Finding an Interventionist in Winter Haven, Florida

Intervention, whether it is for alcohol or drug use, has several stages. It is most commonly associated with convincing someone who is struggling with addiction to enter a substance abuse disorder facility or treatment center to start the rehabilitation process. However, getting started with treatment is only half of the battle.

An interventionist in Winter Haven will work with the individual to determine the type of treatment will be the most helpful for him or her and work with the family to help regain their lives after dealing with the often-harsh side effects of addiction on loved ones, including the potential for physical and mental harm or abuse.

In fact, some of the most successful addiction treatment plans in Winter Haven will begin with the family. Families and friends are often the first to notice the problems associated with substance abuse disorders. They must also recognize the unhealthy roles that they may be playing as well; they could be a part of the problem and not even realize it.

The role of the intervention counselor is to support the individual and the family through the recovery process. Family members may need to work toward altering their own behaviors to help their loved one adjust to treatment and work toward recovery.

Topics of discussion that a Winter Haven intervention counselor will have with family members often include:

  • Enabling
  • Codependency
  • Accountability
  • Talking about family relationship issues caused by addiction
  • Dealing with misconceptions about addiction
  • Recognizing problems behaviors in their loved one

Unfortunately, families sometimes fail to acknowledge dependence for the problem that it truly is. For example, parents may think that if their son could find a stable girlfriend or a better job, then everything else will work itself out. In many situations, however, that is just not the case. The individual may need to deal with addiction problems long before any of those significant life events can occur.

Drug Intervention Counselor in Winter Haven, FL

Finding the right intervention counselor for the person struggling with addiction is absolutely vital to successful recovery. Addiction intervention is extremely personal and finding the right fit for your situation can be difficult in some circumstances. You need to be very comfortable with your interventionist, and he or she should give you confidence in the process and your family’s ability to recover from addiction.

Friends and family who know the individual best are often the most valuable resource to determine who will be the ideal choice for an interventionist.

Many drug intervention counselors will offer initial telephone or in-person interviews before you commit to engaging their services. In this interview, you can ask important questions about the interventionist and his or her approach to both the initial intervention and for steps moving forward.

You can also ask whether they have specific experience with this type of addiction. Not all substances can be treated the same, so having experience with the particular substance that your loved one is struggling with could be significant. You should also ask the Winter Haven intervention counselor to outline what will happen if treatment is refused and friends’ and family members’ roles in the process.

Winter Haven, FL Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselors

Although every drug intervention program is slightly different and will vary by individual, many intervention counselors follow similar steps in the intervention process.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is usually by phone, but not always. It will introduce you to the intervention counselor and help the interventionist learn more about the underlying issues associated with the addiction. Other family members are often a part of this initial consultation as well.

Family Education and Information

One of the major roles of an interventionist in Winter Haven is to educate the family and other loved ones about addiction in general. Coordinating efforts with everyone who is a part of the patient’s life will help ensure long-term success, even long after the recovery process is complete.

Starting the Recovery Process

The recovery process can only really begin once the individual and the family understand the addiction and learn how to address it. It is important not to wait too long to start this process. The longer addiction behaviors are permitted to go on, the more likely the individual will become comfortable in addiction and fail to see a problem. Doing nothing can also make things harder to change for everyone involved as well.

Some intervention counselors will tell families that they have to wait for their loved one to “hit rock bottom” before intervention is effective. This is not only untrue, but it is also extremely dangerous to allow a family member or other loved one to spiral out of control. They will often harm themselves and others in the process. Do not wait to get the care and treatment that you or your loved one needs.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

One of the most common intervention programs deals with alcoholism. Thankfully, Winter Haven has several options that you can consider for this type of service.

Keep in mind that the focus in alcohol intervention is really not on the amount of alcohol that an individual consumes, but the behaviors associated with drinking and the effect of those behaviors on loved ones. Those with substance abuse disorders often do not realize how much they are harming others, which means that that creating that realization is often the first step a successful intervention. Once an individual understands that there is a problem, he or she can start learning to how to address those issues.

The Recovery Village can help you or your loved one with addiction intervention in Winter Haven. Contact us  to learn more about taking this often-difficult first step toward recovery.