is spent listening to a speaker. Others are discussion meetings, where many people attending have a chance to share. There are also Big Book meetings, where the focus is on studying sections of the Alcoholics Anonymous book, known as the Big Book. Some are open meetings, which are open to family members and friends as well as alcoholics, and others are closed, meaning that only people suffering from alcoholism should attend.

Finding AA Meeting Near Me

There are usually a number of different AA groups in any given city. Different groups may have a different feel, even though they are all organized around the same set of principles. The location, the leader, and the makeup of the group can all affect the tenor of the meetings, so some meetings may be more casual, more structured, or more energetic than others.

It is important to choose a group with whom you feel comfortable, and you may want to try out a few different AA meetings in Marion before you decide which group is the best fit for you. That is okay; AA meetings in Marion are open to anyone who wants to stop drinking, and there are no eligibility or residence requirements that you need to meet to join.

Some of the AA meetings in Marion include:

Marion Area Fellowship Intergroup 
197 E Center St.
Marion, Ohio 43302

Foundations Recovery Center 
269 Rose Ave.
Marion, Ohio 43302

Marion Area Counseling Center 
320 Executive Dr.
Marion, OH 43302

You can find additional AA meetings in the Marion area on the Alcoholics Anonymous website.

NA Meetings in Marion, Ohio

NA meetings in Marion share a lot of similarities with AA meetings. Both are based on the same twelve-step principles, and in fact, NA is the second-largest twelve-step group. Narcotics Anonymous is geared more toward the unique needs of people who are struggling with addiction to various drugs, including street drugs and prescription drugs.

Like AA, NA meetings in Marion are free to attend and available to anyone who desires to overcome their addiction. You will find a variety of different types of NA meetings, including those that are closed (open only to addicts) or open to friends and family. NA also has its own primary book, Basic Text. NA meetings are attended by people in all stages of recovery, and members provide support and fellowship to their peers.

Finding NA Meetings Near Me

You can find NA meetings in Marion by searching online, or by asking for recommendations from a rehabilitation therapist or substance abuse counselor. There are several NA meetings in and around Marion from which to choose. You may find that some are geared more toward newly sober members, while others are made up mostly of people further along in their recovery.

Some of the NA meetings in Marion include:

Apex Church 
167 West Center St.
Marion, Ohio 43302-3705

Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church 
197 East Center St.
Marion, Ohio 43302-3813

You can find more NA meeting locations on the Narcotics Anonymous website.

The Recovery Village believes in the power of peer support. That is why AA, NA, and other 12-Step meetings are included in our comprehensive addiction treatment plans. Reach out to The Recovery Village today to explore support groups and other recovery resources in the Marion area.