AA and NA Meetings in Winter Haven

Struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction can be a lonely situation. It is easy to feel like you are the only one who understands what you are going through, especially if the people closest to you do not seem to have similar struggles. A support group composed of people who have been where you are and can relate to your challenges on a personal level can be a source of comfort and can give you hope that you will be able to overcome your own substance use disorder in Winter Haven.

Support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) offer opportunities for people suffering from substance abuse disorders to meet with others who share similar challenges in a supportive environment. AA and NA meetings are often incorporated into rehabilitation programs, but there are also plenty of standalone AA and NA meetings in Winter Haven for people who are not currently involved in a rehabilitation program.

AA Meetings in Winter Haven, Florida

Alcoholics Anonymous is built around what has become known as the 12-step principles. These are steps that are meant to help members manage their urges to drink and teach them how to restructure their lives without alcohol. Winter Haven AA meetings are open to anyone who struggles with alcohol addiction. There are no other requirements to meet. Although AA is spiritual in nature, it is not a religious group, and people of any or no religious faith are welcome to join.

AA meetings in Winter Haven can be a springboard for people who are considering rehabilitation treatments but have not convinced themselves to take the plunge yet, and they can also help people who have completed rehabilitation programs and are looking for a support network as they work to rebuild their lives. At Winter Haven AA meetings, you will meet people who are in many different phases of recovery, and you will be able to receive support from those further along the path to recovery as well as lend support to newer members.

Finding AA Meetings Near Me

While AA meetings in Winter Haven are all structured around the same 12-step principles, they vary in tone, and different groups may be geared to address the needs of different community members. For example, some groups may be men or women only. Some meetings may be conducted in languages other than English. Some may allow smoking, while others do not. There are both large and small groups, and different group leaders have different leadership styles.

When you are looking for an AA meeting in Winter Haven, it is important to consider your needs as you decide which group is right for you. How often do you want to be able to attend meetings? Where is the meeting held? Do you need special accommodations for a disability, and will the location have those accommodations? Are you comfortable with a smaller or larger group?

It is okay if you are not sure what you are looking for in an AA meeting in Winter Haven just yet. You may have to attend a few different meetings in order to find out which one is a comfortable fit for you.

Some of the Winter Haven AA meetings include:

Winter Haven Men’s Group
Saint John’s United Methodist Church
1800 Cypress Gardens Blvd.
Winter Haven, FL 33884-1958

Sunset Serenity Meeting
Lakeside Noon Meeting
401 Lake Howard Dr. E.
Winter Haven, FL 33881

AGAPE Group Women’s Meeting
Tri-County Rehab Service
759 Carroll Ave. SW
Winter Haven, FL 33880

If you would like to find other meetings in your area, you can use the locator tool found on the Alcoholics Anonymous website.

NA Meetings in Winter Haven, Florida

 Winter Haven NA meetings are structured around the same 12-step principles as AA meetings but expand on them in order to meet the needs of people who are struggling with drug addiction. Like AA meetings, NA meetings are open to anyone who wants to overcome an addiction to drugs. Meetings are free and there are no age, religious, political, or other requirements that you need to meet in order to become a member.

In NA meetings in Winter Haven, you will find members who are working to overcome addiction to a variety of different types of drugs. Group meetings are led by a group leader or licensed counselor, and members are encouraged to build a support network among others who share similar struggles with addiction.

Finding NA Meetings Near Me

Narcotics Anonymous is one of the largest 12-step organizations other than Alcoholics Anonymous, so it is not hard to find meetings in your area.

Some of the NA meetings in Winter Haven include:

Florence Villa Community Center
111 Ave. R NE
Winter Haven, FL 33881

Lake Region Baptist Church
2019 Dundee Rd.
Winter Haven, FL 33884

Saint John’s United Methodist Church
1800 Cypress Gardens Blvd.
Winter Haven, FL 33884

If you would like to find other meetings in the area, check the locator tool found on the Narcotics Anonymous website.

Some groups are geared more toward people who are new to rehabilitation or recovery, while others may appeal more to those who have been in recovery for some time. Different groups may vary in other ways as well. Attending several different meetings is a good way to narrow down which one is right for you.

Support groups are one of the best weapons in your arsenal against addiction. The Recovery Village encourages participation in support groups such as AA and NA. Reach out today to talk with one of our addiction specialists about finding the right resources to achieve and maintain sobriety for good.