Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Winter Haven, Florida

America faces a drug epidemic. Although much of the media center on the opioid and prescription drug abuse issues on the rise, there are many substances commonly abused in Winter Haven, Florida that can have deadly consequences.

The current drug crisis increases the need for professional drug testing facilities. It is not just employers who might need to screen their employees for drug use; individuals may also wish to have their loved ones tested upon suspicion of a substance use disorder in Winter Haven. You may also need to undergo screening on your own to meet requirements for volunteering, playing sports, or obtaining a job.

Our representatives at The Recovery Village® are here to help you find reliable drug testing centers in Winter Haven, Florida. We can also discuss treatment options for you or a loved one. Contact one of our intake coordinators to learn more.

Winter Haven Drug Testing Centers 

Not all Winter Haven drug testing facilities offer what you need. Some specialize in testing particular substances or for certain instances, such as routine work drug tests. Therefore, it is important to understand your different options so you can find the one that suits your needs.

So, why would you want to seek out a drug testing center? Here are some common reasons:

  • School: Some schools now require random drug test for students as part of their efforts for drug-free environments.
  • Sports: Many sports require athletes to remain substance-free, especially during competitions, so amateur to professional athletes might need to have screenings.
  • Employment: Many businesses have rigorous standards in place regarding substance use, and they might as you to have a drug test before you start the position.
  • Accident at Work: Some places might have an employee undergo a drug test after an accident to rule out substance use as a cause.
  • Recovery: After someone undertakes rehabilitation treatment and is in recovery, part of his or her recovery might incorporate routine tests to ensure they remain sober.
  • Probation: As part of probation requirements, an individual may need to have routine drug testing, with any failure to pass leading to incarceration.
  • Reasonable Suspicion: Some employers may have a policy in place where they can screen you for drug use if they have reasonable cause to believe that you may be influenced by a substance.

The number one characteristic that you need from a drug test facility is reliability. There are a few important features to look for to find a good, dependable facility:

  • Experience: Drug testing centers with experience in screening for drugs have less of a chance of making simple errors that could lead to invalid results.
  • Private: Confidentiality and privacy of the person undergoing the screening should be paramount. Even if you are part of an employment drug-screening program, there should be strict guidelines in place for who can see the results.
  • Accurate: The best way to ensure you choose a reliable and accurate testing center is to look for one certified by the Department of Health and Human Services. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) provides a list of certified laboratories around the country.

When determining the process to undertake drug screening at one of the Winter Haven drug testing centers, it is important to understand the different options and types of tests. Some facilities offer multiple types of tests, although some might specialize in one certain type.

Many places rely on the standard 5-panel drug test, which screens for the five most common categories of drugs: marijuana, amphetamines, opiates, cocaine, and phencyclidine (PCP). Other facilities might also have tests that screen for more, including benzodiazepines, barbiturates, and alcohol (ethanol).

Drug testing centers also can collect different specimens for the testing. The most common include:

  • Blood: Screening for substances in blood is the most accurate, but it is more invasive and costly than some of the others, so it is not as commonly used.
  • Urine: Urine is the most commonly used specimen at drug testing facilities in Winter Haven. Urine tests screen for metabolites to see if there has been any alcohol or drug use.
  • Hair: Hair is used to see substance abuse over a longer period of time since the metabolites are stored in the hair as it grows.
  • Saliva: Because saliva is a simple and noninvasive test, it is highly popular. However, it is only used for testing soon after the suspicion of use, because drug metabolites do not stay in the saliva for long.
  • Sweat: A person applies a sweat patch, which collects the perspiration for a period of two weeks. Then, the patch goes back to the lab and professionals test it.

Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

There are a number of ways to find a drug testing center in Winter Haven.

  • Search online: A good place to start is to simply search for “drug testing centers near me.” However, be sure to look closely at their methods and read any reviews.
  • Insurance: Many insurance plans include drug testing. When using insurance, make sure to contact your insurance company to find a drug test center that they cover.
  • Doctor: Another good resource for finding drug testing facilities in Winter Haven is to talk with primary care physicians. They should have a list of facilities they recommend.
  • Talk to our representatives: The representatives at The Recovery Village® are here to help you find drug testing facilities Winter Haven, as well as other professional treatment services you may need.

You do not have to go through this process alone. The staff at The Recovery Village® is here to help you or your loved one get through the struggle with drugs or alcohol. Contact us to talk to one of our representatives and discuss options for testing, as well as counseling and treatment programs.